390 McGuinness Blvd… Greenpoint, Brooklyn… Tonight at 8pm!!! The CCD Art & Supply Co. Have 9 pieces in this art show from artists @tommylombardozzi @matthewtperry @kenknudtsen @mickeylouse @createinkstudios Mike Bailey & Liza Biggers! We will be in the house, so hit us up if u in the place!!!! #TheCCDArtAndSupplyCo #ArtShow #CCDSquad #LetTheCCDTakeoverBegin (at Greenpoint Gallery)

Mr. Zsasz throws a party(9x12, sumi ink)
Poor JPV, you’re too late to stop two more notches on mr. Z. As much as I enjoyed Azbats, I’m pretty sure that this is about when he’d show up-5 minutes too late, and not very much caring about after a while.
#kenknudtsen #zsasz #dcentertainment #azbats #skeletonkey

Rambo(9x12, sumi ink)
“Hey big guy. We love how thought provoking and, well, bleak the first movie ended. But you you know what’d be awesome? Let’s make your character part of an increasingly ridiculous fucking nonsense cartoon!”
I imagine that’s how the conversation went. I’m still in awe at how the story tone drastically changed for both of Sly’s iconic roles(Rocky and Rambo).
Having said that, I look forward to the Rocky marathon on Starz every Jan 1
#kenknudtsen #sketchlottery #rambo #davidmorrell

Unit EVA-01(9x12, sumi ink)
As someone that doesn’t get to draw tech too often(really? A comic about an angry cross-dressing monkey doesn’t have giant crazy robots?), this came together super quickly. Now it’s time for some tasty bacon.
#kenknudtsen #evaunit01 #evangelion #bacon

As the sumi ink on Boyd Crowder here is drying, all I can think is that this last season of Justified has been so absolutely fucking brilliant, that Tuesday is a night I must watch all three shows(this, Flash, and SHIELD) AS THEY HAPPEN ON TV!
And I’m not sure if I can forgive Boyd for Carl..
#kenknudtsen #justified #boydcrowder

Jet Li(12x9, sumi ink)
Fearless is my favorite Jet Li movie. Because that’s what it is, a MOVIE. Now, I enjoy fun action movies(some would refer to my movies choices as “awful”, but they should shut their faces, because I’m just gonna shake shake it off). It’s beautifully shot, and beyond grand in scope. It’s pretty fucking brilliant, especially with the him and the crowd at the end. Watch it now
#kenknudtsen #jetli #fearless #sketchlottery