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Yuri on Ice interview translation - CREA 2017/03 (p32-33)

This is the full interview with Mitsurou Kubo published on CREA. I actually wanted to translate all the YOI interviews together but some translations going around urged me to post this one before the others, as I wouldn’t be able to finish everything tonight.

It’s not really an interview, it’s more like a partial interview and a short commentary of each episode.

The other 4 short interviews are with Kenji Miyamoto (choreographer), Eiji Abiko & Junpei Tatenaka (figure skating animators), Yuuko Sagiri (original costume designer), Keisuke Tominaga (music producer). I will try to post them tomorrow night if I can finish them.

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The reality as expressed by 5 people who created “Yuri on Ice”

Reality #1: Story x Mitsurou Kubo

“The reality of emotions” is what Kubo-san gave most importance to when she created the manga storyboard for this series. “Simply listing up the contents of the skaters’ programs and their score and connecting them together is not going to create something emotional. In my storyboard I tried to convey the feelings of all athletes, not just Yuuri, with their performances, to express them carefully, so that other skaters who watch them will in turn be influenced by them like in a chain reaction.”
An important tool to express those feelings are the monologues that can be heard during the programs, blended in harmony with the performance.
“Watching the footage of the choreographies by Kenji Miyamoto-sensei I realized that, even though he simply created them based on the songs, in many cases they perfectly match the athlete’s feelings too. I was so moved and thought that Kenji-sensei is an amazing person.”
As the series is pursuing reality, it does not contain any unrealistic techniques.
“If we had included something over-the-top people would have just said ‘that’s unreal’, so I thought that it was better to just go a little ahead of reality, and consulted with many people to decide the difficulty of the techniques to use. However, shortly thereafter real life skaters actually surpassed that level, which really surprised me. We did decide the level knowing that it would be surpassed one day, but we didn’t think it would happen so soon!”
The writer Mitsurou Kubo also needed a lot of courage to portray Yuuri determined to win for love.
“On the ice rink you can express anything, and that’s why, even if I had never thought about what true love is or represented it before, I decided to try my hand at openly depicting love as fiction. As a result, I myself was encouraged by the story I wrote and felt that I could make a fresh start after that.”

“I ended up being encouraged by the story about love that I openly portrayed as fiction.”

Highlights of every episode by Mitsurou Kubo

#1 Nan no Piroshiki!! Namida no Grand Prix Final
“I want you to watch the best figure skating animation”
Before the series was broadcasted I was worried, because normally original anime not based on a previous work and airing late at night take a long time to catch the viewers’ attention. However, my fear was swept away by the extraordinary skating scenes of the first episode, and the show gained a good reputation right away. Stunning images can provide the best promotion.

#2 Futari no Yuri!? Yutopia no Ran
“Figure skaters feeling more familiar”
This part is set during the off-season in Yuuri’s hometown. If we had showed special people battling each other in a faraway place from the very start the viewers would never have felt close to them, therefore I decided to start the story with the Russians, Victor and Yurio, spending time in the onsen of the castle town Hasetsu, eating katsudon and spreading news via the SNS, so that they would feel more familiar to the audience.

#3 Boku ga Eros de Eros ga Boku de!? Taiketsu! Onsen on ICE
“You can feel the growth of Yuuri and Yurio”
Once the Grand Prix series starts no one can afford to lose anymore, so I created this provisional match between Yuuri and Yurio to emphasize their relationship as rivals but also as comrades. I also wanted to show that a competitive program is progressively brushed up during the season based on each athlete’s pace. Originally I also thought of showing Yurio’s mother rushing to the scene.

#4 Jibun wo Suki ni Natte… Kansei!! Free Program
“Yuuri and Victor gradually become closer”
In the process of completing the free skating program Yuuri and Victor become closer to each other, both as coach and student and as equals. Yuuri’s gesture of poking the top of Victor’s head has no logical meaning. I think it symbolizes how Yuuri, acting on an impulse, breaks his own shell and steps into the territory of the person that previously was only considered a living legend.

