in case you needed any more proof that Ken Hoinsky (TofuTofu, on Reddit) and the people that associate with him are human garbage… you’re welcome

-hey look racism. are you surprised… I’m not surprised
-fat hatred… still not surprised, but there it is
-a “fun story” is one about the time you tried to pressure a woman into sex for 20 minutes, instead of taking the first “no” for an answer, and she had to leave in a taxi because you made her so uncomfortable, and somehow that is lol-worthy
-women who want lasting relationships are stupid and should just take their panties off for me!!
-when a woman rejects you it’s because she’s “programmed to say no”

700+ people donated to Hoinsky’s Kickstarter and raised over $16,000

but the protest against the book was a “witch hunt” and feminists are “just looking for things to be angry about”

Above The Game is a popular step-by-step guide for getting good with women. I am publishing it as a full-length book.


Always the nice guy, my first three girlfriends cheated and dumped me for the other guy.

just a nice guy getting friendzoned


Glad Kickstarter realized this. Too bad they can’t un-fund the project though. Donating to RAINN is a good start to undo their mistake.

(Concerning the guy who funded a how-to sexual assault guide.)

Also, is sending one of their team to meet with the creator of the guide to help him change his book to no longer promote sexual assault. There’s more on that here, under the updates tab:

I’m glad that they are reviewing their terms and conditions to prohibit future seduction guides. This is just an example of how young people can influence real world outcomes and help fight the sexist views of society.

So I heard about that ridiculously misogynistic Above The Game book getting all that money on kickstarter (hopefully most of it is from people who weren’t aware of the book being domineering bullshit), and I’ve seen a certain amount of response to it from feminists on tumblr.

As some of you who follow me may know, I don’t personally identify as a feminist (I don’t mean to be rude as I agree with a great deal of feminist points, it’s just I consider the idea of a gender equality movement naming its self after one gender and slapping the title “patriarchy” on gender inequality [which seems to demonise men as the cause] is rather crude, prideful, victimising, and oversimplified; especially when gender inequality is caused by a greater natural/capitalistic conservative hierarchy forcing men and women into “roles” through social pressure and accommodation). Regardless, it is clear that the author, Ken Hoinsky, is a massive fucking tool. He is a typical asshat who doesn’t understand that people, women in particular, are humans like him (although calling Ken a human seems a little generous).

He is a result of what I call the “gender division culture”, the fact that in our society, genders divide themselves, only talking to members of their own genders and referring to the other as if they are aliens.

This begins in our very early childhood, in the mini-society of playgrounds. Boys stick together, doing “manly things”, and talking about how girls are weird cooty-infested creatures of anger. Meanwhile, girls stick to their own group, doing “girly things” and talk about how boys are from Jupiter to get more stupider etc.

As such, in weaker minds this causes notions of femininity and masculinity to stick to the “appropriate genders”, manipulating them in often negative paths, turning many men into violent over-controlling brutes and turning many women into close-minded prudes with low self-esteem. Excessive femininity and masculinity generally do harm in a person, and if I’ve found that if someone wants to be a considerate and loving human, a mix of the two general traits is required (something that is too often shunned by our society, a society poisoned by gender division culture).

This gender division culture (usually with a combination of mommy issues) results in little shits like Ken Hoinsky who don’t consider women as people, seeing them as robots or puzzles to be cracked or solved and eventually controlled in order to suit their selfish needs. He is essentially subhuman scum, (although it could be argued that he is a victim of gender division culture) and I understand fully why his book has come under so much criticism from feminists.

But I would say feminists, that you’re approaching the situation wrongly. You’re criticising the book, but not in a way that will get men to actually listen.

And this actually gets to my major issue with feminism: it doesn’t know how to get MASCULINE MALES to listen. This is partially due to the female brand of the movement, which already means that your average male sexist will never listen, even if they aren’t aware of their sexism (this is surprisingly common by the way, so a note to feminists: be aware that most men don’t even know they’re being sexist and will likely turn against gender equality if you immediately jump out and call them a “sexist pig”).

You don’t get men to stop sexually assaulting by telling them they’re sexist, you get them to stop by telling them they’re ASSHOLES, because that’s what they are, ASSHOLES. They may be sexist, but primarily, they are SIMPLY ASSHOLES who are overly full of themselves and think they’re the greatest thing that happened since Jesus.

Most sexist masculine males are practically hardened to claims of sexism or misogyny and consider it to be “bitches whining”, and thus it effects them more to criticise their attitude as a bad one towards HUMANS, and as an attitude that is SELFISH, RUDE and highly INCONSIDERATE.

There should not be a “war on men”, or even a real “war on sexism” in the West, but a war on ASSHOLEISM, and a war on the culture of gender partitioning that causes this assholeism.

Thank you for reading.

tl;dr Ken Hoinsky is a fucking asshole and feminism is approaching misogyny in the wrong way.