LDH Week | Day 4 - Fave EX the 2ND Member: Kenchi |


Charming + Socialble + Ecclectic + Goofy + Easy-Going + Artsy 

So much to say…he’s one of the many people in LDH that makes me weak.

First, he’s intelligent. He majored in Electrical engineering and can speak three different languages. That in itself is a recipe for weakness. A man that is hella smart. All for it!

Two, he’s an amazing dancer. It’s always nice to see him dance because he has such a unique approach to the way he dances. He’s fluid, flexible and very smooth with his dancing. He’s always happy while dancing so I’m always happy to see him do what he loves.

Three, I mean look at that face. He’s living, breathing art. He has the most charming smile and his body is always in tip top shape. Also, he doesn’t even look his age, like someone said before. He looks younger than he actualy is and that’s probably because he takes very good care of himself. I’m thankful for his effort and having the blessing of his looks.

Four, he treats the youngins well. Every interaction I’ve seen between him and his juniors are always sweet and positive. 

Five, he’s goofy. If anyone remembers Kenchi Man or has seen the videos, a chunk of that is what I’m referring to. If you haven’t seen it, prepare yourself and look up the videos. He’s something else LOL. That side of him is somewhat hidden now but it’s still there. Er, he’s a lot more chill now I should say.

Six, he’s sexy…I’ll just leave it at that. It also hurts me that he knows this too

Kenchi was my second bias in LDH and is my oldest bias that I have so far. Thanks to him, I learned about the 2ND and the rest of EXILE and the rest is history. I consider him my gateway bias along with Alan haha.

That’s why he’s my fave^^.


Note: Pictures used are not mine.


EXILE - Believe In Yourself

I didn’t have time to post it last week ;3; But well, it’s here now! I hope you like it ^^

Done with finals, pretty sure I failed Chemistry :/  I’ll just have to retake it. 

Took some pics of my December issue of Monthly Exile lol.

I can try and take better pics if ppl want to read the interviews or a better pic with no glare lol. 

Just a warning, there’s quite a bit of pics ._.

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Kenchi’s Update:

Hello Everyone! This is EXILE/EXILE THE SECOND Performer, Kenchi Tachibana.
Starting today I will be launching my Facebook.
I will be sharing details with you from my personal activities to group activities as well, so please take a look!


みなさん、こんにちは!EXILE /
EXILE THE SECONDパフォーマーの橘ケンチです。今日からfacebookを始めます。グループとしての活動から個人的なことまで、たくさん発信していきたいと思っていますので、是非チェックしてください!!