#5 Kao Makka!! Shosen Da yo! Chuu-shikoku-kyuushuu Senshuken Taikai
“Check out the relationship between seniors and juniors”
Minami-kun, a skater that looks up to Yuuri, appears in this episode. I really like the scene where Yuuri, finally becoming aware that he is going to lead the current generation of Japanese skaters, silently hits Minami-kun’s back. As in the scene where he pokes Victor’s head, once again Yuuri uses a physical action, instead of logic or words, to try to communicate something. When it’s animated it looks really awesome.

#6 Kaimaku Grand Prix Series Yacchaina!! Chuugoku Taikai SP
“Check out Chris’ sexiness”
The tournament starts and many fascinating athletes make their appearances, but this episode is also an occasion to fully enjoy the charm of Chris’ ass. After watching Kenji-sensei’s choreography I decided to draw a beautiful ass in my storyboard, then its charm was further emphasized in the animation, and finally thanks to the voice actor’s absolutely sexy voice we could obtain the best ass animation ever.

#7 Kaimaku Grand Prix Series Yacchaina!! Chuugoku Taikai FS
“An FSP where Yuuri and Victor overcome their fears”
Yuuri and Victor were both anxious before the FS, and I feel that the strongly emotional scenes following that were represented in a very effective way. Regarding the last scene, I started receiving lots of questions from overseas, asking “Did Yuuri and Victor hug? Or was it a kiss?” and that’s when I realized how much the anime’s popularity had spread worldwide.

#8 Yuuri VS Yuri Osoroshia!! Russia Taikai SP
“JJ’s striking appearance is a must see”
This episode is where Jean-Jacques Leroy, aka JJ, one of the most likely candidates to win the gold medal, appears. What is scary about JJ is that he has the ability to paint any story in JJ color, overshadowing even the protagonist. Mamoru Miyano-san, the one who played his role, managed to take JJ to the next level with his natural personality and made him all the more convincing.

#9 Yuuri VS Yuri Osoroshia!! Russia Taikai FS
“When the absence of an important person makes you grow”
This episode is where Yuuri grows after fighting without Victor next to him. When we went location hunting at the Fukuoka airport there was a glassed-in corridor close to the arrival lobby, and as the director saw it she excitedly said “Yuuri and Victor are going to run side by side separated by the glass!”. I was like “they definitely are!”, and we started taking heaps of pictures. The airport is currently being remodeled and it’s not possible to recreate the scene.

#10 Chou Ganbaranba! Grand Prix Final Chokuzen Special
“Ordinary life episode the night before the last fight”
As the last part depicting ordinary life before the Grand Prix Final, I wanted to create a relaxing episode without skating scenes while at the same time introducing the athletes, but in the end so many things happened in it that no one could relax and I was told that even animating it was a pain. The ring Yuuri gave Victor also carries the meaning of a symbol that the two of them are like soul mates.

#11 Chou Chou Ganbaranba!! Grand Prix Final SP
“The speed leading to the last episode is impressive to watch”
The OP footage, that was gradually changed from episode 1 by adding colors, is finally complete. I was happy that we could welcome as voice actors Ken Gamada-san, who actually works as an MC in tournaments and ice shows, and Nobunari Oda-san as himself doing the commentary. With the pace of the story speeding up toward the finale, this episode was just chaos.

#12 Chou Chou Chou Ganbaranba!!! Grand Prix Final FS
“A final episode where you can catch a glimpse of everyone’s future”
Including Stéphane Lambiel-san’s debut as an anime seiyuu, which is something no one could have expected, the chaotic mixup of anime and reality reaches a climax in this episode. Beside the sense of fulfillment for the victory, I think that the contents also let you catch a glimpse of each character’s future. I was about to faint looking at the beauty of Victor’s tears.

