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how did you come up with such a unique way to draw kurt/blaine? or did it just come from experimenting and practice?

Um, gosh, I dunno! I just kinda. Draw them? I have a particular way I draw people in general and I’ve been drawing Kurt and Blaine regularly for about a year now so I’ve kinda picked up on habits in drawing them.

If you look at my old Klaine art, I drew them a bit differently, I’d like to think they look a little closer to Darren and Chris at this point. c:

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How does your boyfriend feel about your glee/klaine stuff? I imagine you don't let it consume your life, but does he ever get uncomfortable About guy on guy?

He’s not interested and doesn’t really care about the show or my involvement in it so it doesn’t…. matter, I guess? He’s not close-minded so even if it came up it wouldn’t bother him but outside of my time online, I really don’t do/talk about Glee stuff hardly ever, so it never comes up.

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do you ship anyone else on glee besides klaine and kurtbastian? i do like the new sam brittany relationship. what did you think?

Oh I multiship all over the place. I’m not terribly invested in anything aside from Klaine, but pretty much if the people are cute together I’m down for it!!

Oh and my rule is anyone + Kurt = yes please

If it weren’t for Glee, if it weren’t for Kurt and Blaine and everyone on the silly show, I would have never met any of you.

I would never had found the amazing community of insanely talented artists and writers and graphics makers and people who make me laugh and cry from millions of miles away.

I never would have been able to raise the money to get out if the worst living situation I’ve ever been faced with. I never would have this incredible support system of people I’ve never even met taking time out of their day to send sweet messages of encouragement and kindness when I need it most.

I never would have pushed my art as far as I have since I stumbled into the fandom almost exactly a year ago. I don’t even know where I’d be. I don’t want to know.

I have met and subsequently become friends with some of he greatest people I’ve ever known thanks to a dumb, ridiculous, irresponsible, hilarious, wonderful show called Glee.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world. So thank you, Darren, and Chris, and yeah, Ryan Murphy too. This show changed my life so much.

And thank you, everyone who has followed me and been here with me. I love you.


Here is my 10k followers Q&A!!! I’m sorry I couldn’t get all of your questions or if I forgot to mention your username! I love you all!

Be sure to watch til the end to see the worst and most embarrassing rendition of Super Bass to ever exist.

My boyfriend used to go to school with Emma Watson and so freshman year the first time they met was at some party and he was texting me and we both were drunk obviously and he was like “I’m at a party talking to Emma Watson!!” and I didn’t know what to say so I was like “Tell her I said she’s a terrible actress!” even though she isn’t but he DID anyway and then was like “She told me to break up with you” and that’s the story of why Emma Watson wants me to break up with my boyfriend

So we come to the end of another year.

2012 was a weird year for me. 

There was the bad: finishing my junior thesis, the hardest and longest art project I’ve done to date, whilst being thrust into the worst living situation I’ve ever experienced and being buried under debilitating anger, fear, loneliness, and sadness as a result.

But there was the good: meeting people in the fandom and becoming closer to them than I ever could have imagined, braving the elements with them for a chance to see our faves (and maybe on more than one occasion getting to meet and talk to them), there was the community I found here on tumblr that helped push me as an artist, including when y'all commissioned over a thousand dollars to help me get out of said living situation (and being patient with me when I still haven’t gotten them all to you).

And there was that one time I won a $10k scholarship for creating an internet meme.

So here we are. I feel like I’ve emerged from a very long, weird, tunnel and I’m seeing daylight. 2013 is going to be a year of drastic change for me as I’m looking on towards graduation, being a proper adult, travelling the world for the first time, and starting on my path to being a professional independent artist.

I’m excited. I hope you guys will stick with me on this journey.

Remember to love each other.

Work hard and be nice to everyone.

And I’ll see you on the other side.

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why do you always put kurt in a dress? he's not a transgendered character or a cross dresser, I don't get it.

If you got right down to it I think I actually have put Blaine in a skirt/dress more often, but I haven’t tallied it up and also what on earth brought this question on

And uh because I wanted to? Because he would look smashing in a dress? Because a man doesn’t have to be transgender or a ‘cross dresser’ to be comfortable wearing dresses? Because fuck you that’s why?

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"I write Kurt a being an acidic, cynical bitch as well and he isn’t that either" lol nice try but Kurt really is like that. just keep on drawing kurt since he's your favorite and lesser blaine. I don't even get the humor anymore because of the way you draw blaine.

I’ve literally been sitting here trying to formulate a response to this for five minutes UH okay, honey, let me break this down for you

You are totally welcome to not follow me, I honestly don’t care, live your life, follow your dreams, chase the wind, whatever

You’re also allowed to keep having this weird, preconceived, projected and weirdly defensive notion that I hate Blaine, because I’m from America and America is all about supporting dumb opinions because freedom

But the long and short of it is I will continue to do what I’m doing because it’s my goddamn blog and