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Spera: Ascension of the Starless 2 is now available in stores!

Writer: Josh Tierney

Main Story Artists: Jakub Rebelka, Marina Julia, Nuno Plati, Winston Young, Pablo Clark (with Ken Clark)

Chapter Covers: Olivier Pichard, E. Jackson + Blakely Inberg, João Lemos, Cleonique Hilsaca, Grim Wilkins

Shorts: Joanna Krótka, Timothy Weaver, Bobby Myers + Dana Miller

Cover Artist and Character Designs: Afu Chan

Additional Designs: Matias Basla, Anissa Espinosa, Richie Pope

Vincent is a shipwrecked privateer who has lost his crew to winged monsters. Aya is an orphan seeking revenge on the Starless army who killed her family. Through a series of unlikely coincidences, the warrior cat Chobo unites the two and leads them to Princesses Pira and Lono, who are making their final preparations to leave Spera and do battle with the evil Starless Queen. As the fire spirit Yonder infiltrates the Starless-occupied Plain Castle, the newly formed group is taken by surprise by another swarm of winged monsters. Can Yonder survive his mission, and can the Princesses trust their new friends?

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I want to see a sci-fi movie...

Where Rinko Kikuchi

is the adopted daughter of the Galactic Space General Sigourney Weaver,

who leads humanity against an endless horde of giant aliens designed by Guillermo del Toro and the Pan’s Labyrinth crew

who are all motion-captured and voiced by Andy Serkis

and take orders from the cosmic space conqueror Tim Curry.

After a terrible battle, Kikuchi gets taken in two wise old mentors played by Terry Crews

and Isaiah Mustafa

going full Old Spice

with the intention of teaching her how to pull off all that crazy shit they do in those adverts.

and eventually finds a rival in the evil space empire’s greatest warrior Gwendoline Christie

but manages to defeat her and Curry’s superweapon with the help of a giant super robot

with an AI voiced by Aisha Tyler.

The third act twist is that Curry was just the henchman of the *true* dark lord of the universe: Ken Watanabe

who is also Rinko’s father

and pilots a giant samurai mech

and is basically the Anti-Spiral but for Old Spice

and Rinko and her robot must defeat him by using bunch of crazy Old Spice-inspired madness

and also the Aisha robot gets a horse because of course she does

and she finishes the fight by punching the baddie into the sun

before going on to be crowned Galactic Space Empress and building up a super team of badass Old Spice Power-users to defend the universe, kinda like the Justice League but with giant robots and physics-defying madness.

If anyone wants to buy this pitch, you know how to reach me.

How long ago was it that I highlighted that Ed Gamble ‘sanctuary cities’ cartoon, pointing out how it seemed like a parody of editorial cartoons?

Same thing here. The forced analogy (shouldn’t the host body be labeled something?), the analogy-breaking ‘Let’s let it go’ response from the first guy and the horrible caricature of Sigourney Weaver calling him a Democrat? Wha?

This is one of the most pernicious habits among editorial cartoonists, particularly among conservatives. They don’t exaggerate someone’s stance or behavior for comedic effect, they just present them in a terrible light as if that’s what they think is real. And for all I know it is. Catalino might actually think Democrats want to let Kim Jong Un run free, though where he gets that idea I have no clue.