Rant about shit you didn't want to hear

- Rappers are the new TLC scrubs

- Not all weed is good weed, even the good weed isnt good weed sometimes, they make them in laboratories too just like your food.

- Never trust anything that comes in abundance or is easily ready made

- The real minority is living up to the stereotype that their dirty

- Rappers ARE the new rock stars because rock is dead, and black people are trending harder then they ever did before. Because we are trendsetters and we have excepted the luxury and royalty of being black. (like really why was Paul McMcartney even in the same room as earl.. not to say is shouldn’t happened cause it did..but really what is the relevance of them being together ?)

- If your sleep now Wake up. You’ve over slept.

- Shallow esoteric people are the spawn of the shallow earth ( Don’t fake it till you make it. Make it till its real )

- If your still wondering about black women’s hair and what they might do with it next if going “natural” is just a trend understand that the black female is the living human barbie, accessories and all.  

sometimes i claw on the chambers of my mind 

begging to be free

just to be the strong concentration of the best of me

the formless blob of light 

or i can take just being completely nude


to stare into everyones eyes

to share un condtional love 


with all the commitment 

is the only way to get me free