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Ashley Pérez Flanagan pumping up The Great Comet ensemble on their way to the Tony Awards

From Shoba Narayan’s Instagram story | June 11, 2017

Doesn’t anyone wish that the whole A unraveling backstory involved some other families other than the Hastings and DiLaurentis families? I just get so bored hearing the same names over and over. I want to hear that someone’s related to Aria. I want to find out that Ashley had something to do with it. I want to hear Byron’s name come up in the shadiness of Charles. Like, ugh I don’t care about Ken and Jessica and Peter and Spencer like, I’ve been done caring about them since I found out Jason was a Hastings. Don’t get me wrong, I love Spencer and Alison, but do I want to hear that the whole show is based upon those two and those two only? Absolutely not.


On  September 11, 1992, Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth was released!

Ashley Pérez Flanagan pumping up the Great Comet ensemble on their way to the Tony Awards + “NYC”

From Ani Taj’s Instagram story | June 11, 2017

anonymous asked:

Have you guys done any other couple cosplays apart from Creek?

Aside from Tai/Matt (Digimon 01) and Tetsuo/Youji (Sweet Pool) we’ve done Furuya/Miyuki (Ace of Diamond). We’re also working on making cosplays for Billy Joe Cobra/Spencer Wright (Dude! That’s My Ghost), Style (SP obviously), and Ken/Davis (Digimon 02).

Notes and Thoughts/Theories 7x01

Does Ali feel guilt about Wilden? Why did Elliot and Mary chose Wilden as the person who would “haunt” Ali. Do they know she’s involved. Did Charlotte get blamed for killing Wilden when it was actually Ali? If so this would put another issue between Ali & Charlotte. We already know Charlotte wasn’t happy that Ali was seeing Elliot. Maybe Charlotte threatened Ali that she’d tell the truth about Wilden if Ali didn’t stop seeing Elliot? (random thought/theory)

All three girls digging, no Mona, no Ali, no Hanna.
All 3 crying.
How could we let this happen? OMG poor Hanna.
Remember that’s what she wanted.
I don’t know if I can live with this. I mean how can we bury.. There has to be another way.
There is no other way Emily.
“It was a well thought out plan, and when it ends up like this it’s  called first degree murder.”
Spencer’s right, c'mon.
——4 days earlier—————-

Mary Drake now owns the Lost Woods Resort
Jessica and Mary are twin sisters
“Fake” Hanna was taken to none other than the bell tower – Ian, Mona, Ali, Melissa?
A.D. knows Hanna is not the real killer.
23 hours left – countdown reminiscent of Mona and the Masquerade Ball
Spencer texts someone, “how do you know Hanna’s still alive?” (Aria, Caleb, Emily, Ezra, Mona, & Toby all with Spencer) – Who did she text? Alison? Melissa? Jordan- Has anyone contacted Jordan?
Emily: Mary has to be A.D. What bigger motive is there? AKA Mary is not A.D.
Mary has to be working with someone– Elliot?
Hanna’s trapped in an old barn? Barn? Andrew Campbell? Andrew is adopted, Andrew Drake? A.D.?

The Jury is in:
Blank — Emily

Aria & Ezra recount seeing Alison’s car that night. Someone wore red (not Charlotte), and drove Ali’s car home.
Toby brings up they can’t forget that the Ali who blinded Jenna existed
Mona: Maybe she (Ali) snapped
Spencer: Maybe it was self defense, Maybe it was Charlotte who snapped again. She was upset of Ali & Elliot

Toby has gotten good at picking locks, says it’s due to a tactical lock picking course at the academy..mmmhmm

Emily spills about Mary to Elliot!! DUMB

Alison has suffered a complete psychotic break.. Elliot claims a lethal dose of guilt. (guilt for what, Charlotte, Jenna, the liars? Her mother?)

Mary’s stuff is filled with French and German text books.. Hhmm French and German used in dollhouse.
Mary has a book on cyber war. And mask making. Mary has been to Europe and Latin America too. Recently flew from Heathrow to Philly.  (Melissa and Wren do a lot of traveling from London to Philly)

Aria and Ezra search Ali’s house when Elliot returns home. They see where Elliot hides the key to the ottoman.  He takes out a backpack and shoves in a black hoodie. He grabs a bag of old medical tools. Creep!

