kenju art

Papyrus rushes forward dramatically! …actually, he was just trying to look cool for a moment.

Finally finished the pic for Papyrus, unrivaled spaghettore! A lot of these have been half-drawn since before the games release, but things got in the way so these plans fell behind. Oh well, wouldn’t be nice to post spoilers just a few days into release if they were done anyway.

Preview for the next boss pic:

I loved the designs of the Mystery Skulls animated video so much I decided to draw one of them up.

Lewis seems to be getting the majority of the fanart, but what did you expect when he’s a well dressed, stylish skeleton ghost with a fire pompadour? (Plus there’s the storyline; check the video out if you haven’t seen it yet.)

Drew up a beetle samurai… guy randomly a few days ago. Based it on a tiny toy thing I picked up somewhere, if I turned it sideways and used my imagination.

I call him General Bei Toru. If you cant tell there’s a pun in there, I blame shenanimation though would be more fitting if I used toonier proportions and there’s probabably a more clever name out there somewhere.