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Some early exploration sketches I made for a project about Usain Bolt for Gatorade. It was a lot of fun trying to capture his athleticism in a pretty simplified/flat style, and the short turned out awesome - check it The Boy Who Learned to Fly! Art & film property of Moonbot LLC

(Fun fact, I also ended up modeling teen & adult Usain. And the sweet sweet pupper who hits his head.) 

why do people like iris west so much? this is a legitimate question bc p much all her scenes are written terribly and the romance feels a little awkward to me

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Send an “Ѡ” for my muse’s reaction to being sent accidental nudes. // @reincarnatcs

[ Text: Big Bird ] You know that Ray’s only like down the hall from you, right? You don’t need to sext him when you can just have actual real sex.

[ Text: Big Bird ] Also, I never knew you were so…perky. ;)


Taking a crack at a semi serious design pass at my D&D party’s characters, first up is my boyfriend’s ancient warforged paladin, Leopold von Raspberry. He used to be a vehicle for an extinct race, but the soul of the deceased pilot somehow bonded to the body of the construct and stayed there for eons! (Because magic.)

I have to give a nod to Alexandre DiBoine for the inspiration on how to make a non-stupid looking magical robot.

Gonna tie the characters down and render them more for some fun stuff laterrrr

We’re making some ‘tarot cards’ (blatantly jacking that sweet sweet Dragon Age: Inquisition style) for our new D&D 5e campaign. Here’s my new poop character: Sieghilde, an extra beefy half-orc ranger who makes a living foraging truffles and kicking butts with her sow, Walda. I hope we do not die immediately so the effort was for naught.

*knocks on wood* :|

No time to include a good goblin shark with my other shark set so I doodled some goblins before bedtime. I am hard pressed to find an animal that I really, truly find hideous, but the goblin shark is probably close to meeting that standard. Regardless I STILL LIKE THEM

Also I have been informed by my focus groups that I’ve officially met my quota of Game of Thrones, sharks, and dumb comics starring myself for the week, so I am going on a brief hiatus/inconsistent period because a) boyfriend and friends and family are coming to town tomorrow b) I am graduating next Friday and c) I’m going to be moving away from Florida! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee


I reupholstered? refurbished? the inside of an old briefcase for my good friends’ wedding ceremony that my OTHER friend volkertron officiated. I gutted the inside and put new fabric and little bottle holders in it (and filled the bottles with a bunch of weird things from my pantry) 

 Basically the couple mixed each other a shot to exchange with one another as they exchanged vows. It was pretty special to see it in action on the big day! They even got to break the (hand etched) shot glasses Adam made for them!

 Anyway, it was a ton of fun to make. I love leatherwork la la la back to drawing


I’m not dead! But I AM occupied with a few other large projects right now, so I’m trying to focus more on those instead of lots of smaller drawings. 

The first few are from my very first DnD game I’m learning to play AAAAAAAAAA don’t even talk to me about centaurs not being a playable race in 4e because I will cut you up. (I used a satyr to build him though.)

That’s my beautiful unicorn centaur bard Blueberry, who disguises himself as a pretty human lady among mortals. The model is obviously a very creepy WIP, but I rarely model in my free time, so I thought it’d be fun to share it so you can see how gloriously far he comes by the time I’m done posing, texturing and grooming (I hope???)

And then other misc sketches and a WIP of a PAINTING I CAN HOLD IN MY HANDS FOR ONCE ♥___♥