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Mamo Blog - 2017.03.20 (Eng. Translation)

I’m Taking a Pictureーーー!!

At「Crest of the Royal Family」rehearsal☆

I’m taking a pictureーーー!!

Everyone get inーーー!!

Is what I called out,

This is the picture I took☆☆☆(lol)

Everyone’s cute(o^^o)☆☆☆






Musical Kuroshitsuji: Noah’s Ark Circus

Vincent Phantomhive

  • played by Sebastian Furukawa Yuta*
  • voiced by Okitsu Kazuyuki (his anime seiyuu)


  • voiced by Hamada Kenji (his anime seiyuu)

tagged under it is GIFs not Glasses

*Yun is reprising the role as Vincent since he also played his silhouette in Lycoris 2015

Death Note The Musical Original Cast Recording Masterpost (Urai Kenji version)

01. オーバーチュア- Overture
02. 正義はどこに - Seigi wa doko ni - Where is the justice?
03. 哀れな人間 - aware na ningen - Pitiful Humans
04. デスノート - desunôto - The Death Note
05. キラ - Kira
06. 恋する覚悟 - koi suru kakugo - Ready To Love
07. 私のヒーロー - watashi no hîrô - My Hero
08. ゲームの始まり - gêmu no hajimari - The Game Begins
09. 一線を越えるな - issen o koeru na - Don’t Cross That Line
10. 秘密と嘘 - himitsu to uso - Secrets and Lies
11. 正義はどこに リプライズ - seigi wa doko ni ripuraizu - Where is the Justice (reprise)
12. 残酷な夢 - zankoku na yume - A Cruel Dream
13. 死のゲーム - shi no gêmu - A Game of Death
14. 秘密のメッセージ - himitsu no messêji - A Secret Message
15. 揺るがぬ真実 - yuruganu shinjitsu - The Unshakable Truth
16. 残酷な夢リプライズ - zankoku na yume ripuraizu - A Cruel Dream (reprise)
17. 名誉にかけて - meiyo ni kakete - With Honor
18. ヤツの中へ - yatsu no naka e - Inside Of Him
19. 命の価値 - inochi no kachi - The Value Of Life
20. 愚かな愛 - oroka na ai - Foolish Love
21. 最期の時 - saigo no toki - Last Moments
22. レクイエム -rekuiemu - Requiem

安芸怜須 ケン (浜田 賢二)

月ノ光太陽ノ影 AnotherMoon メッセサンオー特典
遊佐拓海  モノローグCD有罪-guilty-」
安芸怜須 ケン

And if you do listen…USE YOUR HEADPHONES!
…as indicated in my tags…
So don’t play if you are UNDER 18!

This one.⁝(๑⑈௰⑈)◞⁝˚ºSometime I forget how r18 CD sounds like……..
(。・//ε//・。) so embarass~

*My Translation Master List*

Here you can find the links to all the rough translations (with accompanying pictures) I did of my doujinshis.

It’s a baby list at the moment but I plan to do regular translations to get rid of the back log of all the doujinshis I keep buying but haven’t read properly. Kinda put an embargo on myself from buying more until I went through what I own.

Most djs I own are makoharu, aokuro, kagakuro with some karasuno boys (kagehina, daisuga and asanoya). I buy a lot of crazy and wacky stories, and fluffy ones (๑♡3♡๑)

♡  Free! ♡

♡  Kuroko no Basuke ♡ 


🏀 Kurobas Cup 2015 Pamphlet 🏀

The list will be updated regularly as I keep working thorough my djs. ゚



This pose strikes again~


“But now I know just who you are
And I know you hold my heart
Finally this is where I belong
It is you I have loved all along”

【BLCD】Silent Hearts || Hyuuga x Ayanami 【R18】

Kurobas Cup 2015: Report (20/9/15)

O….M….G!! Kurobas Cup 2015 has officially ended, but not without leaving me precious memories to remember. Today has been crazy. I’m still breathing on adrenaline and excitement so please excuse and bear with me while I half-flail and half-recount on my once-in-a-lifetime experience at Kurobas Cup 2015!!

To say that it’s crowded would be a bloody understatement. The patience and courage of fans to brave the hot weather and lack of sleep to get the event goods is pretty commendable. Luckily, they do pre-sale of goods the day before and since I got Tokyo Game Show ticket, I was around the area and managed to check out the goods and buy them before they sell out. When I got to the queue today, all T-shirts, pen light, rubber straps are sold out.

So before we go inside, we had to queue to check that the tickets are ours (to prevent reselling). If you check out, then they give you a wristband. I love that they gave us, the afternoon lot, rainbow-coloured bands XD it’s like nijimura’s spirit was participating with us :3. For evening lot, it was a pale gold colour band (like iPhone gold colour).

