From Redd Styles to Elijah Blake a musician changes his stage name, appearance and even evolve in sound.When I first came across Blake’s music it was either 2007 or 2008. Growing up in South Florida where the artist is also from; I never got a chance (via Elijah Blake X.O.X. ft. Common Music Video)

Nebraska Photography by Pierre Kenal Louis These photographs are from a photo-shoot I shot of Katie Corrie Burry. The photos were shot early in the morning in the summer of 2012 at a local high school. The high school caught my attention when I firs (via Nebraska Photography Husker Shoot with Katie Burry)

Featured Musician On Kenalsworld When someone mentions the names Luther Vandross, Charlie Wilson, Johnny Gill, and Gerald Levert the thought of a strong R&B voice would generally come to mind. All of these musicians are among some of the soulful (via Featured Musicians | Omar Wilson Music Sent From Heaven)

Feature Musicians | Stereowolf On Kenalsworld Rock is something that I grew up listening to and enjoyed though primarily in my household as a child my siblings would in majority play r&b music and some of the world’s biggest megastars the likes (via Feature Musicians | Stereowolf Tells A Story Of Young Love)
Sellah and Sam Bartel Deliver Motivation Through “We Are One”

The latest single by Sellah featuring Sam Bartel is inspiring and motivating. Musically the two collaborated on We Are One , which is a record about the journey of life and music. The individuals many people deal with that are not the most sincere and out there to eat you alive. Any industry you are looking [ ] The post Sellah and Sam Bartel Deliver Motivation Through We Are One appeared first on Kenalsworld, Art, Design, Feature Musicians & More.