kendra harris

The moment you realize that it was Ariana’s obscurus that killed Kendra. The moment you realize what Albus saw his sister turn into, and then vanish into ashes. 

The realization hit me while I was watching the movie and it made me quite sad.

Is Kendra Dumbledore a Native American?

Since JK Rowling has released an introduction to the American Wizarding community, it’s clear that Native American traditions have a large place in the American Wizarding World.

So I was reminded of Harry’s reaction to seeing a picture of Dumbledore’s mother, Kendra. He thought she looked Native American.

But when I went to check this, it was different than I remembered!! Turns out this passage is one of those changed between US and UK versions:

The left is the UK; the right is the US.

If so, why did she leave the US? Does it have something to do with why she was so secretive? Will we learn about it in Fantastic Beasts?

What’s My Line: Part 2, 2.10