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can't forget OCPAA's dinosaur in 2013!!! I literally watch that whenever I have a bad day, baby Kendyl and Jamieson crack me up! Also Brynn's solo Violet, Jenna's Pop Drop and Roll, Jaycee's Beautiful Like Me, and all of Club's jazz and musical theater dances especially Big Doll House!

haha that one is cuutee! it’s crazy how big everyone is!

big doll house, i love and watch alot!


 <3 <3 <3

Beignets and raspberry sauce, 2014 | by Kendyll Hillegas

10 x 14 | Watercolor pencil, gouache, and soft core pencil on arches 

Inspired by Torrie of Thank you, Torrie!

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Spring Vegetable Soup, 2014 | by Kendyll Hillegas

9 x 12 | Watercolor, soft core pencil and paint pen on cold press  

Inspired by Sara of Thank you, Sara!  

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Kendyl Fay - See Me Now - age 7 She killed it!!