Caleb and Mona see Mary loading a bunch of bleach and other items. Everything you need to cover up a murder (nice catch Mona)

A.D. soaks Hanna in water. Then tazes? Her

Mary leads Caleb and Mona to the Hastings House. Spencer doesn’t get Caleb’s warning and invites Mary in.
Mary asks are you Spencer or Melissa?
Spencer says I know you must be Jessica’s sister but have we met?
Mary says a long time ago, but Spencer wouldn’t remember. (Did she know Spencer as a child? Could this lead back to Jessica/Mary the Campbell Farm & the Hastings?)
Mary asks to speak to Spencer’s parents (who are away on a celebration cruise)
Mary says she’ll check back another time and turns to leave
Spencer asks if Mary and her parents knew each other.
Mary claims they used to have a lot in common… hmm like a big messy love square? We know that Peter + Jessica = Jason, Jessica + Ken = Alison, Mary + ??? = Charlotte/Charles, Peter + Veronica = Melissa? Peter + Veronica = Spencer? Could Peter be Charlottes father? Could Mary be more connected to Melissa or Spencer?
Spencer invites Mary in for Tea, she accepts
Spencer asks Mary if she wants herbal or leaded? Mary says she’s never been one to turn down caffeine.. Hmm remind you of anyone Spencer?

Emily returns to the hospital to see Ali. Emily talks to Ali .. no response…
When she asks directly did you kill her? Ali starts mumbling oh god help me, please god forgive me.

Mary tells Spencer how much she and Melissa look alike, like twins. Spencer says people told them that a lot when they were younger. She asks Spencer if they are close. Spencer says occasionally. Spencer asks when Mary seen her parents last. She only asks because they (her parents) never talked about Mary. Mary says she knows enough about Spencer’s family to know they are excellent secret keepers. Spencer says, well why would they keep you a secret. To which Mary simply replies you certainly are inquisitive. Spencer tells her she was just making conversation. Mary apologizes for being ‘overly sensitive’ But the truth is she and Jessica didn’t get along. Mary moved away because Jessica turned everyone against her.. Her friends. Her family. Jessica poisoned them all against her. Spencer asks why. Mary says “I was born first. She was born jealous” Spencer asks why Mary came back. Why now. Mary says because she found out she (Jessica) was dead. Mary thanks Spencer for the tea. Spencer asks Mary if she’s at the lost woods all by herself. Mary says yes. Spencer asks if she has any children. Mary just replies. Like I said it’s just me. Then asks Spencer how she knew that’s where she was staying. Spencer explains her ex is a cop. Mary tells Spencer she’s a very lucky young women. And says she can’t seem to be friends with any of her ex lovers (another clue to Peter maybe even Ken?) Mary warns Spencer she should lock her door. Because these days you aren’t safe anymore.

Caleb + Mona banter is awesome.

Mona intercepts a call Mary gets… she can tell the person on the other end is a man with a Aussie or British accent… hmm Elliot? Wren? Jordan? The call is coming from a bar called Snookers. Spencer send Aria to check it out.

Hanna starts to “dream”? Spencer… Spencer with no bangs.. Hmm is it a dream? Does Spencer have a twin too. Why the hair change? I guess Aria changed hair colors.. Why can’t Spencer lose the bangs.. Hanna finds comfort with Spencer. Spencer tells Hanna a dream is an experience and experiences are real. Hanna says this A is a lot smarter than the others… (super smart people we know of, Mona, Lucas, Spencer, Melissa, Wren, Jason) spencer asks, you told them the truth right? Hanna replies maybe it’s a good thing we don’t know who killed Charlotte. Cus she’d tell if she did. Spencer tells Hanna, if there is a way in, there is a way out. Spencer tells Hanna she’ll need her strength for tomorrow and she should get some sleep.

Aria arrives at Snookers. No luck on the guy but she gets a sign about Ezra… B-26.. She returns to Ezra’s place.

Emily heads back to Ali’s to search. She finds a red sweater/jacket in a donation box for goodwill. Did Ali have something to do with the murder or was it Elliot in Ali’s clothes a wig and a mask?

Hanna wakes up and starts looking for a way out.

Spencer recaps Mary’s Radley files to Toby, Caleb, Aria, & Ezra.
Mary Drake was in and out of Radley for a significant part of her life.
Initially institutionalized for an incident involving the death of a child who was under Mary’s care while she was babysitting.
No charges ever filed but she was forced to stay in Radley until she was 18.
And then she was re admitted several times until she got out for good 23 years ago.

Emily tells the others that she thinks Ali confessed. And she shows them the red sweater/jacket. Caleb takes the jacket and Spencer’s phone. Mona lost Mary, but Caleb has what he needs.

