I remember mornings on a bed, on the floor, cigarettes and coffee and her presence,
She alone, made me feel happy and healthy, oh the irony,
Some mornings, I’d awaken to her just staring at me, smiling, saying she loved the way I sleep,
Many mornings I’d wake up to a hot cup of coffee from our favorite coffee shop across the street,
Often we’d wake up and put music on, Slum Village, De La Soul, DJ Rob Swift or DJ Cam,
Not always loud, but always on,
We had little planned, just to make it through the day, to make it home to one another’s embrace,
Dinner was often from the taco shop, and I’d wash it down with The Champagne of Beers and laughter with friends who’d stop by just to say hi,
Once upon a time, I thought this was the life.
Now she’s my wife,
She takes good care of me,
We still laugh a lot, and that’s what’s most important to me.
Our babies laugh a lot too.
That’s divinity to me.
We couldn’t have made it this far, without laughter and prayers.
That’s the God honest truth.

It’s always easier when they say goodbye in late November,
There’s less tears than in July or January,
In fact, in late November they save the goodbyes,
They trade them for see-you-laters,
They trade turkey sandwiches for the thought of toys in a few weeks,
They trade tacos for tamales,
They trade fresh fruit for their auntie’s Hello Dolly bars,
They trade memories of the World Series for dreams of a fresh spring training,
They’ll trade trips to the beach for movies beneath the sheets,
They’re growing up, but never apart,
They’ll travel many miles, but stay in each other’s hearts,
They’re cousins and they love each other despite their differences,
Because that’s what families do.

the dancer pt.II (b-boy documentary)

Scratches, horns and high hats kept him coming back week after week,
After his homework was complete,
And his sisters he’d feed,
He’d go to compete,
Spinning uncontrollably, with the mastery of Alvin Haley, he hallucinated with homages to his ancestry,
His curls bounced to the beat and the tears on his cheeks were as real as those of the OGs who put hundreds on young Keith’s feat; young Keith’s feet kept him alive on those mean streets,
Now he’s on scholarship at Howard University.
Dance young brotha, dance.

an ode to Charlottesville

-Today I saw a man at the San Diego Zoo with a Dave Mathews Band T-Shirt. It was simple.  It read, “DMB Charlottesville, Virginia”.  That’s all, nothing more.  It got me thinking, and in the back of mind, I became a bit nostalgic.  Hours later, this is what happened…

I love your evergreens,

I love the smell of your ivy leaves 

Covering the ground beside your simple lawns and old streets,

I love your bricks and The University, your IMPs and mysterious Zs,

I love your many generations of families,

So many colors, 

Black and white and everything in between,

Often times black when white is what the eyes perceive,

Such beauty.

I love your autumn leaves, 

Falling freely as football teams and cheerleaders take the field 

On Friday nights and Saturday afternoons,

Marching bands stepping with timeless tunes.

I love your crisp Turkey Days and the snowy white Christmases of my youth,

I miss the scent of spring rains with sweet aromas rising, lazily from the asphalt,

I miss my Grandparents and heart to heart talks most of all.

I especially miss those two.

Charlottesville, you hold a special place in my heart,

And I sure do miss you.

~a LOVEr sent home~

Kara LOVEs Heather

But they can’t be together,

By law anyway,

Heather appears to be ill,

Lover can’t be at bedside.

Doctor’s don’t know why,

They say that she may soon die,

Who’ll be at her bedside?

Kara and Heather apart,

A LOVE story gone so wrong.

A true love it was,

Regardless of their state’s law,

Who can define LOVE?

And hateful brother-in-laws,

Somehow feel that they have won.

Brother’s broken heart,

Cause’ his sister passed alone,

She was far from home,

And yet Heather died alone.

Her LOVEr was sent back home.