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Tsukikane week day one: Confessions (feat my awful handwriting)

In which Tsukiyama hasn’t confessed to anyone since kindergarten and still uses the same method since he’s a dork.

@4oongi ken!! you’re honestly one of my favourite blogs, you’re so funny and have such a nice aesthetic asdfghjkl; i just love you a lot. you’re also so cute?? like?? your fashion sense is so amazing, your selfies give me life. have an amazing day xo

Because It’s You pt.1 (Ken Edition)

She was like a ray of sunshine, like a calm and warm summer breeze. From the moment he saw to the moment he touched her he knew his life would never be the same again. Every inch of her was life pure perfection as if she was an angle sent from above for only him.

In that moment, the moment they met he knew he loved her, he knew he always would. She could be anything, bad or good and it wouldn’t matter to him. He knew her better that anyone, he had seen her with eyes only filled with love. However their love for each other was soon about to be put to the test, in a cruel and heart wrenching way.

It had been a month since his eldest brother N had gotten married. Ken had started to wonder about when he would meet his destined partner. He often spoke to his brothers about their relationships with their partners and they all said pretty much the same thing, that it was like they could finally see the beauty in even the smallest of things. N’s wife had suggested that Ken should go for a long walk as that always seemed to help her when she felt well somewhat in the dumps.

She had a suggested that he go for a walk along the Beta side of the forest considering he had never been there before. The change of scenery would probably do Ken some good as he took N’s wife up on her offer.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, flowers were blossoming, it just seemed like the perfect day. Ken took in all his surroundings as walked through the woods enjoying not only the scenery but also the sounds and smells of nature. He sat down underneath a tree as the sunlight crept in thought the branches that were covered in glistened leaves.

The sound of leaves rustling in the wind calmed Ken down as he found himself slowly falling asleep. He slept for what felt like ages before he was woken up by the sound of a beautiful voice, a voice that sounded almost angelic. Ken stood up as he listened attentively to find out where the voice was coming from. He followed the sound of the voice for about 10 minutes until he came across a beautiful figure standing in the middle of the woods.

Ken stood there, amazed by her beauty. She was dressed in a long cream flowy gown, her hair was wavy and long as flowers lay on it. Small animals surrounded her as her voice continued to fill the silence of the woods. Flowers grew with every step she took as the whole forest seemed to know her and enjoy her presence. Ken felt his heart swell up as he continued to watch her with nothing but admiration in his eyes.

He was so engrossed in her beauty that he had failed to notice that he was involuntarily walking towards her. She hadn’t noticed his presence until he stepped on a twig. Ken realized what his body had done but it was too late as she turned around and looked him. They shared a moment of silence just staring at each other as they both felt a strange yet familiar connection.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you, I was just walking around the woods until I heard your voice and unconsciously followed it” Ken said

“An Alpha” you said as you noticed the pack’s symbol on his arm

You were about to flee into the woods when Ken stopped you by asking your name.

“I know you must be scared but trust me I won’t hurt you” Ken said “I’m Ken by the way and you?”

“I-I’m y/n” you said as your back faced Ken

“Y/n, that’s a really beautiful name” Ken said “not like Ken, it’s such a dumb name”

“I don’t think it’s dumb” as you turned around to face him “I-I think it’s cute” you said as you both blushed while Ken was smiling like an idiot.

“Thank you” Ken said “so do you live here?”

“I do actually, if you a little further into the woods you’ll find my cottage” you said “I’m presuming you don’t live in these parts of the woods”

“What makes you say that?” Ken asked

“You’re an Alpha, this is Beta territory” you said

“How’d you know I was an Alpha?!” Ken asked in shock

“The symbol on your arm” you said

“Right!” Ken said as he rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment “are you a Beta as well? I’ve never really seen you around”

“I’m not a Beta or an Omega or a Delta” you said

“Are you human?” Ken asked

“No and if I were a human I wouldn’t have been able to read your symbol” you said

“I don’t know why I’m acting like such an idiot” Ken said as you giggled at his cute yet funny response “so what are you?”

“I’m a fairy” you said

“A fairy?” Ken asked

“Yes I’m a forest fairy, I take care of the plants and animals that reside in the forest” you said

“Wow I’ve heard a lot about fairies but I’ve never actually seen one” Ken said “you’re a lot bigger that I imagined”

“Fairies are generally the same size as humans, pixies are the smaller sized ones” you said

“Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to offend you or anything” Ken said

“It’s ok you aren’t the first person to make that mistake” you said as you smiled at him.

You became so engrossed with Ken that you had completely lost the track of time. Your father had asked you to meet him fifteen minutes go and you knew what a stickler he was for time. You were about to charge off into the forest when Ken grabbed you hand and pulled you back.

“Where are you going?” Ken asked

“I have to meet the fairy king” you said, that’s right your father was the fairy king making you the fairy princess. No matter cliché it sounded it was true.

