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“You’re too nice” - h.s. Part 2

And after high demand - which surprised me wow - here’s the second part to “You’re too nice” 

Part 1 here.


You didn’t tell Kendall how you ran into Harry when she got back from her New York trip. You could tell she was exhausted and you couldn’t blame her considering she’d packed seventeen outfits for four days in New York and she’d worn all of them. You spent three days in her apartment with her going through her closet, ‘yes’ing and ‘no’ing things as you boxed clothes up and sold them using that closet app she’d gotten addicted to. 

There was a lot of pizza consumed and wine was a necessity. Finally, after a couple of days of down time, you decided to let her know.

“Oh shit I forgot to tell you.” You were sitting on her couch cataloging the next month’s fashion must haves for her as she did her hair in the vanity across the room. “Harry came over while you were in New York and grabbed one of his shirts.”

“You were here when he came over?” Kendall turned around and looked at her with her lip between her teeth, “I’m sorry that happened. Are you okay?”

“Oh yeah I’m fine!” you laughed it off as your chest ached, “I’d actually just found the shirt he was looking for when he came in. He scared the shit out of me of course, considering he just popped into your closet. I was blasting music. It was embarrassing.”

Lying to Kendall was easy. You weren’t one for lying in general but when your best friend has all her business blasted everywhere 24/7, you have to keep some things from her. 

“Shit I feel so bad. I totally forgot you were probably going to be here. Shit Y/N I’m sorry,” she groaned, “That was so inconsiderate of me.”

“Stop beating yourself up,” you laughed. You stood and tossed the iPad lightly onto her bed. “You act like I’m a fragile leaf falling from a tree or something.”

“Your words; not mine,” Kendall pointed out before turning back to her mirror where she proceeded to do her hair. “Also find something nice to wear because we’re going out.”

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The Model And The Rockstar (Calum)

It was no secret that there was something going on with you and Calum Hood.

You’d met him at Zayn Malik’s birthday party and Gigi Hadid, your good friend had introduced him to you. Mostly because she knew you had a soft spot for their music and often teased you about that.

You still remember it, the angry look you shot Gigi because you knew exactly what she was trying to do. The shy smile that you sent Calum as he offered you a drink. How you both spent all night talking, and ended up with him having to drop you off because your ride had left already.

You glanced at his text message about asking to pick you up for a party but you opted to call him instead.

“Hey what time do you wanna go?” Calum asked immediately after picking up the call.

“You don’t need to take me Cal it’s okay I’ll get an Uber.” You answered.

“But you don’t need to, I can just take you.”

“I know, it’s just there’s going to be paps all over the entrance.”

“Oh shit yeah I almost forgot. Okay I’ll just see you there?”

“Yeah, and you can come over after.” You said cheekily making laugh.

“I’ll hold you up on that.” He told you before hanging up.

Two hours later, cars were piling in front of Selena Gomez’s house where the Super Bowl party was being held and as predictors, there were paparazzi everywhere. It was hysterical as some of them were pushing forward, pestering you with questions. You thanked your lucky stars that you’d decided on having a bodyguard.

After you pushed your way in you greeted your friends Kendal Jenner and Cara Delevigne and soon enough Gigi came sweeping in with a smirk on her face.

“Cal’s looking for you.” She said in a sing song voice. Cara and Kendal laughed as your face heated up.

“Go to Romeo Y/n!” Cara teased, giving you a slight push. You stuck your tongue out at them.

“Very mature babe.” You heard a voice say.

You turned around to see Calum smiling at you, eyes crinkling.

“I hate you guys.” You mumbled at your friends. They rolled their eyes at you.

“Sure sure. Calum take her away before I remind her exactly how much she loves us.” Kendal said giggling.

“Yes ma'am.” Calum said, putting an arm around your waist and leading you away.

“The boys wanna say hi.” He whispered in your ear as he lead you to Selena’s garden outside.

“Oh good I miss them haven’t seen in days.” You gushed. Calum pouted.

“And me?”

“I always miss you when you’re not around.”

“Y/n!” Michael’s yell interrupted you. He and Luke rushed over to you, hugging you so hard you felt like your ribs would break.

“Alright guys let her breathe geez.” Calum said, shooing them off you. He placed a hand around your waist.

“Where’s Ashton?” You asked looking around for the familiar fedora headed boy.

“He’s picking up Bryana he’s going to be here soon.”

“Oh good I can tell Bry to bring my shoes.”

Calum raised his eyebrows, silently noting how close you had already gotten to his friends and how happy that made him instead of scared. As you chatted away with Michael and Luke he couldn’t help but stare at you.

“Earth to Calum.” You laughed, poking his cheek. Calum shook his head.

“Sorry what?”

“I asked if you wanted to get some food.”

“I’ll go get it for you, wait.” Calum said starting towards the house. You shook her head. Michael and Luke were sniggering at him.

“I’ll come too.” You said looking at Luke and Michael strangely. As you went ahead inside you didn’t miss the conversation between the boys.

"Whipped!” Michael and Luke yelled, pointing at Calum.

“Fuck off.” Calum said rolling his eyes before hurrying to your side.

He carried his plate and drinks to the living room and sat next to you, handing you your drink. He didn’t miss the knowing looks that the celebrities surrounding him were shooting them

Soon enough the game started, you had shifted yourself onto Calum’s lap. Some people were smiling at them others had their eyebrows raised in surprise as a point was awarded in the game and you kissed Calum and cheered with the others.

Once the Super Bowl ended, the people dispersed. Some went out to the garden but Calum could tell you were getting sleepy.

“Wanna go home?” He whispered to you. You nodded, too tired to answer.

You both said your goodbyes and left the house. It was very late and there were no paparazzi outside that you both saw.

The next morning however, you were both surprised to see the headline Model And The Rockstar splashing across the MTV article, featuring a picture of you two entering Selena’s house separately, one blurry photo of you both kissing in Selena’s garden and one of you both getting in your car. You showed waved the article in front of Calum’s face as he poured milk into his glasses.

“Did you see this?” He nodded causally.

“Apparently I’m a rockstar now.” You widened your eyes.

“You don’t mind?” You asked, surprised. He shook his head.

“I was planning on taking you out for a date instead of staying in anyway.” He answered with a grin before pulling in to kiss you.