kendrick control


Why is it so hard to accept the party is over?

Now can we fall in love while
Southernplayalistic banging through the night?

And I ain’t ever felt no type
Of way about this living, do or die

And when they see our age they say
We’re young, I’ll let you push me to the side

At least we fell in love
With something greater than debating suicide

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In Light Of Recent Events....

I feel it necessary to remind people to retain a sense of decorum.

It has been public knowledge for a while now that two new male characters would be joining the Pitch Perfect fandom, and that those two male characters would be somehow linked to Beca and Chloe.

While Kendrick has more or less shot down the idea that Beca would gain a new love interest, Brittany has pretty much confirmed what many of us have known since before PP3 began filming. That Chicago is someone Chloe will have her eye on.

Now, the word love interest is an interesting sentiment in and of itself because, it doesn’t necessarily relate to a relationship. A love interest can be someone who catches someone’s eye briefly before fading into the background. As is often the case in tv dramas, and the same can be true for movies too.

While I don’t know the ins and outs of the latest plot or how Chloe’s new storyline will unfold, what I will say is, don’t jump the gun.

A lot of people are getting very worked up already from two words that literally could lead to anything, including a relationship/plot line that goes nowhere.

We’ve always known that Bechloe was never going to be canon, because they were never written to be anything more than friends. And because large corporate studios won’t risk “rocking the boat” at the expense of potentially losing dollars.

But here’s the thing, Kendrick and Britt have acknowledged Bechloe and neither has said they would be against the idea, which for me is a win in itself, because that’s something the studios can never take away from us.

They have been incredibly supportive and engaging when it comes to it and for that reason, I beg of all of you who are currently battling some internal rage, please, be grateful for what we have been given and let whatever happens, happen without any animosity or negativity.

Neither Snow, nor Kendrick have any real control or say over the script, they can only act out what is on the page and promote whatever the end product turns out to be.

Please don’t attack them or bombard them with posts condemning them for something that isn’t their fault or begging them to somehow find the power to change what they have no power over.

Just embrace whatever PP3 turns out to be and let go of whatever animosity you feel, because if we’ve learned anything from what’s going on in the world around us right now, being loud and aggressive and applying pressure and bullying like behaviour, will only serve to be your downfall in the end.

I don’t want the cast or anyone involved with the franchise to begin to resent this fandom, I especially don’t want people to continue to further tarnish this ship in the eyes of other shippers.

If you don’t want to see this movie for whatever reason, then don’t go, but don’t try and turn it into a boycott because that strategy in itself is an insult to the ladies you claim to support.

They have worked really hard on this movie and don’t deserve to have their hard work shoved back in their faces because people are feeling petty or have had their feelings hurt.

If you don’t want to see this movie because the plot doesn’t appeal to you or because you don’t think it will live up to expectations, fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But don’t try and instigate a boycott as some sort of revenge attack against the studio.

Because at the end of the day, if you attack the studio, you attack all those whose names are attached to the project and that includes Kendrick, Brittany and the rest of the Bella’s.

So please, I beg of you, calm down, take a step back and just let sleeping dogs lie, because at the end of the day, Bechloe was never canon before, and fans still managed to create an entire body of work (fics, gifs, artwork etc) from very little, all while Beca was in a relationship with a male character.

The ship will continue to live on, as long as fans continue to create their own universe where anything is possible. It didn’t stop the fandom before why should this be any different.