Final note (this is just my opinion, it’s not part of the translation): There is a translation going around where the line about soul mates is translated as “proof”, but actually the word 証 (akashi) can have many different meanings, among which symbol/mark/token/proof/sign etc. In this case, I personally do not think it means “proof” (also to be honest when it’s “proof” usually they write it as 証拠 shouko). It’s more like symbol/token, as in “it’s meant to symbolize Yuuri and Victor’s deep bond that goes beyond a normal relationship”. Although the difference is only subtle, I still think it’s not the same. Also please understand that the Japanese word “soul mate” does not have the meaning that is used in fanfiction… I believe it’s actually the same in English too, but in normal conversation it means “two people that have a strong spiritual/emotional bond (that makes them suited for each other, be it either as friends or lovers)”, not “two people who were destined to be together from their previous life”. That is something you are free to imagine or fantasize about, however please do not twist the creators’ words just to fit people’s headcanons…

P.S.: And please do not misunderstand me. I love Victuuri, but I prefer to draw a line between canon and fanon, and I don’t really like it when words by the creators are “adapted” to accomodate people’s shipping ideas. I think what she says is deep enough even without mistranslating it anyway…

Types of tumblr blogs BSD characters would run


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  • reblogs of posts revolving around women who contributed a lot to various fields but receive little to no credit
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  • he doesn’t even know what the internet is,, ,, moving on


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  • reblogs of desserts 
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  • he thinks tumblr’s dumb and a waste of time so he doesn’t have one :^(( 


  • black and white blog
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**All Out!! Chapter Ch 14 Manga Spoilers**

“There were a couple of guys from elementary and middle school that were around my height. And those guys were able to make it.”

“Was I really just no good?”
“I’m so lame.”


Blog entry 2017-03-27 18:57 - Reflecting on Sasuke

I want to thank everybody for all the comments I received!

As you can see, I slacked

(I scolded myself properly for this lol)

I can still actually feel what it was like back then

Especially the second half!

I was really surprised how smooth it all went, I remember I kept thinking ˝is Sasuke really this easy??˝ as I kept clearing the obstacles one by one

Speaking of something memorable,

The moment I jumped from the trampoline I felt a slight discomfort in my calves

While doing the next obstacle I managed to slowly stretch my calves and I thought to myself ‘Oh my God, I can stretch, I’m saved!’

And then when I came to the Wicked Wall, I checked to see how much time I’ve got

˝Eh!? 60 seconds??

That means I can rest for 10 seconds before I try to climb the wall!

Even If I mess up, I’ll still have time to try again!˝

And then after I successfully climbed over the wall in one try,

˝This is it! I still have some stamina left!

And there’s still plenty of time!

But now I will calm down and rest for 5 seconds in front of the Lumberjack Climb, take a break, breathe and climb with all your might. Even if I take 5 seconds to rest there should still be 30 seconds left.˝

At that time, I remember feeling so confident and cool that I didn’t even think about anything other than that 

And as I was climbing the Lumberjack I remember feeling so happy that I’ve grown so much

But this is where the problem started

I was so happy and was grinning way too much… this is so embarrassing…lol

I was just too careless

My eyes were already looking to the top, to the goal and I failed to grasp the pipe

And so I fell into the water

And I thought to myself once again

˝Thank you God for letting me fall into the cold water so that I can cool down and stop being so cocky!˝

I say so myself, I think it’s alright to put down such a guy who makes light of these things

My body became tense

There isn’t much time left for me [lol this makes it sound like he’s dying but i’m pretty sure he’s saying that because he’s 36 already]

Even so, I ruined an important moment in my life because i was careless

I felt as if I robbed everyone who came to watch me and support me of their joy

You bought that ticket to see me show you more of myself and what I can do

I am truly sorry

But I started to move on really quickly after all this happened

I hope this is not auspicious

But even if I fall again, please look forward to the next Sasuke

I’ll try to do my best even more!

From now on, I will do my best and try to get rid of all the bad, unnecessary things in my life!

I am in your care!!


