What a shit show. SO much wrong here

Please note how the main role of the one black woman Pepsi focuses on is to play servant to Kendall while she goes off to “end racism” (or something) by making sure that the police are well hydrated before they don riot gear and go off to the #BLM protests to terrorize all the black activists Pepsi didn’t want represented in their “social justice” ad

And yeah, the BLM activists and Standing Rock protectors who been out there getting pepper sprayed, arrested and worse, got a nebulous non-apology from Pepsi, but Kendall—who has NEVER protested for anything and who has certainly already cashed a very fat paycheck from Pepsi—got the real sincere apology

Every time I see a post that frames the Kardashians/Jenners as businesswomen rather than people born into extreme wealth and privilege who use the under-compensated labor of the people who develop their products (app developers, ghostwriters, publicists, etc.) to exploit the public’s perverse fascination with their grotesque freak show of a family I lose 5 years off my life.