kendrick control

Now can we fall in love while
Southernplayalistic banging through the night?

And I ain’t ever felt no type
Of way about this living, do or die

And when they see our age they say
We’re young, I’ll let you push me to the side

At least we fell in love
With something greater than debating suicide

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“I’m focused feeling blessed Cause my eyes be the truth”


So here by request are some recommendations of what I’ve been listening to since Donald released his last project, STN MTN/Kauai in October 2014. I tried to break it up by genre and idgaf if you don’t agree with how I classify shit.  I know most Gambino fans aren’t conventional rap fans. some are track names and some are albums. things italicized are albums that I highly recommend. Again, this just goes to show how much is out there to listen to. this is just a jumping off point. I just did a sliver of hiphop, if you click the read more you can also get my alternative and electronic recommendations.


1. west coast

  • basically everything by black hippy lol (Kendrick, Jay Rock, Q, Ab-Soul)
  • Kendrick Lamar–bruh
  • Ab-Soul–Control System
  • Dr. Dre–Compton +his hit singles
  • ScHoolboy Q–Oxymoron & Habits and Contradictions
  • Jay Rock–90059 & Follow Me Home
  • Earl Sweatshirt–Doris
  • Tyler, The Creator–Cherry Bomb
  • N.W.A.–their hits
  • Pharcyde–Runnin’ & Drop
  • Snoop–his hits
  • Ice Cube–hits
  • Vince Staples–Summertime ‘06
  • Pac–hits
  • Frank Ocean–Channel Orange + anything

2. midwest AKA basically chicago & detroit

  • lupe–the cool & tetsuo and youth & food and liquor
  • kanye–everything (I get it, I’m a kanye stan)
  • Danny Brown–Old & XXX
  • D12–My Band & Purple Pills (I know I’m a cornball)
  • Eminem–hits
  • Freddie Gibbs & Madlib–Pinata
  • Big Sean–Control
  • Chance the Rapper–Surf + his recent singles
  • Grits—Ooh Aah (feat. Toby Mac)

3. East Coast excluding New York plus parts of south:

  • J. Cole–Forest Hills
  • Logic–Under Pressure & The Incredible True Story
  • Run The Jewels (because Killer Mike from ATL)–everything obvi
  • OutKast–Stankonia & Aquemini & hits

hint: if you’re looking for singles/features by Childish Gambino, download Waking Up. 

4. New York

  • Wu Tang–everything
  • Nas–Illmatic
  • DMX–hits
  • Biggie–hits
  • 50 Cent–hits
  • action bronson–Baby Blue
  • pusha T–mostly everything
  • JayZ–hits
  • A Tribe Called Quest–Low End Theory (still trying to digest their anthology)
  • Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip–Abstract and the Dragon (great mixtape)
  • Mos Def–Black on Both Sides (one of my personal favorite albums)
  • A$AP Rocky–At. Long. Last. A$AP. i like his chiller shit.

5. ????? most likely from space ??????

  • Pink Guy–Pink Guy
  • baha men

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