Quietus - Random Preview - Sakura's Birthday Date

Kenji glanced arbitrarily down at his watch. It was precisely eight thirty in the evening, and he was having a fabulous time. The uptown, classy restaurant he’d booked for dinner that night was always bustling with affluent people, but he’d reserved one of the quieter tables by the southern balcony where he and his date could wine and dine in peace. As well as offering better privacy, the spot also afforded a fantastic view of the riverbank far below.

Across the table from him, Sakura looked a vision. She was stunning in a feminine, pastel pink, short-sleeved lace dress. It clung to her figure and grazed mid-thigh in length. She’d teamed it up with a cute, matching cardigan and gold heels. Her long, dusky rose hair had been loosely curled to form soft waves, and pulled back in a ponytail pinned to the left side of her head. She had accessorised with an elegant gold and pearl necklace, earrings and bracelet that she’d told him her best friend, Ino, had gifted to her earlier in the day.

The conversation had flowed smoothly throughout the starter and main-course. They got along well, and the more Kenji spoke with Sakura and the better they got to know one another, the more attracted he grew to her. He found himself mesmerised by the way her beautiful, bright green eyes lit up whenever she laughed, how expressive her lovely features were. But she was much more than just a pretty face, he was pleasantly discovering. She was kind and compassionate, determined and intelligent, funny and interesting.

They were both passionate about medicine and caring for the environment, which gave them lots to talk about. She was exactly the kind of girl Kenji could see himself falling in love with.

They were just finishing off dessert, when Sakura reached for some more sake from the glass jug next to the slender vase of red roses arranged in the middle of the table. Kenji had been so engrossed in their discussion about the ethics of switching off life-support machines before families requested it, that it only occurred to him at that moment that she had consumed quite a fair amount.

The fine wine seemed to be getting to her too, for she hiccupped and released a somewhat embarrassed giggle.

“Sorry,” she apologised.

“Easy there, junior doc,” Kenji said wryly. “Careful it doesn’t go to your head.”

“I’m not a lightweight, you know,” Sakura informed him, and as if to prove her point, downed the entire cup in one gulp – before reaching eagerly for the jug again.

Kenji laughed. “Anyone would think this was the first time you’re celebrating with alcohol on your birthday.”

“It is,” Sakura confessed - then pulled a face. “I can’t believe my mother actually agreed to it, but I am twenty, now.” She swallowed the second cup – before hiccupping again. She slapped a hand over her mouth, eyes widening at her date. “Sorry,” she muffled another laugh. “I kind of feel like I’m a balloon.”

“A balloon?” Kenji poured himself – and her, when she pointed at her empty cup – another glass.

“Hmm. Yeah. Like I’m about to,” Sakura gestured vaguely to the clear night sky, “float away.” She drank his offering eagerly.

Kenji chuckled, lifting his own cup to his lips. “Then maybe it’s time to go a little easy on the sake.”

Sakura shrugged. She was absolutely stuffed, and felt pleasantly warm and fuzzy.

“So what do you think?” he prompted, resting his chin in his hand as he gazed appreciatively at her.

“Huh?” Somehow, Sakura had lost track of what they’d been talking about. She felt impolite and ashamed of herself. Kenji was a really sweet guy. He was smart and articulate, with a great sense of humour. He was the kind of guy that she knew would treat her well. She had absolutely no excuse to think him lacking in any way and no reason to think of any other man.

Especially a certain other guy who was all things sinister and anything but sweet.

Hopefully, she guessed, “You mean what do I think of this place?”

Hadn’t she commented on that already, though?

The alcohol was definitely starting to kick in, Kenji thought to himself. Her mother had warned him not to let her have too much, but he hadn’t been sure how much Sakura could stomach.

“Of switching off the machines,” he reminded her.

“Oh,” she shrugged again. “I think doctors should use their judgement. They should know best. But there are some prettyyy stupid doctors out there though, right? I mean, we all know them. Sometimes in the hospital, I play a game.”

