kendall jenner instagram pics


if Kendall would have never stop posting things about her life she could have been the most followed Jenner on insta because almost everyone prefer her over Kylie. But she stopped and Kylie is very social, everyone now want to keeping up with her fancy and rich life. Kendall once was the most popular because of her looks and the things she was doing. That’s why Kylie became the more famous sister on insta, she was always like every time posting something while Kendall was quiet. and you can see that before all this Stormi thing every time Kendall was posting a pic she always has more likes than every Kylie pic. she still the it girl by her looks she’s always stunning and fight me if i’m wrong. also Kylie have her lipsticks that made her big and the fillers too, she is the most copied girl,  so I see more people copying the jenners than the hadids. Just remember that black top kendall wear in the interview with derek blasberg, since the pic she posted in insta i saw a lot of girls with that top, kendall 21st birthday dress, kendall always have the attention for her looks. the hadids not that much, maybe bellas gatubela look in the met gala but just that. kendall is breathtaking on that, she’s the best in this things with looks, not the best model out the but still amazing