Some dooooodlessss tryin out a different style. Ahhh My life as a Teenage robot was one of my favourite shows alongside powerpuff girls (god i miss those shows) but anywho I kinda failed at Jenny ^^’ (sorry Jenny). But I drew BechnoKid’s character Ramona in that style (you fit too nicely in there) along with Kendraw’s character Ken.
And bottom row first one there is Boogie then beside him we have cybeeerrrr who belongs to Vaikne and then Julie which belongs to my friend jujubsandcookies.

so ya I had fun.

So a while back Ken tossed me this doodle they did, asked if I’d like to complete it, and my hand slipped and next thing you know I had inked, colored, and shaded it.
Inking their work is always really interesting due to how differently we work with certain things. Kinda therapeutic in a way! But also a challenge!

So here’s the finished product all prettied up thanks to Ken adding a really nice filter on it. And I tossed in the logo to our comic which they designed too. It’s all official looking!

The original sketch belongs to Ken! As does Twi, of course.
Max is my character and I completed the image 8>