Kenji laughed. He could almost imagine her doing so. “Oh yeah? What game is that?”

“Spot the clueless doctor.” Sakura rolled her eyes. “Some of the on-call ones are horrendous.”

“They’re probably just sleep deprived,” Kenji reasoned kindly.

“Nope.” She rubbed contentedly at her stomach. “I’ll never be sleep deprived when I’m on-call.”

Kenji, who was older than her and knew what night shifts were like, grinned at her and said, “Sorry to disappoint you, but that’s sort of impossible. Night shifts are awful. You end up a complete zombie. You get used to it eventually, but it’s always a shock when you first start out.”

“Nope. Not me,” Sakura shook her head and spread her arms out. “I’ll bring my biiig bed and sleep when my supervisor isn’t looking.”

Kenji burst out laughing. “You have to rota with the other doctors in the ward to get ten minutes of shut eye, Sakura.”

“Not me,” Sakura repeated. “Wanna know why?”

“Why?” he raised his eyebrows.

She placed her elbows atop the table and leant forward. “Because…” she declared solemnly, “I’m special.”

“Uh huh,” Kenji tilted his head. She wasn’t usually one to boast, but he kind of liked this more assertive Sakura. “You certainly are,” he remarked.

She nodded enthusiastically. “I’m the most special world in the girl today.”

He smiled in amusement. She was undoubtedly tipsy.

When she reached out for the jug again, however, he pulled it gently out of her grasp.

“I think you’ve had enough for one night,” he winked teasingly.

“Come on,” Sakura pouted, “it’s my birthday.”

“It is,” said Kenji. “But have any more glasses and you won’t be able to walk.”

“Aww. Just one,” Sakura pleaded, holding up two fingers.

“That’s two,” he gestured to her hand.

Sakura looked down at her digits in confusion – and giggled. “Huh. What do you mean? It’s one. See?” She held up three. “One finger, one thumb, and… uh…” she frowned. “Just pour me one more, okay? Please, Kenji?”

“No way. You’re out of it enough as it is,” Kenji refused.

“I’m not,” Sakura defended. “I can take one more. Come onnn.”

“I told your mother I’d make sure you didn’t drink too much tonight.” Kenji smiled sheepishly. “Seems like I stopped you a little too late.”

“Bahhh…” Sakura waved a dismissive hand. “You’re no fun…” she rested her chin in her palm and whined, “I just wanted one more. I haven’t even… had that much. Just two glasses…” she held up four fingers this time and snickered to herself again.

“Are you serious?” Kenji exclaimed. “I’ve had three, and you’ve had at least double that.”

“You’re just jealous I’m drunk and so are you.”

Kenji tried to figure out the sense in that sentence, only to give up.

“The cups are so small,” she argued, and held up the glass to show him what she meant. Then she slammed it down on the cloth covered table abruptly, with enough force to make the cutlery resting upon it rattle.

“Okay…” Kenji observed. “So we’ve established that you’re definitely a light drinker.”

“Say that again,” Sakura drawled. “I’m a heavyweight boxer. I’ll beat you up.”

Kenji bit back another laugh. She was kind of adorable when intoxicated.

“Please,” she whinged. “Just one more glass. Hmm?” She pushed the cup toward him again, trying to pull puppy dog eyes at him – but failed miserably.

“Sorry, Sakura.” He slid it back. “No can do. I wouldn’t be a gentleman if I didn’t get you back home in one piece.”

Sakura huffed. Under the influence and no longer fully aware of her surroundings – or her words – she mumbled grumpily, “Sasuke never told me off when I drank too much.”

Kenji raised an eyebrow. “Sasuke? Who’s that? A friend of yours?”

Sakura seemed to find this beyond hilarious. She laughed, and Kenji was glad that the next couple were around the corner, and the music was somewhat disguising the commotion Sakura was starting to make.

