ken swofford


Hooray, I finally got the next chapter of my Rockford story about Dutch Ingram up! I’ve been stuck on that for months. I just hope I wrote alright for Lance White. One reason I was stuck was because I worried about writing IC for him.

I also need to figure out just how much of a stumbling block Jim’s old Army commander is going to be. He threatened Dutch with death in the episode and only then did Dutch order his men to attack. And I honestly question whether the guy really meant he’d stick to legal channels. I think Dutch was worried about that too. I have considered having the commander be behind the attempts on Dutch’s life, but I don’t want  to do something OOC for the character just because I don’t like him.


Dutch’s wife is onscreen for a minute or less. And from that, I had to figure out how to write for her in a multi-chapter fic.

One thing about her: she stands her ground and isn’t intimidated by Jim’s former Army commander (who is actually quite rude to her). When she expresses disbelief over the guy announcing himself as John Smith (“Is that a bloomin’ joke?! John Smith!”), he responds by telling her to move her “bon-bon”. **headdesk.** She won’t, and he has to plow past her to get inside.

I love Jim’s comment: “I guess this means you don’t plan to announce us?” And the look she gives him. LOL.

I love her; she is awesome.