Thicc Kaneki, or damn that boy got big!

In accompaniment to the Touka is thicc meta, we at the blog take our responsibilities of sharing the thickness analysis seriously. This week, it’s Kaneki Ken’s turn.

In light of the HQ scans of the famous chapter 125, we’re going to analyze the hints dropped by Ishida Sui on how stacked Kaneki’s become.

Before we even discuss his dick, as marvelous as it is, we will first begin by discussing his muscles.

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VIXX: mornings with them

N:  even more cuddly and touchy than normal, and that’s saying a lot. He’s not hard to wake up, esp since he’s so used to it and sometimes he simply can’t sleep in late bc his mind won’t let him. So if you’re still sleeping at this point, he’ll take this time to run his fingers lightly over your skin and admiring your sleeping face. Fixing your hair out your face, he’d kiss you on the forehead and begin to stretch his limbs, quietly getting up to fix you both some breakfast.

Leo:  he’d curl up next to you while alseep, and it’s hard to move out of his grip in the morning…not that you’d want to. He mumbles in his sleep a lot, so you always end up asking him what be was dreaming about the night before, and he answers with the same thing every time, “you.” He’d take his time to fully wake up, not really wanting to let go of your body and start the day.

Ken:  a very light sleeper, and wakes up often during the night bc you move around and lot lmao so let this boy get his sleep while he can. While still unconscious, he’d pull you into his chest and sigh peacefully. After finally waking up, he’d smile lazily at you but pout and groan when you try to get up.“babyyyy, let’s just stay in bed all day, we have nothing important to do.”

Ravi:  he barely gets any sleep, and when he’s finally home and sleeping next you, he’s completely knocked out and isn’t going to wake up for a while. He thinks of you as his teddy bear, basically, and refuses to let you out of his arms. All he wants to do when waking up is to cuddle with you for a little while, and talk about his previous day. Sometimes he’d play music while you two talk, and you’d both end up jamming hella hard to whatever he’s playing, and that’s his favorite way to wake up.

Hongbin:  he’d try to give you your own space and not bother you while asleep, but you’d both somehow end up entangled with each other in the morning, neither of you wanting to move. He’d lazily draw his lips across your shoulders and neck, mumbling about quiet ‘good morning’ and smiling. He isn’t the type to sleep in late, and sometimes manages to get up early to make you breakfast.

Hyuk:  will pretend he’s still sleeping, and snores very loudly as you try to wake him up. It’d take a lot of jumping on his back and “wake up, you lazy dummy” for him to roll over and attack you with kisses. Wouldn’t want to move out of your comfortable bed in the morning, and takes as long as he can just talking to you about anything and everything, and stroking your hair. He’d try aegyo for you to fall asleep with him again, and you’d never admit it…but it always works.

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VIXX As Cloudy Day Elements

N/Hakyeon - Still fluffy cotton ball like clouds

Leo/Taekwoon - gentle gray light.

Ken/Jaehwan - cool wind that blows through your hair

Ravi/Wonshik - old lush green trees swaying in the wind

Hongbin - morning dew on leaves and grass

Hyuk/Sanghyuk - flower buds that bloom in cool temperatures

Alla Prima- Chapter 2

Prologue  Chapter 1

FanFiction Master List

“So, wait, what time are we going to dinner?”

           “4:30, Marsali said.”

           “Are we planning on getting a senior citizen’s discount?”

           “She said she wanted to give us plenty of time afterward to get ‘piss drunk.’ Her words.” The phrase ‘piss drunk’ sounded wrong coming out of Mary’s sweet, teacher voice.

           Claire cringed. She was not so young as she used to be, and being ‘piss drunk’ did not entice her as it once did.

           “Ugh. All right. Come to my place at 4. We’ll ride together.”

           “Okay. I’ve got to go. Got to pick up the small children from lunch. See you, Claire!”

           “Bye, Mary!”

           Claire hung up the phone with a sigh. She was not particularly thrilled with the evening’s planned activities. But, she felt it her duty as friend of the bride and cousin of the groom to make an appearance at all wedding events, including this bachelorette party. Even if her wallet didn’t agree.

           She gazed out into the empty lecture hall. Vacant seats echoing the beating of her heart. Was she so lonely that this sight should sadden her?

           It was more than that, she knew. Visions of red curls filled her mind, paint stained hands dancing across a page, dancing across her body…

           She wouldn’t get to see him today. Her artist.

           Had this stranger become so integral to her happiness?

           She was afraid of the answer.

           Whiskey. Her eyes. They were whiskey. Amber. Resin. Her hair the bark, her eyes the liquid amber that flowed out of it.

