kendall exact


Kendall Inspired for College

sorry to rant but

I’ve noticed a pattern in how the fandom reacts to things…

-louis: hangs out w/ his friends (some of whom are gross)

  • some people: don’t hang out with them :/ they’re gross :/ hang out w/ 1D instead please

-harry: hangs out w/ his friends (some of whom are gross)

  • some people: yesss look at harry making those connections!! I love how he’s friends with older, more mature people (1D is not mentioned at all)

-louis: wears adidas (whom he has a contract with)

  • some people: I don’t like when he wears adidas…he’s so much better than that brand, he only wears it because he’s contractually obligated

-harry: wears YSL (whom he has a contract with)

  • some people: amazing! look at harry serving these #looks, he’s such a fashion icon

-louis: wears something other than adidas

  • some people: oh thank god! I hate adidas I think it’s trashy and you can tell he likes better, more expensive brands than that

-harry: wears something other than YSL

  • some people: * compliment his style without insulting YSL at all*

-danielle: exists, is close to louis, & their outings are publicized

  • some people: when will this end oh my god… I’m tired of this D list celebrity just using louis to gain fame. she just seems like…an annoying person I really don’t like her at all :/

-kendall: exists, is friends with harry, & their outings are highly publicized

  • some people: aww I actually don’t mind this…kendall seems really sweet and she’s adorable, also you can tell she and harry get along really well and she’s not just using him or anything

to sum up:

-harry, his friends, his style, and kendall: are seen by some people as expensive, “high class”, and dignified. everything surrounding this screams “I’m a famous, A list celebrity” and these people love it

-louis, his friends, his style,and danielle: are seen by some people as trashy, less expensive, or “lower class”. everything surrounding this is “casual, not really trying to impress anybody, or “lazy” and undignified” and yet…these people don’t love it as much as they seem to love everything surrounding harry

I wonder?? why?? this is?? the case????