Then we queued up to get inside. There were knb related displays inside. The main thing we saw (those sitting in arena) is a giant board with messages from casts and crew. I basically got stuck in the front trying to take pics and didn’t get time to look at the signed basketball and mukkun’s snack display :(. I swear i was stick within the crowd for like 10 mins >,<

After I managed to break free from the crowd in front of the message board, I quickly went upstairs and take pictures of the celebratory wreaths, there were too many pretty ones by the way as you can see in the pictures. The mukkun snack display is from Knb official twiiter, I didn’t have time to see it T.T

Anyway I was sitting in block 13 in arena - it was at the back and quite far from the stage, luckily my seat is the aisle one so I have more freedom than others. So we waited for awhile and then finally…..

The opening act is one and only OLDCODEX!!!! ADLJAKFJDLJA (excuse my key smash but it’s just aaaahhh). By the way tatsun cut his hair short and damn it tatsun. I was swooning, literally swooning while jumping up and down waving my orange pen light like a crazy fan. Oldcodex did full length Lantana but they did a shorter version of Walk and Catal Rhythm. WHAT AN OPENING ACT!!

By the way my memory is all jumbled up so the orders would probably be wrong. Next is kagakuro’s Shout!. It was a nice follow up to old codex. I love that during Shout, the hall was a sea of red and pale blue lights >,< At the end, they did the amazing fist bump causing the fans (including me) to go wild and screamed our throats out. Kagakuro also sang another duet ‘そしてこれから、何度でも’ from the 2nd duet series. It was a very nice emotional song, and during the song the back screen was playing all the precious kagakuro moments <3 <3 <3

Then it was aokise’s duet, sorry I forgot the name of the song and it’s one I haven’t heard before. Kasamatsu and Kise also sang the duet ‘glory blue’ (I’m pretty sure that’s the name of the song) but I’m not too familiar with that CD.

My favourite duet has to be midotaka not only because they has a nice chemistry on stage, but also they came on stage on the infamous ‘rear car’ with shin-chan holding a giant penguin as seen in the anima ending. They sang ‘Way to Victory’ by the way. Everything was spot on and tatsun even imitated pedalling shin-chan with all his might haha (but it was in fact being pushed around by the staff, as pointed out by onoD later XD)

At one point, a short skit with mukkun and muro-chin came on. Mukkun was munching on potato chips as usual and himuro was telling him to stop eating since he has to sing for us soon. Then mukkun of course ask himuro to sing for him, which was rejected XD. Of course, suzuken soon came on stage and sang none other than ‘Lazy Lazy’ haha :3

After several performances, they finally introduced all the characters and their respective seiyuus one by one and as you can guess, it was time to scream and go wild.

They also did the end card mini live reading of painting the wall in the public basketball court. It was amazing hearing it live. Midorin came on stage hold daruma lol (daruma is a red, hollowed out japanese doll, please google for pic). The cutest moment is when nojima (Izuki) also acted as nigou loll. Also kudos to nojima, he made two puns live on the stage haha. My favourite part was when zakki (as sakurai) came to help and he met nigou. He ended up apologising to nigou about last time (reference to previous drama I believe) and everyone was like ‘is that guy apologising to a dog’ Lollll. Also another point is where kasamatsu was talking to miyaji(?) and kasamatsu was like I should how to throw pineapple, which midorin huffed and said ‘pineapples are not for throwing nanodayo!’.

Also Kensho came on stage at some point and did a short version of Zero. As you can guess, we all went crazy.

Omg, zakki did a solo song and sang Ayamari Kinoko no Yuutsu (The Melancholy of the Apologetic Mushroom), it was so cute <3 :3 he was all smiles.

Hoshi (kasamatsu) also sang a solo song but I forgot the name of it >,<. The highlight was when ryohei came on stage during the song and hoshi (in captain’s voice) told him to get off stage lol. Then ryohei was like ‘sorry sorry’ and as he was leaving, his hat fell off lol.

Also, kishow did his solo song ‘any time, any place’. I’m not familiar with that song either so I can’t say much about it.

EDIT:  how can I forget about kagahimu’s duet ‘Blue Sky Memories’. Just remembered about it after seeing Onoyuu’s tweet (he was saying how happy he was to be able to sing together with kishow, onoyuu-chan your fanboy is showing lol :3) . Haha as much as we, the fans, were fangirling about their duet, I swear Onoyuu was over the moon for being able to duet with his idol kishow XD. Also, mid way through the song, they fist bump and O M G onoyuu was so so happy. Bless that precious fanboy :3 <3

They also covered a lot of songs from the Seirin mini album. Hosoyan and Kojima sang Challenger’s spirit. Eguchi and Gou again sang ‘エンノシタ レギュラー’ (unsung regulars). Inoue gou later commented that he was happy that he finally have a song (aww).

