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A Closer Look at the Avatars

Last time we watched Summer Wars, we noticed that there is a difference between the avatar and the person that owns it. It was in the famous Koi Koi scene when Natsuki’s face irl looks like this:

Meanwhile her avatar is like this:

The avatar is looking hard and confident while the owner is looking nervous. It made me think about how avatars express the characters likes and dislikes as well as their hopes and dreams (somewhat). 

But first, let’s look at the concept of avatars as a whole. 

In the world of Oz, you can’t get by without one. And since it’s a huge world, the avatars are custom built to serve and specialize in specific areas. Let’s look at Sakuma’s avatar as an example.

Since he runs maintenance checks in Oz, his avatar can detach its head to see everything. And he’s a monkey so he’s pretty agile. 

Then there are avatars that are used for other things like games or shopping. Those are usually the cute, small chibi avatars like Nana’s lamb in the middle or Kiyomi’s pug in the far right. 

But then there are ones build and crafted for EXTREME SPORT! They are made for action and to be the best!

And last but not least, the king: King Kazma!

He’s an avatar built for speed, agility, and power. He’s not too big to slow him down and he’s not too small to be stomped on. He’s definitely perfect for fighting. 

Now, not only are avatars are customizable to fit a certain purpose, but they’re also a reflection of the kind of person they want to be or already are. 

Kenji and Shingo’s avatars are great examples of their own personal reflection. Kenji is a shy person, so his avatar isn’t too extravagant. It’s just himself with mouse ears. Shingo is very squirmy and wild, so his avatar reflects that. 

Meanwhile, Natsuki and Kazuma’s avatars show who they want to be. Natsuki and Kazuma both share that they lack confidence. With Natsuki it’s mostly seen in the Koi Koi scene. In other scenes, though, she seems comfortable with her decisions, but once she was up against Lovemachine, the anxiousness kicked in! Her avatar, in contrast, is very cool, calm, and collected. The same could be said for Kazuma. He questioned his ability to beat Lovemachine, and there are several moments when he becomes undone. However, King Kazma is the king!

There are so many things to say about the different avatars in Oz, but I’ll leave it right here. So, which avatar(s) do you like best? What would your avatar look like?