He didn’t mind it, though. He was a pretty easy going guy, and thought she had every right to let herself go on her birthday, of all nights. Sakura was always so polite and proper. It was nice to see another side to her.

“Ah…” he smiled in bewilderment. “I take it he isn’t…?”

“He’s not my friend,” she sniggered. “He’s the devil.

“A devil called Sasuke,” Kenji echoed, sitting back in his chair. “Right. So how’d you meet him?”

Sakura leant forward again. Lowering her voice dramatically, and clawing her fingers like a monster, she informed him ominously, “In hell.

“Come on,” Kenji tossed an unused napkin at her playfully. He was genuinely curious. “I’m serious. I’ve never heard you mention a Sasuke before.”

“I met him in hell,” she repeated. “Uhn…” she rested her forehead against her palm for a moment.

“You okay?”

“M’fine,” she muttered.

Kenji watched her. “It’s not my place to judge, but you’re definitely not the kind of girl who would go to hell,” he grinned. Then he tried another approach, “So how do you know him? From college?”

“Nooo,” she sang. “He’s too smart for college. And…” she lifted her head and scowled, “…too old.”

“How old is he?”

“Huh. Fifty million years…?” She sounded like she was guessing wildly, and gave up. “I dunno.”

“A devil you met in hell and he’s fifty million years old,” Kenji clarified. The description was becoming even more outrageous the more questions he asked. What would she come out with next? Completely entertained, he pressed, “So what’s he like, this devilish Sasuke?”

She sighed heavily and looked at him. But her eyes didn’t focus. “Hmm. He’s…” she licked her lips. “Dreamy…”

“Dreamy?” Surprised, Kenji blinked at her. That wasn’t quite what he’d expected or wanted to hear…

“Mmm…” Sakura smiled, as if she was lost in a daydream herself. “So handsome…”

“Right… your ex-boyfriend, I take it?” Kenji took an educated guess. Who else would she label a handsome devil? It had to be someone who had broken her heart. A high school sweetheart, perhaps.

“No,” Sakura suddenly sounded dejected. “He’s not my boyfriend. He’s a…” she met his eyes and looked lost. Muddled, as if she couldn’t quite find the right word in her mind to describe Sasuke. After a few seconds, she managed uncertainly, “He’s… he’s my…” she shook her head, before finishing, “he’s… a king.”

“I thought you called him the devil?”

“He’s the devil king,” Sakura clucked her tongue in exasperation. Why couldn’t Kenji keep up? And he called her drunk?

“What?” Kenji smothered back a laugh.

“He’s completely evil. But,” she sighed again wistfully. “So smoking hot…”

“Uh huh. Well, that’s great.” Kenji felt a little uncomfortable – and admittedly somewhat jealous – listening to and watching the way she swooned over this ‘Sasuke’ character, a man he’d never even met. “Maybe we should move on from this devil king dude…”

“He wanted to make me his queen, you know.” Sakura suddenly blurted, appearing oddly serious. “At least, I think he did. But then I messed up.”

“Wait a minute,” Kenji was thoroughly perplexed. “You’re seriously telling me you used to date some prince in college?”

“No,” Sakura frowned. “He’s not a prince. He’s a king!”

“King Sasuke? From which country? No, wait,” he held up a hand. “Let me guess. Hell?”

Sakura stared at him. She seemed to be unable to comprehend what he was saying for a minute. Then she smiled.

“Yeah. Hell. He took me to hell and he set me on fire… and then he let me come back. I haven’t seen him for…” she counted on her fingers. Kenji half expected another ridiculous number to leave her lips, but she managed a very realistic and boring, “…eight months.”

She said it with such sadness and longing in her eyes that Kenji was now certain that she was referring to an ex-boyfriend – albeit in extremely unconventional and highly exaggerated terms. It was the alcohol, he knew, that was responsible. The odds of the enigmatic Sasuke being a devil or a king, or residing in hell, were non-existent.

