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I hate these types of things n.n
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  1. If you could have your favorite actor/actress in the room with you for 5 minutes and ask them anything, who would they be and what would you ask? UGH!!! WHY?!? I can’t chose, Penny. And I don’t even know what I would ask them. -sighs- I’m horrible at this stuff.
  2. Do you remember your dreams?  I remember my nightmares more then my dreams. 
  3. Which do you prefer, Halloween or Christmas? Free candy to presents. Hmmmm…Halloween.
  4. Do you dress up on Halloween?  YES!!!
  5. Favorite all time movie that you have to watch no matter what. OH GOD!!!! -starts listing movies- I have to many to chose from!!! -sighs again- Fine. I Am Legend. Always have to watch it when it’s on TV.
  6. What would be your first step in a Zombie Apocalypse? Stock up on everything before the Apocalypse even starts and then move to a less populated area.
  7. Do you have any pets?  Yes. I have one.
  8. How did you stumble upon Tumblr? Long story short, a friend.
  9. Favorite OTP ever? Chaire, Charlie and Claire from LOST.
  10. Best place to eat in your opinion?  Depends on what I want to eat. All time favorite….Friday’s.

My questions. c:

  1. How did you come to be at my blog?
  2. What are you currently listening to?
  3. Why am I doing this?
  4. Favorite TV show?
  5. Who is the one actor/actress you will always have a crush on no matter what?
  6. Fuck
  7. The
  8. Last
  9. Questions
  10. I’m going to bed.