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Yuuko investigates! If you could make [any of the characters] your teacher? Best 5 [Tsubasa Caractere Chronicle]

[page 141]
If you could become [their] pupil, this person!
It’s a great assembly of people with extensive experience!!

1st place: Ashura-ou
Native country: Country of Shura

Ashura-ou, in whom beauty and strength are united, [attained] a perfect first place victory! If you became their pupil, during training you might be lost in admiration.

To that remaining reliability, so that [they] give Syaoran the best answer, too. It’s encouragement that’s completely different from [his] companions.

2nd place: Kurogane’s father
Native country: Nihon Country

The sheer fact that he raised Kurogane [leaves] no doubt about his skill as a teacher. His training seems stern.

3rd place: Yuuko
Native country: ???
I’ll teach you with my utmost attention ♥

In order to be good, it seems as though you’d be overworked, but that, again, seems fun, too!!

4th place: Fujitaka
Native country: ???

[He is] definitely kind. He would surely teach you with care until you understood.

5th place: Amaterasu
Native country: Nihon Country

It seems as though she would raise you to be strong, with adequate use of the carrot-and-stick treatment.

The majority of the votes! If you could make [any of the characters] your pupil, this person!!

The other way around, if [you] were to accept a pupil, the voices saying “Chu’nyan” [would be] overwhelming! She seems stubborn, but she’d learn quickly, so it seems as though teaching her would be worth it.

Femslash February couples meme day 8

Femslash February couples meme

Day 8: first femslash couple you shipped

Souma and Kendappa-ou from Rg Veda. I was just getting into fandom. And into slash. I had loved and adored Tokyo Babylon, shipped Seishirou x Subaru hard. When I started Rg Veda, most of the slash fandom shipped Taishaku-ten and Ashura-ou. But for me it was these two very pretty ladies.

I was so much into tragedy then! (who am I kidding, it never really stopped). Stories of love and betrayal! Conflict between feelings and duty! Killing someone without ever stopping loving them! I had all I loved and more and it was 100% canon!

I loved Soma’s innocent and respectful passion, so strong but without stopping her thirst for revenge. With time, I learnt to love Kendappa too, her duplicity, her complexity and her sense of humor.

Also, they were so badass and so hot!

I started to dive into the femslash part of the fandom just then. :-)


Photos by @darkain @cospixnet

I think it’s finally time to say farewell to Kendappa-ou!  She has taken some serious battle damage (i.e. normal wear and tear), more than I remembered until I took her out to iron and fix her up for these photos… She had a good run, though!  Lasted through a few dress rehearsals, two insanely long con wears and another photoshoot…  I’m sure she would have lasted longer if I hadn’t had an ironing incident with her.  :T  But what will be will be!  I am still playing with the idea of  making one of her other outfits…. I have lots of coins, beads, and trims left… Hmmm…. :>


So anyone who’s read CLAMP usually would notice that they have their own unique brand of romance. Your soulmate is referred to as your “most important person” or “person only just for you”. Swapping/sharing/sacrificing your eyes for another person is a good indication that you’re married to that person. Making sure that you die by your beloved’s hand is a thing. Making sure that no one else kills your beloved (even if that meant killing them yourself) is also a thing.

The last trend was first established by Kendappa-ou of RG Veda. Kendappa has an interesting ideology where she would only follow the strongest. That ultimately put her at odds with her beloved, Souma. She ultimately killed Souma (in her defense: she really believes that the six stars have no chance against Taishakuten so in her own words, if Souma had to die she’d rather do it herself) before committing suicide. 

Henceforward, a declaration by a CLAMP character that they will kill someone that they obviously care for is at the very least heavy subtext for you know what. 

When I first read the KuroFai scene I immediately thought of the parallels with Souma/Kendappa. It wasn’t however, until much much later another thought occurred to me. Kendappa’s counterpart in TRC is Kurogane’s Empress. Kurogane grew up around Kendappa. How close their relationship is debatable, but Kendappa knew Kurogane well enough to join in teasing him.

Nihon Kendappa is a lot less tragic and so far it doesn’t look like she has the same hang ups as RG Veda Kendappa. It’s doubtful that the RG Veda scene would ever be reenacted in Nihon. The context of the scenes between Souma/Kendappa and KuroFai are different. Despite what he said, I doubt that Kurogane would ever seriously try to kill Fai. Here he just wanted to shut him up.


The headcanon that Kurogane is influenced by Kendappa’s idea of romantic declarations is still really really funny to me.

Whew! So, Kendappa-ou is finally colored. I used the alternate color scheme for her harp that I’ve seen in an artbook illustration, otherwise there would have been waaaay too much blue in this pic.

Kendappa-ou is tied for my 2nd favorite character in RG Veda, because for, like 90% of the manga she’s pretty damned awesome. That last 10%, though… Let’s just say, WTF?