Another highlight is when the cast (minus the kamiya and a few others) came on stage and say a few lines, and kensho (precious kensho) shared with us that during backstage, hosoyan came up to him and said ‘Kensho, it’s bad, it’s bad, I’m sweating like crazy’ lol (and kensho did that in hosoyan’s voice too XD). Then hosoyan followed up and said he was sweating so much that he wondered if it’s raining on stage XD (bless that man child and his tendency to sweat on stage, i’m remembering the free! event haha)

All 4 rakuzan casts has a mini skit. The time line is where everyone (except rakuzan cos they were at kyoto) finished painting the wall in tokyo, then a couple months later rakuzan came to the wall to draw their own graffiti as seen in the ending animation. I think akashi kinda tricked mayuzumi to come along and they made him draw something next to the pineapple (drawn by miyaji lol). They were like ‘why is there a pineapple on a basketball wall’ and I think it was hayama who said ‘probably cos someone was hungry’ lol.

There was also a mini skit between akashi and mayuzumi, and one thing I remember is mayuzumi being tsundere and saying first-years should be kept as far away as possible. Then hayama and reo asked for a photo, and mayuzumi was like ‘ok fine, just one photo’.

At some point, the four uncrowned kings (no nebuya at this event) did a mini skit. The start was so funny. It was just hosoyan and hamada. Hamada (kiyoshi) was saying how amazing the event was and how many fans were there, and then the precious hosoyan messed up his lines XD (i went aww and lol) and everyone was quick to reassure him. They were saying how amazing this event was then suddenly Reo’s voice came on saying ‘Junpei-chan, where are you?’. This obviously scared junpei (and hosoyan) away and he went off the stage XD lol.

Then the 2 uncrowned kings from rakuzan, reo and hayama, came on stage. Turns out Reo was looking for Junpei-chan to  take a photo with him :3. But kiyoshi was like hyuuga left maybe because he is shy haha. Then reo replied that there’s no reason to be shy in a very coy voice lol XD.  Reo asked kiyoshi to find hyuuga for him and kiyoshi agreed :3 Reo then asked kiyoshi to take a photo with him, and hayama was like ‘sure I can take it for you’. Then they realised that it was rare for the uncrowned kings to be on the same stage, and they were saying how glad they were that hanamiya wasn’t with them cos he’s quite a difficult guy to deal with. Suddenly, junjun’s voice came on and he was ‘what are you guys talking about’ and we all thought it was a pre-recording. But holy shit no…it was him, jun jun in flesh and all his snarky glory. We all went CRAZY!!! Then he take part in the skit and say along the lines of how can this be complete without him and everyone commented that he would be hard to miss since he tends to leave a (bad) impression lol. The highlight is when reo called him ‘Mako-chan’ hahaha and asked him to take a picture with him. Reo basically keeps calling him mako-chan despite junjun’s protest and he ended the skit by saying ‘why the hell nobody listens to me’ lol XD <3

Oh kensho reminds us to keep junjun’s surprise appearance as a secret. He said please don’t tweet or post anything on social media until after the evening event. He also asked us not to speak about it on the train since you don’t know who will be listening haha :3.

At one point, all 6 kiseki came on stage and did the Regal generation!!! It was beyond words, especially for all of them to be on stage at the same time and sing a song. Pretty amazing i must say. also I was fascinated by the pen lights during this song tbh, it was basically a sea of rainbow colours across the hall, just so pretty.

The best part for me is when they showed the preview for the OVA (episode 75.5) ‘The best present’. It’s basically about how kiseki gets together to play street basketball and later celebrate kuroko’s birthday. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! In the trailer, we saw midorin passed to kise, mukkun blocking aomine, akashi going against kise, and finally AOKURO’S FIST BUMP!! akdlajfdkla I lost it at this point. Then they also showed himuro cooking, furi being scared shitless when he opened the door and it was the majesty akashi-sama hahaha. Basically it was too precious and I cannot describe how much I’m looking forward to it.

Then Granrodeo closed the event. They first did the full length of ‘Memories’. Kishow then says thank you for all our support. E-zuka also said a few lines. After that, they were like we has a great time with KnB and we cannot thank enough. Since they did 6 songs over 3 seasons, they said they will sang all. They did but only the shorter versions (except Memories).