“Can I see you again?” Ken asked

“I…I don’t know” you said

“Please, I really want to get to know you” Ken said

“Alright meet me here tomorrow at noon, now can I go?” You said

“Ok tomorrow at noon got it” Ken said as he let go of your hand

Ken took you by surprise as he kissed your cheek. You looked at him in shock as he slowly backed away while smiling at you. You smiled back at him before running into the woods while Ken stood there and celebrated with himself. He returned home with a huge grin plastered on his face as he skipped around humming to love songs.

“Aren’t we in a good mood?!” Ravi said

“Hyung did something good happen?” Hyuk asked

“No, something great happened!” Ken said as he had a ear to ear grin plastered on his face “I met her”

“Her? Who? Who did you meet?” Ravi asked

“Yah are you really that stupid?!!” Hongbin said

“He met HER!” N said as he walked up to his younger brothers

“Yeah so who’s her?!” Ravi asked

“HER!!” They all said unanimously

“Oh her” Ravi said

“You still don’t know do you?” Leo said

“Not a clue” Ravi said

“He met the one, his destined partner” Leo said

“Really?!! Why didn’t you just say so!” Ravi said

Ken just laughed as his brothers continued to ask him questions about you. Meanwhile you were being interrogated by your father.

“Why are you so late?” Your father asked

“I got a little distracted with the animals” you said

“Did you meet any of those monsters?” Your father asked

“They’re not monsters” you said

“You don’t know them like I do!” Your father said

“Yes father, I apologize” you said

“You may go now” your father said before you turned around and left

The ‘monsters’ your father was referring to were none other than Ken’s kind. He had tried to convince you that they were bad but you never believed it. After your father lost his brother to one of Ken’s kind he built up this enmity with them that they were completely unaware of. However about a century ago your father made a rule, a rule stating that an Alpha and a fairy can never be together.

You took your father’s rule lightly as you got ready to go meet Ken again. You tried to look like you didn’t put in too much effort as you were finally done getting ready. It didn’t take you long to reach your destination and upon your arrival you noticed that Ken was already there. He was pacing around, mumbling to himself as he held a bouquet in his hands. You smiled to yourself as you quietly approached him.

“You’re early” you said as Ken snapped out of his daze

“H-hi” Ken said with a sheepish smile on his face

“Hi” you said

“Yeah I thought better early than late, plus I was way too excited to see you again” Ken said as he rubbed the back of his neck “these are for you I hope you like them” Ken said as he handed you the bouquet he was holding.

“Thank you, they’re beautiful” you said as you took the bouquet from him and smelled the flowers.

A few weeks passed as you and Ken continued to meet one another. The more you met the more you fell in love. Ken had asked you on several occasions if you’d like to see his family and although you really wanted to you didn’t want to risk it. If your father ever found out about Ken he’d rage war upon the Alpha pack.

You and Ken were sitting by the lakeside near your cottage as he told you one too many jokes that made your sides hurt. To be honest you had told him not to come meet you today since there was a chance of rain but knowing Ken he came anyway.

Suddenly you felt drops of water on your cheeks as you looked up and noticed that dark grey clouds. The rain gushed down as you tried to take shelter from it but all failed when Ken grabbed you and pulled you into the rain.

“What are you doing?” You asked

“Dancing in the rain!” Ken said as he wrapped his arm around your waist and took your hand in his.

You just smiled as you placed your hand on his shoulder. Your bodies swayed to the sound of the rain as you were both lost in the moment. You both stopped as you stared at each other, Ken’s lips grew closer to yours as you closed your eyes. His lips gently molded against yours as you moved your hands to wrap them around his neck. Ken smiled into the kiss as he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to him. He tilted his head as he deepened the kiss, his tongue glided across your lips as you parted them for him.

His tongue dominated yours and it explored your wet cavern. You had no idea how long you had kissed for before you pulled away to catch your breath. You rested your head against Ken’s as you both tried to catch your breaths. Ken kissed your forehead before he took your hand and entwined his fingers with yours.

“Y/n” Ken said

“Hmm?” You hummed in response

“I’m cold” Ken said as you laughed

“Follow me” you said as you led him in the direction of your cottage

You handed Ken a towel as you told him where he could dry off. You walked up to your fire place rubbing your arms on the way as the cold had hit you. You threw in a couple of logs as you lit the fire place. The sighed in relief at the sudden warmth from the fire. You turn around and notice Ken coming out from the bathroom with nothing but his pants on. You blushed at the sight of his bare and well toned upper body as you quickly looked away. You turned around again and noticed Ken staring at you with a huge grin on his face.

He slowly walked up to you as you had your back turned to him. Ken took the towel from around his neck as he threw it over your head and ruffled it up in an attempt to dry your hair. You smiled as Ken pulled his hands away only to place them securely around your waist. His chin rested on your shoulder as he held you close to his body. Ken kissed your exposed shoulder before saying:

“We better warm up before we both fall sick”

Ken pulled the towel off your head as he cast it aside. He brushed your hair to one side as his lips found your neck. He gently sucked and bit on you cold wet skin as an unconscious moan escaped your mouth. He smirked against your skin as his grip around waist grew tighter and almost possessive. He spun your body around as he crashed his lips into yours in a passionate and intoxicating kiss. You felt his hands crawl up your back as he slowly started to unzip your dress. Your dress fell to the floor as you stood there in nothing but your bra and underwear.

