ken's smile here is life giving


The wedding was everything that she dreamed it would be. Since Deeks was the man she married, how could it not be. Speaking of which, she’s looking for said husband when an overly excited Kip and Anna walk over to her, each giving her a hug.

“So, Kensi, where’s that husband of yours?” Kip asks looking around for his old friend.

“He’s around here somewhere. I was actually…..” That’s when she finally spots him. He’s speaking to Eric and Nell and turns, catching her eye. She smiles at the fact that every time they’ve been separated tonight that when she looks for him and finds him, he’s always already looking at her giving her that smile of his that seems to have been plastered on his face all day. This time when she spots him he gives her that smile but also gives her a look that says ‘I told you so’ when he sees who she’s talking to. Oh, boy am I gonna be hearing about this for the rest of my life. The thought brings a smile to her face. 

She’s listening to Anna talk about how Kip saved her from Uncle Bob when the music stops and she hears her husband’s voice over the speakers. 

Looking around for him, her attention turns towards the large screen in front of the dance floor when Deeks’ face suddenly pops up, giving that glorious smile that’s only present when he’s thinking about her, which seems to be all the time. “Kens, baby, I love you so much. Today is absolutely the best day of my life, without a doubt. You make me so happy and I can’t wait to spend forever with you. Here we are, surrounded by the people that we love, but I know that one very special person couldn’t be here today. I would give anything for him to be able to be here and celebrate with us and I know he would’ve too.” 

Deeks leaves the screen and it goes dark. Seconds later the screen is filled with the image of a young Kensi and a much taller man fishing, the next one of her and that same man working on a car. Kensi sees image after image of her and her father, tears falling from her eyes, a smile on her face as she thinks back to the time she spent with one of the two best men that she’s ever known. Suddenly the other best man, her husband, walks up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and resting his chin on her shoulder. She leans back into his embrace, relishing in the feeling of contentment. They watch the screen, seeing memories upon memories. Then she hears a voice that she hasn’t heard in over fifteen years as the images turn into a home video of Donald teaching a young Kensi how to throw a knife.

 “Okay, baby girl, I want you to watch me carefully. Take the hilt of the knife like this and slowly bring it up, take your aim and halfway through your release I want you to let go.”

Little Kensi takes the knife, bringing it up to take aim, bitting her lip as she concentrates and then releases the weapon hitting the target dead center. Her eyes go wide as she turns toward her father. I did it Daddy! I did it!” 

“Yeah, you did, Kens. You’re turning into a real badass.” He cringes. “Uh…don’t tell your mother I said that.”

The young brunette giggles.“I won’t, daddy. I promise.” 

“I think we’re getting a glimpse into our future.” Deeks smiles, while whispering into his wife’s ear, making her giggle. 

She turns her head to meet his eyes. “I think you’re right.” Smiling, she brings her lips to his for a kiss. Pulling back, she turns back to the screen where a new video has popped up.

One by one there are different clips throughout the first fifteen years of her life with her and the man she’s looked up to for so long. 

Deeks knows that its getting to the end of the video and what the last clip may do to his wife, so he holds her even tighter, preparing not only her but also himself for the emotions it will bring up. 

“Baby girl, if you’re seeing this it means I’m not there on the biggest day of your life. It hurts me so much just to think about not being there to see you walk down the aisle and marrying the man that my extraordinary girl deserves. I gotta hand it to him, whoever the lucky man is, it’s not easy being married to a badass.” He smirks. “Just ask your mother.” His smiles falter. “I really wish I could’ve met the man that holds your heart.” He’s silent for a few minutes and the smiles returns. “I imagine he would probably be military, clean cut, something along those lines, but somewhere deep down I know that’s not what you want and it’s not what you need. I want someone that challenges you on a daily basis, a man who will help carry your burdens and bring out that true Kensi that you don’t let anyone else see. So I’m gonna guess that he’ll be more of a surfer type, laid back, shaggy probably.” He shakes his head, but there’s a smile on his face. “He’ll be a goofball of course and I think that’s just the type of thing you need in your life. A man that will make you lighten up a bit and make you laugh. I love you with all my heart, but you are too serious for your own good.” He takes a deep breath and releases it. “Man, I hate that I’m not gonna be there to see that I was right and I hate that I’m going to miss.…well everything. Just know that I’ll be with you wherever you are. I love you, Kensi.” 

With that, the screen cuts off and Kensi turns around in her husband’s arms. “How did you find those?” 

He brings his hand up, wiping her tear stained cheek. “I was helping your mom out in the attic one day looking for pictures when we ran across a box that wasn’t labeled and found them.” 

She rest her forehead against his. “Thank you, baby. I really loved it.”

“I just wanted him to be a part of this day as much as he could be. I love you so much and I would give anything for him to be here with us.” 

She smiles, bringing her lips to his for a kiss filled with love and appreciation. “I know. I would too.”

When they pull back a smirk is plastered on his face. “So it seems that your dad hit the nail on the head.” 

She’s confused at first but then remembers what he said in the last video and how he described her future husband to a t.  “Father knows best, right?”

Deeks kisses her once, twice, three times and then pulls back with a million watt smile on his face. “Indeed he does.”

She rest her forehead on his as he brings her in as close as possible. Nothing but the two of them exist as they sway back and forth to the music, lost in each other.