Kind of an intense week.
Some serious things:

  • Hillary Clinton is the United States’ first female presumptive presidential nominee of a major party. Which is a big deal no matter who you support.
  • The Brock Turner case is reviving conversations about rape culture and inconsistent sentencing practices.
  • Muhammad Ali passed away, leaving behind a modest legacy as The Literal Greatest Fighter Of All Time.

Another successful #Blackout spotlighted the beautiful people of the internet’s myriad black communities.

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Some less serious things:

  • Bo Burnham: He made a thing. Sang some songs. Told some jokes. People liked it. Good for Bo.
  • Pacific Rim 2 landed John Boyega. Good for Pacific Rim 2.
  • June was trending, for some reason. Good for June.
  • More Harry Potter and the Cursed Child deets are coming through every day. Not that we need them, because we’re ALL GOING TO LONDON!

National Donut Day happened, if you—for whatever reason—needed an excuse to eat donuts.

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And some blogs:

  • LAZY BONES ( @lazybonesillustrations ) draws beautiful surreal pictures in MS Paint.
  • Kendraw Can Draw ( @kendrawcandraw ) draws cool fandom stuff in what is probably Photoshop.
  • Brexit & Chill ( @brexitandchill ) draws pictures in who knows what about Britain’s possibly exiting the EU.

Remember these from the early 2000′s?

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A ridiculously talented genius by the name of @kendraw.

Ok, first off, whoa this color scheme is rad. SPACE BRUH, SPACCCEEE. Blues purples and pinks create a great ghostly/space aesthetic. This artist has an ongoing comic titled “Cosmic Joke” which can be found here. ITS BRILLIANT, and the characters are very well thought out. HIGHLY recommend a looksie at this story and other vibrant works by this artist!

Im in awe, im sorry i dont have more words but seriously less is more im choking on the gorgeousness that is this.

Guys, go check this artist out. Please.