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love yourz // j cole

Somebody Should’ve Told Me It Would Be Like This.

‘4 Your Eyez Only

Fourth Studio album by J. Cole.

December 9, 2016.
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I promise yall….Moise Morancy is going to be one of the biggest names out. Give it 2 yrs TOPS. Yall really be sleeping on the kid. I’ve been following his career for yrs. He can act, rap, do poetry, he literally does his own films. He fuckin edits his own videos for God sake. And he’s woke af. It’s rare we get an unapologetic artist in this day and age. He’s a lil rough around the edges. But this kid works hard. Mark my words. He’ll be up there with Michael B Jordan in acting and with Kendrick & Cole with the rapping. I know this sounds a lil crazy now…..but remember I said it first….don’t sleep