A.D. searches the barn for Hanna using night vision goggles. Hanna is gone. And running through the woods looking for help. A car see’s her. It’s Mary Drake.

Someone picks up the red jacket from the Lost woods resort.

Some is visiting Ali at Wellby. It’s Rollins. Drugging her up more. He tells Alison, I know you killed Charlotte.

So for starters lets map out Mary’s time in Radley. As it corresponds to what we currently know.

Mary was sent to Radley as a Young teen/teen. She was clearly old enough to be a babysitter but under 18 if she was forced to stay until she turned 18.

She was released at 18 but was readmitted several times.

She got out for good 23 years ago! This is important. Charlotte is well over 23 by now. Charlotte is approx 7 years older than the liars. As she is 15 months older than Jason and Jason is about 6 years older than Ali & the others. Currently Ali, Spencer, Emily, Aria, Mona, & Hanna are 23 years old. (if they graduated and moved away at 18-ish.. Then returned 5 years later… that would be about 23 yrs old) So Mary may or may not have been in Radley when she had Charles. I’m gonna guess she was which is how Jessica and Ken ended up with Charles to begin with. But the question is why didn’t Mary try to get Charles back 23 years ago? Well what if she did but couldn’t have Charles because he was recently admitted to Radley for what happened to baby Alison. OR What if she had just had a baby herself and getting Charles back was next on her list… but she didn’t get it done before the Alison incident. If Mary did have a baby 23 years ago then she may have another child other than Charles and this child would be around the same age as the liars. They may even know the child.

Mini Theory based on this: We couldn’t miss the Spencer twin clues we were given tonight… What if Mary is actually the mother to Spencer and her twin and she kept one child and Peter kept the other? They say twins are more likely to have twins.
Another Mini Theory: What if Andrew Campbell is Mary’s son. But she put him up for adoption when she was ran out of town by Jessica? Then he was adopted by the Campbells?

And a different note… What if Mary was telling the truth about Jessica being jealous? Maybe Mary Drake doesn’t have another child younger than Charlotte. What if Mary got pregnant by Peter resulting in Charles… and Jessica being jealous of Mary also went after Peter resulting in Jason?

The PLL book lover in me, almost wants Spencer to be one of Mary’s secret children, and was adopted by Veronica. But Peter is still her biological father.

I want to say it’s plausible that Ali killed Charlotte… buut. We usually don’t get big answers in season premiere’s so I’m not going to jump on board the “Ali semi-confessed” train. Which also makes me believe that Mary is not A.D. the liars think she is so chances are she’s not.

Again, I’m asking myself, How many A’s are there?
-Mona was on Mary’s trail for a while then lost her. Next thing we know Mary is picking up Hanna.
-Elliot was at the hospital with Ali - He claims to know that Ali killed Charlotte, so was he the one who picked up the proof? If so the proof was literally in the house with them why didn’t he just get himself sooner?
-Who was looking for Hanna in the barn?
-Who actually picked up the jacket/sweater?
All these things seemed to be happening simultaneously. So it’s hard to know.

I don’t trust Toby. His lock picking skills and lack of mentioning Yvonne to jump back in this game of cat and mouse is shady. I don’t put it past him that he killed Charlotte. It’s weird he stayed back in Rosewood when the town literally has turned against him before. You’d think he’d be running far away from that place.

I don’t trust Lucas either. Where is he?

Where is Sara? Did she just fall off the suspect list. Emily saw that bitch driving. Clearly she can use her hands. Maybe she is the one who kidnapped Hanna.

Where is Jordan? He has an accent. Maybe he’d like to know his fiance was KIDNAPPED? I’m sure Ashley would care to know too but what do I know lol.

Previews for next week:
Liam is piiissed off at Ezra haha
I think Mary is gonna take Hanna back to her friends to throw shade off of herself.
Mary and Elliot may have friction.
Elliot clearly is manipulating Ali’s thoughts.
Why did you leave me in the ground?

Mary Page Nance with Alex Gibson, Cathryn Wake, and Blaine Krauss + Mary with the Great Comet ensemble on their way to their Tony Awards performance

From Mary Page Nance’s Instagram story | June 11, 2017

Hanna and Alison related? Jessica twin? Bethany?

- Hanna is Mr. DiLaurentis’ daughter and Hanna’s mother is Ashley. 

- Jessica, Ken and Ashley decided that Ashley would take care of Hanna, and in return they would give Ashley financial support.

