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Kendrick Lamar is one of the most widely admired performers in popular music today. His last collection, To Pimp A Butterfly, was named album of the year by many publications including Billboard and Rolling Stone. His new album, titled DAMN., debuted at #1 on the Billboard album chart, and was the best-selling debut of the year thus far. Rock critic Ken Tucker says DAMN. extends Lamar’s range and the power of his storytelling.

“In a recent interview, Lamar said that while his previous album, To Pimp A Butterfly, was about changing the world, the implied message of DAMN. is, “I can’t change the world unless I change myself.” Listening to Kendrick Lamar tussle with his ideas about how to effect that change in himself can make you think about your own life, and perhaps the things we can change.”

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Power’s Out []Creek One-Shot[]

The power had been out since Craig had first gotten home, and that was all he’d known about the situation. The whole apartment had been dark, the electric clocks and appliances off. For the past few hours, he’d just been sitting on the bed he and Tweek shared, snacking on rice cakes they had pushed in the back of their pantry since he couldn’t heat up anything in the microwave. Speaking of Tweek. The door to their bedroom opened, and Craig didn’t even look up from the essay he was half-heartedly writing on his laptop. “The power’s out. We have two options. Have sex, or I got ‘Back to the Future’ on my laptop.”

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Valerie June is a Tennessee-born singer-songwriter who made a splash a few years ago with her 2013 album Pushin’ Against a Stone. On her new album, The Order of Time, Valerie June reaches back to her roots in Southern gospel, reconciling it with her current life in Brooklyn, New York. Rock critic Ken Tucker says: 

“June’s sense of time as fluid and multi-dimensional is all over this collection. It’s something close to what science fiction writers call a “time-slip,” a notion she gets at on a soul ballad here called “Slip Slide On By.” Yet for all this, Valerie June resists becoming too airy or ethereal. She also understands the way certain pop genres, certain ways to phrase and shape a lyric, can break and mend a heart at the same time.”

It’s come to my attention that a lot of folks in this fandom are young people. I’ve seen you guys talking about family issues, and I just want you guys to know that if you need to talk or want “parental” advice or have questions or need to vent about something you can’t talk or don’t feel comfortable talking to your own parent about. I’m here for you.

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OK, this would require smut but you do it SO DAMN WELL! Jamie has often talked about how aroused he had/has been riding double with Claire on a horse. I'd imagine she feels the same way after their marriage. How about a story where one or both of them actually *help out* the other with said arousal while heading somewhere on horseback. It might require stopping in a patch of heather or a patch or leaves. Or it might not. Ya know?

“Christ, Sassenach!” Jamie grunted from behind me, his hands settling on my waist and squeezing to keep me from moving further. “I dinna think I can keep us in a straight line if he keep doin’–aghh!”

I giggled and ground my bum harder into his groin. “Good thing I have the reigns, hmm?”

“Why ye wee–”

“Ah, ah, ah, Mr. Fraser.” I teasingly tisked. “Keep that up and there will be no fun times in your foreseeable future.”

I felt the low rumble of a growl in Jamie’s chest as he acquiesced. Looking down I saw his knuckles had gone white in my skirts, attempting without hope, to keep my hips still. I overemphasized rocking of the saddle with each step Donas took. Eliciting groans from Jamie.

Without my realizing what happened, Jamie quickly called to Donas, then managed to get the horse to stop, us off the saddle and my skirts up. His mouth devoured, as his hands stroked. My skin heated and I couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe, I could only feel. Jamie seemed to be everywhere all at once.


“Can ye give me one, Sassenach?”

“N-no…” I breathed out in short pants.

“Liar,” he growled into my clit, sending shockwaves of pleasure through my body. I was nearing my release when he stopped with a laugh and long rasp of his stubble against my thigh.

“What?” I looked up bewildered. “Why did you stop?”

“Did ye think I wouldna get my revenge on yer antics? Teasing the whole way from Lallybroch.” He gave a guttural scoff. “Nay, Sassenach. Ye should learn to take as good as ye give.”

“Why you insufferable, bloody, Scot!”

He laughed and began to make his way back toward the knoll Donas was grazing. My legs the consistency of jello and my body burning for further pleasure, I stumbled my way towards him and launch myself onto his back. He faltered for a moment but didn’t fall as I had intended.

“You’re not leaving me like this, you bloody Scot!” I growled into his ear. He tipped his head back and laughed.

“Now ye ken what it feels like, Sassenach!”

I huffed and tugged on him to no avail. “Will you stop and turn around?”

He turned his head, quirking an eyebrow at me. I slithered off of him and tugged on his belts. One of these stupid things must be holding up his kilt.

“Ah ha!” I crowed in triumph as his kilt pooled to the grass. Jamie stood before me clad in nothing but his shirt and coat.

“Was that yer goal then, Claire? Take off my kilt, but no do anything else?” He queried, arms folded across his chest.

“No,” I replied confidently, reaching out to slap his hands down, and unbutton the coat.  “You could be helpful.”

“Och, and why?”

A lust-filled haze took over my actions and words. “Because if you don’t get your clothes off or mine off me in the next few seconds I may explode! And if I’m not here, who will you be able to stick your cock in? Hmm?”

Jamie laughed, though his cheeks and ears pinked at my words. He helped me tug his clothes off and onto the ground, then made quick work of my own. I didn’t give him time to hesitate or take in our surroundings, I pounced. My hormone-soaked brain telling me one thing, find release. Jamie fell to the ground with a slight oof, that quickly turned into a moan as I slid myself down onto him. Our movements became frantic. As I ground myself forward he thrust himself up, each stroke pushing him deeper and deeper into me.

“Don’t… stop!” He panted, gripping my hips and throwing his head back. He came shortly after. My body still buzzing and yearning for the same oblivion worked harder on him, desperate to find release. The coarse pad of his thumb flicked, making my rhythm stutter. Again, and again he flicked my clit, letting me grind down on his now semi-hard cock to find what I needed.

He sat up slightly, the depth of him increasing, making me moan. One of his arms snaked around my back keeping me in place, the other reached down and roughly moved the way he knew I liked. It wasn’t long until he was growing harder and longer inside me and my own release consumed my senses. When I had come back to the present from my orgasm, Jamie lay beneath me, his chest rising and falling harder than before.

“Christ, Sassenach. Just tell me the next time ye want to go for a ride, ye dinna have to make up a pretense of an actual horseback ride.” His voice was breathy and deep with exhaustion.

I laughed, causing him to groan. “Dinna do that, Claire. I’m too sensitive now to think of another round.”

“Surely I haven’t made you too tired. Was I too rough on you?”

“Nay,” he said kissing my forehead. “But ye do ken how to tucker me out. Give me a pause and I’ll be ready for another round.”

“Or two?” I asked biting my lip.

He laughed pulling me so that my head rested under his chin, and pulled his plaid across our naked bodies. “Aye, or two!”

Ever notice Tokyo Ghoul is just a darker version of Danny Phantom?

Even the main characters look similar and gain white hair when they change into their ghoul/ghost form!

You also got the two best friends who’d do anything to protect him (one being quirky, the other gothic):

And the creepy Anti-hero who really, really wants the main character:

Everyone in the SP fandom has such beaitiful art! I have been on an art hiatus for a few years, and you’ve all inspired me to start really trying again. I’ve never loved a fandom more than this one.