Ken hoisted you up as you wrapped your legs around his hips. He carried you to your bedroom as he gently lay you down on the bed as he climbed on top of you. He continued to kiss you as his hands went to unclasp your bra before you stopped him. Ken pulled away as he shot you concerned look.

“I’m sorry” Ken said “I think I moved just a little too fast”

“No it’s-” you were about to say before Ken interrupted you

“I feel like such an idiot I’m sorry, it’s just that when my kind meet our destined partners we tend to mark them early on so that no one else can touch them” Ken said as he fiddled with his fingers “I guess I was just way too eager to make you mine”

You wrapped your arms around Ken’s waist as you cheek rested against his bare back. Ken smiled to himself as he placed his hand over yours.

“I was just a little scared” you said

“Of what?” Ken asked

“I don’t really know, just the whole uncertainty of where this is going to lead I guess” you said

“Y/n I don’t know about fairies but my kind only mate with one person their whole lives” Ken said as he slowly turned around to look at you “so me wanting to mark you means I want to make you mine, forever”

“Forever?” You asked

“Forever” Ken said as his lips found yours once again

You wrapped your arms around his neck as you pulled him closer to you. His hands roamed your body as you melted at his touch. The way he touched you was different, it wasn’t lustful it was loving and somewhat reassuring. His tongue danced with yours as you moaned into the kiss. You found yourself slowly running out of breath as Ken pulled away from your lips and attacked your neck. He kissed and sucked on your skin leaving a trail of wet freshly made hickeys.

His hands once again snuck their way behind your back to unclasp your bra, only this time you didn’t stop him. He pulled your bra off and cast it aside as he stared at you bare chest. Your cheeks turned red as you slung your arms across your chest covering your breasts.

“Why you covering yourself?” Ken asked

“W-why are you staring?” You asked

“Because you’re unbelievably beautiful” Ken said as he slowly removed your hands from your chest.

He placed you hands above your head as he laced his fingers with yours. He gave you soft and chaste kiss before his traveled further down south. He kissed your right nipple before taking it in his mouth and vigorously sucking on it turning it hard and blue. You let out several moans as you squirmed your body, Ken held your hands above your head restricting you from touching him. His mouth moved from your right to your left nipple as he gave it the same treatment. Once he was done teasing your nipples he let go of your hands as they ran down the sides of your body.

You cupped Ken’s face as you pulled him up only to crash your lips into his. He moaned and hissed into the kiss as you bit down on his lower lip and sucked on it. You quickly pecked him before he pulled away and smiled at you. His lips travelled down your body once again, past your neck, your chest, your stomach until finally he reached where you needed him the most. Ken quickly stood up as he undid his belt yanking his pants and underwear off in one go revealing his erect member.

Ken climbed back on top of you as he kissed your inner thighs. You felt his breath on your wet entrance as you let out a soft moan. You arched your back and your fingers were entwined into Ken’s hair as you felt his wet and hot muscle lick you clean. Disappointment hit you as Ken retrieved his tongue from you, he wiped his mouth before placing a needy kiss on your mouth. Ken positioned himself around your entrance as he pushed his throbbing member into you.

The sudden hair pain had you in tears as you clung onto Ken’s back. He tried to soothe you by whispering sweet nothings in your ear as he placed small kisses all over your face and neck. Once you got a little more used to him you signaled him to move as he happily complied. Tears ran down your cheeks as he slowly started to thrust into you. The mix of pain and pleasure was indescribable. His slow movements soon turned monstrous as you had already hit your orgasm twice.

Finally Ken reached his climax along with your third orgasm. Your bodies were hot and sweaty but neither of you could care less. Ken collapsed on top of you as his face was buried in the crook of your neck where he left small innocent kisses that tickled your skin making you laugh. Ken smiled to himself before he pulled out and rolled off of you. He pulled you into his arms before covering both your bare bodies.

“You’re so beautiful” Ken whispered as he kissed your head

“And you’re so handsome” you said kissing his chin

He smiled at you and played with hair as you felt yourself slowly falling off into the world of nod. You closed your eyes as you snuggled up against Ken’s chest.

“Don’t go anywhere” you said in sleepy voice

“I wouldn’t even dream of it” Ken said as he kissed your head once again.

Right now, in this moment as that existed was them and there undying love for one another. They had no idea of the fight that was ahead of them, but whatever it was they didn’t seem to be any trace of fear as they held each other so close that death itself could not separate them.

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Hello cor :3♥How do you think will the Touken reunion be ?

I hope, once they all get out of Cochlea, there will be a throwback to this

But for the love of god Kaneki, do NOT take her up on that offer. Think of Hinami. Think of Yomo. You do not want Touka anywhere near your hair !!

And this time, it would be nice if you accepted the help of your friends instead of leaving them behind like last time. You’re going to need all the help you can get :’)