I was walking the pupper when a dude pulls up to the curb next to us and gets out. Blue immediately goes to say hi, acting like he knows this man, and I realize he looks like our old Orkin Man from our last place. We chat for a sec, and then he and I both go about our business. As does Blue.

Several doors down from my house, I see him pull up in front of my place, and realize he must be the dude with my copy of @cannibalcoalition ’s Good Clean Dirt, which he scans and hands off to me. It is at this point we notice the large, hornet-like thing hovering at ankle height.

“You go in,” he says, “I’ll keep it from following you.” And, with a fairly intricate foot maneuver, he lures it away from me, my door, and my dog.

Blue looks up at me as if to say “I told you it was Chris in a different uniform”.


Yesterday was the day that I finally got to see in person what I’ve been obsessing over for OVER A YEAR

Thanks to the friend who had the gumption and organizational skills to get 50 people group tickets, because hello discount!

I hadn’t intended upon waiting at the stage door, but I’m so glad that I did, because I got the chance to say something to most of the main cast about how wonderful they are. Also, in lieu of photos, which I knew would be blurry and feature some severely puffy eyes, I asked them for hugs. And let me tell you, this cast gives some great hugs!