♡ Best Interview ever ♡ This is Daniele Rizzo - a german/italian guy who is doing the best and funniest interviews in the world. And if you didn’t know him - It would be a shame if you don’t have a look at his videos now ^-^ He AND Helena Bonham Carter, who is my biggest idol in the entire world, in one video - do yourself a favor and watch this :D

Kenneth Branagh was a love of my teenage life. Not to mention that I’ve seen almost every movie of his, I started to read (and absolutely adore) Shakespeare. And the fact that Tom Hiddleston was his discovery, his little (ahem) gift to the world - gives me chills. Like the evil he did to me earlier wasn’t enough, he decided to retire and leave even more evil heir, full of life, talent, Shakespeare and asdkjhfaksjdhf. Ken, you know what? Fuck you, I hate you so much. I adore you. There’s only one Iago for me in this world :) ♥ 

Charlie Rose: So how is it for you? ‘Cause you’re getting rave reviews, too.

Alex Kingston: Well I have to say that coming onto the last question you had, as one of the actors it was amazing having Ken and Rob directing us because they were so incredibly complimentary and when Ken, of course - 'cause he’s on stage pretty much all the time - so, it’s not easy for him to be in the role but also be watching us and directing us while he’s in the role. So he was able to sort of focus and work on his relationships with the other characters knowing that Rob was there as the eyes and just seeing, in terms of the staging and the choreography, and the feeling. I mean even though Rob had never done a Shakespeare before, he understands the emotionseven if he not, sort of as experienced with text, but you have to have emotion with text, so it sort of worked brilliantly, and they really… It’s sort of like the most awesome partnership these two possibly could have created.”

excerpt from The Charlie Rose Show, June 2014

Henry V. - Branagh or Hiddleston?

Many people are nowadays arguing which adptation of Shakespeare’s Henry V. is better - Kenneth Branagh’s film or part of the Hollow Crown series with Tom Hiddleston?

Well, they are both great. I first saw Branagh’s version, many years ago, and I fell in love with it - and in extension with the whole period of English history.

Yesterday I saw the Hollow Crown version. And I fell in love again - with Tom Hiddleston.

Now, get ready for a pretty long opinion. With pictures.

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Macbeth: Ron Ashford on working with Kenneth Branagh

I went to see Cinderella with very low expectations, I figured if anything there would be a very charming Richard Madden walking around in spandex and well…

Let me say, I was pleasantly surprised. Kenneth Branagh brought us a movie that is very faithful to it’s animation counterpart but still manages to look and sound unique, not a carbon copy. It’s not a cinematic masterpiece by any means but I’m sure that kids will love it and adults won’t be counting the minutes to see it ending. It’s strongest aspect relies on the direction and interpretation, everyone is on point, they make this story compelling and believable in spite of the many unnecessary redundancies on the script that handled by someone else might’ve turned into an eye roll fest. 

It’s uplifting, once in a while we need to enter a world where there’s magic, glass slippers and fairy God mothers, a world where the good always outcomes the bad. Safe to say, I left the theater grinning.