- That’s why she gave Ashley a job, for financial support.

-Bethany, the daughter of Jessica’s twin sister, knew the the truth about Hanna and Ali being related. She started blackmailing Jessica. Jessica had to stop her so she put her in Radley so people would think she was crazy.

- Bethany escaped Radley and hit Ali to get revenge to Mrs D.

-Bethany was in the grave because she knew the truth about Hanna, Jessica murdered her because Bethany was blackmailing her. (Bethany didn’t like Jessica, look at her drawings, Jessica is a liar)

- Jessica panicked and didn’t want to tell anyone what happened because they would find out the truth (She put Bethany in Radley and has a crazy twin + Hanna), that’s why she buried Ali.

- Bethany escaped from Radley so she had to die, so the secret wouldn’t come out.

- After burying Ali Jessica and Bethany got into a big fight, Jessica hit Bethany and went back to Ali’s grave but then she saw it was empty, so she put Bethany in Ali’s grave.

- Jessica had a twin, she had Bethany. So that’s why Bethany had the same DNA as Ali.

- Jessica’s sister killed Jessica, because Jessica killed Bethany. 

- In this picture you see Bethany being taken away by Jessica from her mother to Radley.

Remember this? 

- Alison tells the story, her mother always told her, the story about twins about how one sister murders the other.

Toby Cavanaugh is Charles DiLaurentis

I know this seems crazy and impossible to most people.. but hear me out. We need to stop looking at clues inside the show, and start looking for them outside the show. I spent hours upon hours doing research and trying to figure it out, everytime I read a theory that made sense, I’d read another theory that totally ”debunked” the possibility of the last theory. Its WAY to easy to debunk the theory for any character being Charles/A if we look at the information that the show gives us, because the show hasnt given us everything (theres still 10 episodes) but… the writters and creators have given us everything.

Ok, lets start;

During a reddit Q&A Marlene said this

Ok so A/Charles is Marlenes favourite character… That got me thinking, who is Marlenes favourite Character? This show has been going on for quite a few years and because of that Marlene has done TONS of interviews, im sure in the earlier seasons shes had to of stated her favourite character before, right? Exactly right! I found another article where she stated Toby was her favourite character.. thats shown below.

That brings us to the next piece of evidence.. I tried to find a screenshot but couldnt.. Basically Marlene said on twitter its someone who was in the Pilot and season 1.. she also said to “Re watch the finales, including summer finales, camp mona has some juicy nuggets.” The episode with camp mona is the episode Toby is arrested in, Tobys also in the pilot, and is in lots of the season 1 episodes.

Keegan (tobys actor) also said he knows who A/charles is.. he said this;  "When its finally revealed everyone will freak out because its so clear in every episode! After knowing who A is youll go back to season 1 and be like ‘oh wow, woah. This has been here all along, and i never noticed it.“
Who is the CLEAR OBVIOUS suspect in season 1? ITS TOBY!

Again couldnt find a screen shot, but after reading that Keegan knows who Charles is.. I read that the Actresses of Aria, Alison, and Emily dont know who Charles is, but the actress of Spencer (Troian) does.

Why would Keegan but not many others know? Because its his Character!
Why would Troian know but not others? Because its her love interest, and spencers also the first one to see charles unmasked

Now how is Toby actually a DiLaurentis? We know that the “twins” arent identical for some reason…

Could the reason be because theyre actually not twins? and in fact the second little boy is actually Toby, who is a year or two younger than the first little boy (jason) ? 
Itd make sense because Tobys a cop while the liars are still seniors but we also know that he didnt graduate with the Melissa/jason generation.. hes in between the ages. 

So thatd mean that Toby is actually Ken and Jessicas son, not Peter and Jessicas son.. Which would explain why Toby wouldnt kiss Alison, but would kiss/have a sexual relationship with Spencer. 

I wish I had all the screen shots but I deleted them off of my phone last night because I didnt think it was important until after sleeping on the idea of toby being Charles, at the time of deletion I didnt think they were necessary.

Just remember, Marlene said it herself, “Tobys the moral compass to everything.”


Tim Tobin, principal Phantom in Hamburg 1992-94. 

He played opposite Anna Maria Kaufmann, Renée Knapp, Lori Broderick and Colby Thomas of the principals, probably also Joke de Kruijf who was the original understudy in Hamburg (not sure when she left?). All Christine photos here shows Renée Knapp, while the Carlotta one shows Rebecca Spencer (later Madame Giry in Las Vegas and the World Tour).