since it’s spring and I’m getting closer to my follower goal, (20 more!) I figured I would put together a follow forever for the spring :) all of these people have made my dash a million times better, and have made tumblr a lot more enjoyable. 

(in no specific order)

haleboundride l maskank l nicolkacola l scisaacanal l kendork-schmidt l atluke5sos l louistmlenson l charliescarver l philcoulson l thirstynematode l celskier l dylanobj l niaollhoran l clara-oswalds l stilesune l dirikhale l amazingsugg l schmidthaynes l broofriends l jamesmashigh l ccarlospena l confusedastronaut l courtneyislikecool l isaaclaheyed l getliam l aladaos l hugdealler l dylanocryn l themredvelvetlips l kednall l wauldorf l whtvrnina l damnitrenee l nobreva l scottymccreerys l joshcutebert l poultrywill l hoechyeah

and these special angels who have dealt with me and my ramblings, whether it be on tinychat, private messaging, or text messages:

adelainekane l maxcarvers l banishee l toxic-twerking l insaneaboutwolfsbane l captainahmedica l startedstartedstarted l dappercriss l nicflor l anthonyraneri l haroldpaynes l pukiehemmings l isaacpup l louistomlinsom l ohhforpetessake l 

Kendall Schmidt “You ever just wana do things like this?” And no I wasn’t driving. #kendallschmidt#HeffronDrive

hi everyone :) so basically this is my new year’s follow forever. everyone in this has a wonderful blog and are lovely people :) 

abcd: adelainekane, andallthatgoodstuff, apartment2j, asslow, barakxts, bigtimelovato, bigtimerusherforever, brandonflowersleatherjacket, c0nfettifalling, ccharliecarver, chrlestrippy, compulsives, confusedastronaut, countonyous, courtneyislikecool, dannymurillos, dirikhale, doiwannaknows, dylanohavesexwithme

efgh: edsherane, fallinoutoforbit, franciskendall, francischmidt, galehawthorn, goemez, guacamaslow, harrysniall, henderchele, henderperfection, hendersmile, hurryputter

ijlk: imthatkindofgirl, jamieschmidt, jamesdiamandis, jamesdiamonds, jamesgayslow, johnny-101, johnnytuturrros, kanyeastinfection, kendalslchmidt, kendick, kendork-schmidt, lewismorgans, loganhendersoon, logonhenderson, lostinbigtimerush, louistmlenson, loveisstatic, loveneversdies, lydiduhmartin

mnop: maevesdonovan, mileysrcyrs, mintykaling, mrsfirstkiss, ninadoughbrev, peetamellarkk, ponds-amelias

qrstuv: rybaxel, sassyspeedskater, schmackles, scottymccreerys, stylinshutup, sugarandbows, teenwolphs, tellmethatyouremine, themredvelvetlips, tylerhobriens

wxyz: waynewaynerush, whtvrnina


happy new year!! :)