“So…” he decided to humour her regardless, because he really did want to get a feel of what kinds of guys Sakura was generally into. “This king or whatever, what did he look like? Blond hair, too? Blue eyes?”

“No…” Sakura replied. Her words were coming out close to slurs at this point, but her description was unexpectedly accurate for someone so intoxicated.

“He’s… he’s the night. He’s made of shadows. Moves like them. Sometimes I think… if I stare into the dark for long enough… I’ll find him. But he’s never there.“

Kenji cleared his throat awkwardly. "He sounds like a shady character,” he attempted to joke. When Sakura simply gazed at him, nonplussed, he hastily repeated, “So what did you say he looked like?”

“He has raven hair. Stormy dark eyes. He never smiles… he’s always brooding, never happy… hmmm. I kind of miss…” she seemed to catch herself, and straightened up, looking horrified. “No. Noooo. No way. I don’t miss him. He’s a jerk. Yeah.” She rested her head in her hands again. Her shoulders slumped. “A jerk…” she whispered, almost as if to herself.

“A jerk, huh?” So he had nothing to worry about, really. A loser couldn’t be classed as real competition, after all.

“Yeah,” Sakura agreed. “The most arrogant, stubborn, infuriating…” she stopped, fumed for a second, before continuing, “He’s the proudest, fiercest, and most impossible… most incredible jerk. He rules that place all on his own, you know.”

“What place? Hell?”

“Uh huh.”

“You know you’re making absolutely no sense, right?” Kenji enquired affectionately.

She hiccupped in response.

“So…” he ventured warily. “If this guy is so incredible, why’d you break up, anyway?”

“Unh. He wasn’t my boyfriend. But… we had a big fight. We both… hurt each other. Then he sent me back. And now… now he must hate me.”

“Who could ever hate you?” Kenji demanded. “I think you should forget about him, whoever or whatever he was to you. He sounds like a real asshole.”

“He was… really else… something else,” she began to jumble up her words. "But he…” she whispered, her eyes glazing over. “I think… that he really cared about me. In his own, messed up way. Hmm? That’s funny,” she slurred, “I didn’t think so back then, but now, when I think about how much I hurt him, too…”

Then she looked up again, and grinned brightly, her rapid change in moods further proof that she was totally drunk. Pointing proudly at herself, she announced, “I poisoned him.” She pointed to her lips. “I put it right here and he kissed me…” she exhaled unsteadily. “He kissed me so hard.”

“Huh?” Kenji’s jaw dropped in shock. Had he heard right? But she’d said he hadn’t been a boyfriend? Then he told himself she was completely out of it and had to be pulling his leg, for she began to giggle again at his startled expression. He relaxed once more, exhaling a quiet sigh of relief – only to tense for a second time when her laughter abruptly dissolved into emotional blubbering.

“I never… never even told him… m’sorry,” she sniffled, wiping at her eyes. “He’s still mad. Now he’s all alone again, and he won’t come and see me… won’t even… wish me a birthday… a happy birth- not happy…” she broke off nonsensically, weeping.

It was time to take her home. As he hurriedly moved around the table to comfort her, a helplessly bewildered Kenji quietly told himself that he’d definitely keep an eye on how much alcohol Sakura consumed in their future dates – and he made a mental note to ask about Sasuke again when she was sober.


So there you have it - drunk Sakura, saying things aloud about Sasuke that a consciously aware Sakura wouldn’t. I wonder if Sasuke can hear her… now there’s an idea! Kukukuku. And pfft, Kenji. Sakura doesn’t belong in the Underworld? Little does he know!

The content may change when I come to actually writing this scene in its chapter.

so i made a cute little chibi marco icon after mia linked one of the snk chibi theatre things in chat

and then a certain other fanfic author who shall remain nameless *AHEM kenji* thought that it would be a good idea to make a flower crown for marco out of wisteria and forget-me-nots

Kenjiandco:  wait make him a crown out of wisterias and forget me nots and break claudia

so here it is do not blame me for this