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Hi there lovely :) how have you been hope everything is good! i just want to drop by to say Happy Birthday love<333 probably still early in japan but here already 19 march and i just couldn't wait so on your special day I‘d like to wish that everything you‘ve been dreaming about start coming true!It is always good to remember you, my friend!! Love you so much and missing you :) have a good day my darling masa<333 PS made something for you, i will post it soon, nothing much, hope you like it.

Oh how sweeeet!! Thank you so much and I’m sorry for the late reply! My work has been busy and I don’t have as much time as I had on tumblr, but you’re always my sweetest friend, you’ll be, and I always hope you’re happy, smiling and your life is full of love. Thank you so much for being my dear friend! I love you so much<333

I was tagged by @roberttkazinsky, thank you so much! :)

1. Last movie I watched: Blade Runner 2049
2. Last song I listened to:
I think it was something from Dark Souls 3 OST;
3. Last book I read:
The Witcher series - Andrzej Sapkowski
4. Last thing ate:
5. If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be:
in some calm and nice place;
6. Where would you time travel to:
I prefer present time;
7. Fictional character you’d hang out with for a day:
In this moment? Geralt of Rivia, I’d love to listen to all his stories ;)

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