Ken Rosenthal. Seen and Not Seen.

Images taken from family photographs which, for the photographer, evokes vivid but false memories.

Seen and Not Seen explores the intersections of personal and collective memories, particularly as they relate to photography, and merges the autobiographical and the universal. Many of my photographs are intensely personal yet speak to a collective experience.



How An Offseason Rumor Is Born

First, the team contacts the player, PLAYER X, that they most covet: 

After PLAYER X responds in the affirmative, the team raises the stakes. 

Before they can respond however, Ken Rosenthal, sitting in the back of the class, has witnessed something going on. He then sends his own note: 

The player then responds:

Which leads Rosenthal to tweet: 

And thus, the offseason rumor has been born. 

Any questions?