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Doesn’t anyone wish that the whole A unraveling backstory involved some other families other than the Hastings and DiLaurentis families? I just get so bored hearing the same names over and over. I want to hear that someone’s related to Aria. I want to find out that Ashley had something to do with it. I want to hear Byron’s name come up in the shadiness of Charles. Like, ugh I don’t care about Ken and Jessica and Peter and Spencer like, I’ve been done caring about them since I found out Jason was a Hastings. Don’t get me wrong, I love Spencer and Alison, but do I want to hear that the whole show is based upon those two and those two only? Absolutely not.

Hanna and Alison related? Jessica twin? Bethany?

- Hanna is Mr. DiLaurentis’ daughter and Hanna’s mother is Ashley. 

- Jessica, Ken and Ashley decided that Ashley would take care of Hanna, and in return they would give Ashley financial support.

- That’s why she gave Ashley a job, for financial support.

-Bethany, the daughter of Jessica’s twin sister, knew the the truth about Hanna and Ali being related. She started blackmailing Jessica. Jessica had to stop her so she put her in Radley so people would think she was crazy.

- Bethany escaped Radley and hit Ali to get revenge to Mrs D.

-Bethany was in the grave because she knew the truth about Hanna, Jessica murdered her because Bethany was blackmailing her. (Bethany didn’t like Jessica, look at her drawings, Jessica is a liar)

- Jessica panicked and didn’t want to tell anyone what happened because they would find out the truth (She put Bethany in Radley and has a crazy twin + Hanna), that’s why she buried Ali.

- Bethany escaped from Radley so she had to die, so the secret wouldn’t come out.

- After burying Ali Jessica and Bethany got into a big fight, Jessica hit Bethany and went back to Ali’s grave but then she saw it was empty, so she put Bethany in Ali’s grave.

- Jessica had a twin, she had Bethany. So that’s why Bethany had the same DNA as Ali.

- Jessica’s sister killed Jessica, because Jessica killed Bethany. 

- In this picture you see Bethany being taken away by Jessica from her mother to Radley.

Remember this? 

- Alison tells the story, her mother always told her, the story about twins about how one sister murders the other.

Toby Cavanaugh is Charles DiLaurentis

I know this seems crazy and impossible to most people.. but hear me out. We need to stop looking at clues inside the show, and start looking for them outside the show. I spent hours upon hours doing research and trying to figure it out, everytime I read a theory that made sense, I’d read another theory that totally ”debunked” the possibility of the last theory. Its WAY to easy to debunk the theory for any character being Charles/A if we look at the information that the show gives us, because the show hasnt given us everything (theres still 10 episodes) but… the writters and creators have given us everything.

Ok, lets start;

During a reddit Q&A Marlene said this

Ok so A/Charles is Marlenes favourite character… That got me thinking, who is Marlenes favourite Character? This show has been going on for quite a few years and because of that Marlene has done TONS of interviews, im sure in the earlier seasons shes had to of stated her favourite character before, right? Exactly right! I found another article where she stated Toby was her favourite character.. thats shown below.

That brings us to the next piece of evidence.. I tried to find a screenshot but couldnt.. Basically Marlene said on twitter its someone who was in the Pilot and season 1.. she also said to “Re watch the finales, including summer finales, camp mona has some juicy nuggets.” The episode with camp mona is the episode Toby is arrested in, Tobys also in the pilot, and is in lots of the season 1 episodes.

Keegan (tobys actor) also said he knows who A/charles is.. he said this;  "When its finally revealed everyone will freak out because its so clear in every episode! After knowing who A is youll go back to season 1 and be like ‘oh wow, woah. This has been here all along, and i never noticed it.“
Who is the CLEAR OBVIOUS suspect in season 1? ITS TOBY!

Again couldnt find a screen shot, but after reading that Keegan knows who Charles is.. I read that the Actresses of Aria, Alison, and Emily dont know who Charles is, but the actress of Spencer (Troian) does.

Why would Keegan but not many others know? Because its his Character!
Why would Troian know but not others? Because its her love interest, and spencers also the first one to see charles unmasked

Now how is Toby actually a DiLaurentis? We know that the “twins” arent identical for some reason…

Could the reason be because theyre actually not twins? and in fact the second little boy is actually Toby, who is a year or two younger than the first little boy (jason) ? 
Itd make sense because Tobys a cop while the liars are still seniors but we also know that he didnt graduate with the Melissa/jason generation.. hes in between the ages. 

So thatd mean that Toby is actually Ken and Jessicas son, not Peter and Jessicas son.. Which would explain why Toby wouldnt kiss Alison, but would kiss/have a sexual relationship with Spencer. 

I wish I had all the screen shots but I deleted them off of my phone last night because I didnt think it was important until after sleeping on the idea of toby being Charles, at the time of deletion I didnt think they were necessary.

Just remember, Marlene said it herself, “Tobys the moral compass to everything.”