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thankies my ddal, omma gonna do this post really quick XD

1. Ken - VIXX

2. Kenjumma - 빅스

3. TrashKen - BIGSEU

4. I.M - Monsta X

5.  Taetae - BTS

6. Kihyun - Monsta X

7. Njumma - VIXX

8. Jin - BTS

9. Tablo - Epik High


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first you get a kiss-wink attack from ravi and then ken odmfngg everything is so Raken 🙈


i’m sorry i got goosebumps coz of this tsk ;; this is our #kenjumma saranghae lee baehwan (he’s a bae lol) #ken #vixx #leejaehwan

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do u knw the songs that kenvi played on episode 17?

the first one is Body Language-Kid Ink ft.Usher (imagine jung leo watching the MV with a straight face but failing coz of the evident blush,cha prolly tried doing the butt jiggles with KENjumma trying to outdo him.Ravi is a child covering his face with his hands keeping a small space to peek into and Bin outrightly talking about the butts.Hyuk being the most normal in the bunch while actually teasing Leo about his pinkeu pinkeu cheeks.okay i need to stop.lmao~)
the one where Ravi bit (i can’t help it i’m not sorry) Ken is Sam Smith-I’m Not the Only One

artworktv tagged me for a top 10 kpop biases wow okay help this is hard

i tag…. anyone who wants to do this. oh and also obsessedleah dO IT

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> what’s your name? anna
> when is your birthday? 20 july ‘98
> where are you from? singapore
> have a crush? holy shit the last time i had a crush i uh somehow ended up a shawol?? ..,….,..,…idk lol long story but never again
> what’s your favourite colour? yellow :))))
> write something in all caps: ORANGE JUICE
> got a favourite band/artist: of course got
> favourite number? 4
> favourite drink? milk tea w pearls, sugar lvl 30% i love gong cha maybe too much

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