So Deanna posted pics of her new shirts earlier and I wanted to post mine too!

If you like them you can get them all here :)

Also they look kinda weird cause they’re on the hangers (the pics are better when the shirts are on but I’m lazy).. But they look amazing on. I wore the kendall & carlos & james & logan one out last night and it was lovely :)

Logain: A Poem by Vickie and Deanna

This ^^ popped up on my facebook ads and Deanna and I decided to write a heartfelt poem for Logan Hendersonofabitch. Ruining lives since 1989.


You are insane
I want to brush your mane
Then we can dance in the rain
I’d consider snorting cocaine
Off your body

Then we will fall in love
You’ll be my turtle-dove
When push comes to shove
You will be mine forever