kendra harris

The moment you realize that it was Ariana’s obscurus that killed Kendra. The moment you realize what Albus saw his sister turn into, and then vanish into ashes. 

The realization hit me while I was watching the movie and it made me quite sad.

Is Kendra Dumbledore a Native American?

Since JK Rowling has released an introduction to the American Wizarding community, it’s clear that Native American traditions have a large place in the American Wizarding World.

So I was reminded of Harry’s reaction to seeing a picture of Dumbledore’s mother, Kendra. He thought she looked Native American.

But when I went to check this, it was different than I remembered!! Turns out this passage is one of those changed between US and UK versions:

The left is the UK; the right is the US.

If so, why did she leave the US? Does it have something to do with why she was so secretive? Will we learn about it in Fantastic Beasts?

What’s My Line: Part 2, 2.10

the really sad thing about cisco ramon is that he’s like the eternal support character. he’s always there for everyone, to play a pivotal part in everyone else’s story, but he rarely if ever gets a narrative of his own.

for barry he’s the Sidekick, the Smart Guy, the Techno Wizard who makes the gadgets that barry uses to save the day

for caitlin he’s the Best Friend, the Fellow Mourner, the Only One who can understand her pain, but his pain is always second to her own

for hartley he’s the Rival, the Replacement, the Competition for the affection of a mentor neither one of them should want to impress

for eobard he was the Pawn, the Morality Pet, the Means to an End that might end up being the Sacrifice if he wasn’t careful

for harry he’s the Tool, the Path to jesse, and his pain is the Annoyance that harry has to prove himself by just dealing with

for joe he’s the Stray, the Lost Child, the Surrogate joe can take in to make up for some perceived failure with barry

for kendra he was the Nice Guy, the Disposable Love Interest, and his love was the Cocoon from which she emerged as the person she was mean to be, ready for someone else to love her

for carter he was the Oracle, the Key, the Spanner in the Works of a 4,000 year cycle that carter himself lacked the power to break

cisco is a Fixer for all of them, giving them what they need to move forward, never asking for anything in return but to just be part of the story

none of them mean to do this to him (the heroes anyway, the villains are a different story), they don’t do it out of malice or because they don’t care. they do care, it’s just that they don’t notice that cisco’s hurting, that he’s in pain, that the only reason he’s holding it together is that they need him and cisco ramon is nothing if not a goddamn people pleaser.

what cisco needs more than anything though, more than support or kindness or even a mug of hot chocolate and a good snuggle, is his own damn story. he needs to be something besides the Eternal Support Character. he needs the chance to be a Hero.

because he’d be fucking great at it.

Papel Picado Sugar Skull, by Mary Aguilar. 

Papel Picado (perforated paper) is a Mexican Folk Art tradition, made out of tissue paper and carving and cutting materials. They are usually seen at secular and religious occasions, such as weddings, christmas, easter, etc. Common themes include flowers, birds, and skulls.