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Inktober Challenge // Day 9: Harry Potter AU

Genji teaches flying and coaches the quidditch teams. Angela is a talented potions master and professor. They’ve been dating since they went to school at Hogwarts. Genji was an excellent beater for the Gryffindor quidditch team, and he was always flirting with the apple of his eye - the enchantingly beautiful Hufflepuff witch with the top grades. It took awhile before she gave him the time of day.

hey guys i dont know anything about harry potter (besides like…slytherin = mean, hufflepuff = nice) but i kinda wanna do a duggars as harry potter houses series like my high school and signs one

so if you guys have any suggestions for what jana, jill, jessa, jinger, joy and anna are… inbox me/reply/message me/let me know

The moment you realize that it was Ariana’s obscurus that killed Kendra. The moment you realize what Albus saw his sister turn into, and then vanish into ashes. 

The realization hit me while I was watching the movie and it made me quite sad.

anonymous asked:

Credence only attacked those who wronged him in some way. If Ariana were an obscurial and she attacked her mother could that potentially mean Ari may have developed a negative perception of her mother? Albus spoke highly of their mother yet Ab seemed to have a more negative view of her too. How do you interpret each sibling's relationship with their mother? Do you think she had native American ancestry? If so do you have any ideas about her backstory as an native American muggleborn?

Not necessarily. I think we have to consider that when we meet Credence he is a young man, not a child. Despite being abused and lacking control he did have a moral compass, but at the same time we saw him struggling. He had to concentrate a lot to contain himself when Tina asked him to. On the other hand Ariana was an 14 years old when she killed Kendra. She was a teenager, so her reactions would be more intense and she would snap more easily. Also, Credence reaching adulthood and living with the obscurus within him is an exception. Even Ariana lived too long. Most of them die when they’re still children. I think that Credence’s survival is an indicator that he has much more control over it than most obscurials, including Ariana they weren’t that many after all) did. 

I think that I cannot really speculate on the Dumbledores’ relationship with their mother. Aberforth claims that Kendra was secretive and lied. Of what we don’t know. Did she hide Ariana’s condition? Did she find a temporary way to make them ignore Ariana’s worsening state during the short while they spend at home between their stay at Hogwarts? Was it something else? I also think that Aberforth loved her and understood why she did what she did (whatever it was). He even states that she took care of Ariana and tried to keep her happy. He is bitter but not resentful of Kendra. I think that, more than anything else, he came to judge her for the effect her behavior had on Albus who was as eager to face things alone and keep his cards closed. I think that Albus and Kendra would have had a great relationship and Albus saw a lot of himself in her. The only thing that might have tainted their relationship a bit was his neglect of their familial situation. Surely Kendra seems like the kind of woman who would have wanted her other children free of this emotional berdain, but I believe that Albus would have eventually blamed himself for not helping her more.

I think that the wording about her ethnicity is strange. I headcanon her as half-indigenous/half-European. I definitely think that she would have had to face both racism and blood-supremacists and this would have contributed to her seeming ‘formally composed’ and intimidating. She sounds like a woman who had known how cruel people can be and her race and blood-status would have probably contributed to the idea of the cruel, hypocritical muggleborn who hurt her innocent squib daughter because of her own false sense of self-importance and her desire to rise above her station that some seemed to have of her.

This pic of this woman who looks like she can be Dumbledore’s mother, according to the description of her as well as the fashion of the era.

And come on y’all, that smoking pile that had once been the house? Ariana probably got upset again.

(photo is clearly not mine. Credit goes to @loic-locatelli ) Update, I just found out who the artist is. I wonder if I should message them asking if they want me to take it down but I don’t wanna be creepy because they don’t know me.

Is Kendra Dumbledore a Native American?

Since JK Rowling has released an introduction to the American Wizarding community, it’s clear that Native American traditions have a large place in the American Wizarding World.

So I was reminded of Harry’s reaction to seeing a picture of Dumbledore’s mother, Kendra. He thought she looked Native American.

But when I went to check this, it was different than I remembered!! Turns out this passage is one of those changed between US and UK versions:

The left is the UK; the right is the US.

If so, why did she leave the US? Does it have something to do with why she was so secretive? Will we learn about it in Fantastic Beasts?

What’s My Line: Part 2, 2.10

the really sad thing about cisco ramon is that he’s like the eternal support character. he’s always there for everyone, to play a pivotal part in everyone else’s story, but he rarely if ever gets a narrative of his own.

for barry he’s the Sidekick, the Smart Guy, the Techno Wizard who makes the gadgets that barry uses to save the day

for caitlin he’s the Best Friend, the Fellow Mourner, the Only One who can understand her pain, but his pain is always second to her own

for hartley he’s the Rival, the Replacement, the Competition for the affection of a mentor neither one of them should want to impress

for eobard he was the Pawn, the Morality Pet, the Means to an End that might end up being the Sacrifice if he wasn’t careful

for harry he’s the Tool, the Path to jesse, and his pain is the Annoyance that harry has to prove himself by just dealing with

for joe he’s the Stray, the Lost Child, the Surrogate joe can take in to make up for some perceived failure with barry

for kendra he was the Nice Guy, the Disposable Love Interest, and his love was the Cocoon from which she emerged as the person she was mean to be, ready for someone else to love her

for carter he was the Oracle, the Key, the Spanner in the Works of a 4,000 year cycle that carter himself lacked the power to break

cisco is a Fixer for all of them, giving them what they need to move forward, never asking for anything in return but to just be part of the story

none of them mean to do this to him (the heroes anyway, the villains are a different story), they don’t do it out of malice or because they don’t care. they do care, it’s just that they don’t notice that cisco’s hurting, that he’s in pain, that the only reason he’s holding it together is that they need him and cisco ramon is nothing if not a goddamn people pleaser.

what cisco needs more than anything though, more than support or kindness or even a mug of hot chocolate and a good snuggle, is his own damn story. he needs to be something besides the Eternal Support Character. he needs the chance to be a Hero.

because he’d be fucking great at it.