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never forget…

Irem theme (Rosy theme) #1 | preview | message me for the code!

This theme is named after Irem


5 nav links under sidebar
4 bubble tabs on top left
3 pop up links
faq layout
links layout
hover glow on post and tabs
hover mailbox 
a cute pink cursor (can be changed if you want) 

Credit for the bottom border on faq layout and tabs goes to Ara!

PLEASE like this post if you are gonna use or thinking of using!

  • Paige and Brooke: *leave*
  • Chloe: *leaves*
  • Maddie: *can't leave bc the entire ALDC is hanging on to her legs, screaming for her to come back to them, streamers flying, Abby and Kendall sobbing together, 12 banners each painted with "we love you maddie" 6 cakes with maddie's face on them from each season, melissa crying and talking about how proud she is of her daughter *
  • Mackenzie: *leaves/is pushed out by her bitch mother*

this still moves me to tears…