           He swirled his own a liquid amber, contemplating colors. Brown and yellow definitely. Maybe some orange? Not too much, though…

           “What’s wrong, Jamie?” He was surprised to see that his brother had crept up behind him. “Yer staring at that glass like its telling ye secrets.”

           Jamie couldn’t tell him the truth: that he was fantasizing about some woman in the park. He would never live that one down.

           “Ach, just tired. I woke up early. To paint, ye ken? The lighting— “

           “I gotcha.” Willie was as thrilled about the mechanics of painting as Jamie was about the hardware of a computer. “I invited a couple lads. Just Rupert, and Angus, and Ian, if Jenny’ll let him.” The mention of their sister brought a smile to Jamie’s face. They were thick as thieves growing up, and he missed her greatly. But she and her husband Ian had been expanding their family rapidly, which kept her busy. He usually only saw her once a week, for Sunday dinner.

           “Weel, Rupert will sure bring the good times.” Jamie glanced around the pub, The Usual Place. It was the Fraser men’s favorite, and was unusually quiet fir a Friday night, save for a few straggling drunks and a small group of women tucked in a dark corner.

           “Aye, they should be here anytime. I told them 8:30…” Willie craned his neck, scanning the large room for their friends.

           “Dinna fash. When Rupert and Angus show up, we’ll ken it.”

Claire pulled at the hem of her dress, trying to stretch it. It was an older dress, worn during the wild days of cheap liquor and strangers’ lips. Since then, her hips had rounded considerably, and it felt like her arse was showing with each step.

           “Where are we going, exactly?” Claire wondered to the bride-to-be. Marsali flipped her corn-silk hair, and turned around.

           “It’s called The Usual Place. It’s nothing special, just a regular pub. But the drinks are cheap, so we can get in the right state o’ mind for the rest of the night!” She twirled, her silver dress sparkling under the florescent street lamps.

           “Weel, I hope we get there soon! My heels keep getting stuck in the grates…” Geillis bellowed from behind, waddling as if she were in quicksand. “I dinna ken why we couldna get a cab…”          

           “We’re here!” Marsali led her ladies-Claire, Joan, Mary, Geillis, and Louise-into the dim pub.

Jamie heard them before he saw them. Always one to make an entrance, Rupert flung open the doors with a mighty bellow.

           “FRASERS!” He sauntered to them with the cockiness of a man that knew he was the biggest in the room. Which he probably was. Behind him trailed two smaller men- Ian and Angus. “We hear ye’ve pleased another man today.”

           “Why does everything that comes out of yer mouth sound filthy?” Jamie asked as Rupert clapped a paw on his shoulder

           “Dinna ken. Ye’ve got a filthy mind, probably.” He winked.

           “How will we be celebrating tonight?” Angus asked, scratching his scraggly beard with a look of false contemplation. “Shots?”

           “Nay!” Ian spoke up. “Ye’ll ken what happened last time…”

           “It’s no out fault ye canna hold yer drink,” Rupert teased.

           “Yer company is celebration enough, lads,” Willie appeased, placing a hand on both their shoulders.

           “Speak fer yerself,” Jamie muttered and waved the bartender over. He tried not to see her eyes in the bottom of his glass.

The pub grew steadily louder, and Claire found it more and more difficult to concentrate of her friends’ conversation. A mixture of the noise and alcohol.

           “And, when are we going to see ze dancers?” Louise’s question caught Claire off guard.

           “Marsali, you didn’t…”

           “I only plan on getting marrit once. I’m doing my bachelorette party right.” She giggled, disarmingly sweet compared to the plans she had. “We should leave soon, though. So we can get a good seat.” The twinkle in her eye made Claire shake her head in mock disgust.

           Much to Claire’s surprise, she was having fun. Not what she would have normally done on a Friday, she was glad to be out with these women. Her friends.

           As they filed out, Claire saw a flash of red by the bar. A trick of the light, probably.

Jamie knew he was drunk. Was he hallucinating? He saw his stranger, wild hair trailing behind her as she walked out of the door. Perhaps he should call it a night.

what anime character you should fight

aries- eren jaeger

taurus- oikawa tooru

gemini- all of them

cancer- kaneki ken

leo- izaya orihara

virgo- light yagami

libra- rin okumura

scorpio- sasuke uchiha

sagittarius- ciel phantomhive

capricorn- kirito

aquarius- black star

pisces- honey senpai

A picture I began way back when I was still midway through ASB chapter 21 and trying to inspire myself. Aside from the work needed by the totally unfinished cave, I meant to change Ken’s hair a bit and fix Takeru’s uber long finger. I hope I finish it someday, but it has been a long time…

The reason why there’s blue lol purple light on Ken and Takeru is because I meant to draw Koushirou’s crystals on that rock column.