After that, all the cast came on stage to say thank you and good bye. They were wearing their respective colour-coded Kurobas cup 2015 t shirts (which I’m lucky enough to get in Seirin’s white colour). A few highlights I remember is where they were commenting on Hatano (Reo) wearing make up. They said his lips are pink and Hatano commented that he borrowed his older sister’s eye liner? (ok this is where I lament my less than perfect japanese for not being able to understand normal japanese speech 100%). They also asked the fans to put their hands up if they noticed him wearing makeup, to which only a few hands went up lol. Tbh I didn’t notice it haha X3 Also when it comes onoyuu’s turn, he went and say the usual thank you. Then he was like I was do a celebratory jump as a thank you. It was a good jump haha. OMG must not forget to mention that

As an encore, they did the amazing seishun tip off!! kurobas cup 2015 version. During the song, all 4 rakuzan casts, ryohei, hoshi, hosoyan and nojima went on mini stage that staff pushed around along the aisles. I had my attention fixed on kamiyan, masuda and ryohei that I didn’t notice tatsun and onoD on the rear car being pushed around by the staff on the upper floor until they’re half way through lol. One thing for sure, Kamiyan is tiny (like akashi :3)

Then sadly, it was the end of the event. It felt too short for me since I was having so much fun and screaming my throat off. However, now I’m recounting the whole thing and yup it was a solid 2 hour event. This is technically my first ever anime related event and it will definitely stay with me forever. The atmosphere inside is electric and it consumes you. Despite the not so good seat and not being able to see much since the lady in front of me is quite tall, I’m so glad that I was able to experience this first hand. I’m still high on adrenaline but I’m also very tired lol.

By the way, evening event news: KNB MOVIE IS HAPPENING!!!! holy deities aldjfajlkdfjal;jfd I think it will be based on extra game but O…. M……G. Tbh during the noon event, they kept saying that this won’t be the end of knb and please keep supporting us and we hope to see you soon. So I was thinking they’re either gonna do ova or a short anime based on extra game. Then they dropped this movie bombshell…geez bloody hell >,< 

Also, in the evening show, Onoken cried??!!! Aww someone give him a hug. He’s so precious. I wished I was there to see and share a few tears with him >,<

P.S: I was sad that Kamiyan didn’t have time to sing ‘Final Emperor’, that was my fav song. Also murahimu didn’t do the ‘Zero Game’ duet, which I was desperately hoping for >,< but they did the best with how little time they have. 

Bonus: so I bought this event pamphlet and it contains casts’ Q&A. One question is what would be your dream team? My fav answer has to be ryohei’s. That cheeky man answered that his dream team would be just 5 kise’s lollll, and that all the kise’s would just perfect copy haha. Well he does have a point XD…..

Kurobasu Cup 2015

Bullet points before I crash…. (grateful for Silver Week, let me tell you!)

Zakki is freakin’ adorable, whether singing, being scared of Tetsuya2 in the mini drama, or his continual “Sumimasens!” The video for his song had the cutest animated mushrooms.

Hatano was absolutely hysterical in Reo-mode.

Fukuyama Jun was the surprise guest!

Kimura kept sneaking on to the stage during Hoshi’s song. And Suwabe crashed Zakki’s, and shot capsules into the crowd.

Kamiya had one of the Akashi chickens (you know, the eggs) and was carrying it around.

For both the Midorima-Takeo duet and the finale, Tattsun and OnoD had the bike and cart … and a giant stuffed penguin.

Ohsaka Ryouta, bless him, was jealous of everyone who got to sing, since he doesn’t have any KnB songs.

During the finale, most of the cast were put on platforms and wheeled around the arena. Kiiyan was within feet of me … but facing the wrong way. Augh!

During the drama, Aomine got to comment on how awesome Alex’s breasts are.

We got to watch a little bit of the 75.5 OVA (Taiga and Himuro cooking!)

Movie! There’s going to be a movie. No details yet.

Kiiyan and his faithful pupp-er, Ono Yuuki sang their mostly English duet, Blue Sky Memories. So cute! Kiiyan didn’t abuse OnoPin, but actually put his arm around him, which made the crowd go wild. Kiiyan also sang Any Time, Any Place.

Pyrotechnics for the Aomine-Kise duet.

Granrodeo finished things up (before the finale) by singing all of Memories and Can Do, and a medley of The Other Self, Punky Funky Love, Hengen Jizai and Rim Fire. Kiiyan’s outfit was amazing. White and leopard print jacket, leopard print shirt, black leggings, black skirt with leopard print trim and some seriously sexy boots.

So glad to FINALLY see OnoD on stage. Plus first time for Masuda Toshiki, Hamada Kenji, Ohsaka Ryouta, Inoue Go, Nojima Hirofumi (so CUTE as Tetsuya2) and Zakki.

Ono Kensho, sweetie, cried his eyes out at the night show (and, from what I hear, the day show). He’s definitely grateful to KnB (as is Kiiyan – who gave profuse thanks during the GR set).

Seme Teppei
VA: Kenji Hamada
Seme Teppei

You have been moaning me to find and upload some Teppei audios, so here you finally go! I have to note his va Kenji Hamada has done only 3 drama CDs, so this was the best track I have found so far.

This is nsfw! Headphones on boys and girls!

This is from drama CD “Koi made hyakurin”
For more audios see “audios by characters”-post