ken spears

CASSIDY’S CUT: I have to be honest; there are times when I find stuff on Tumblr, save and don't re-blog  Well I use Google Images as my search engine; in my defense (a rather weak excuse, I know). So thanks to draqua for this image. I just wanted to show the best supporting character in a Scooby Doo cartoon some love. Angel Dynamite, or should I say Cassidy Williams appeared to be a cliched 1970s disco action hero in the first season of ‘Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated’, but I found new dimensions to her character when she had her afro cut for the second season and stopped referring to herself as Angel. Vivica A. Fox does an amazing job voicing her and adds a lot of appeal to her character. I am at the point in the series where I am awaiting her fate post 'The Midnight Zone’ episode. Hoping that she made it through. Bow to her animated beauty.

CHILDISH INDULGENCE: So, as mentioned earlier I finally managed to come across a modern rendering of ‘Scooby Doo’ that actually does justice to the series and characters. At least IMO. The cartoon kind of defined my childhood, so to see a contemporary version that not only lives up to Hanna Barbara’s original but develops on it in terms of plot, cultural references and atmosphere is welcome. Even though I’m too old for cartoons now. Apparently. My download of the first season would suggest otherwise. So I have nearly finished watching the second season and have been impressed by the dark mood of the episodes. This one is from an episode entitled 'Night Terrors’ and features an old mansion on a snowy hill, an extensive library and terror-promoting fire wood. I like the contrast between Scooby’s attitude here and the foreboding background, in particular the 'Dead End’ sign. Anyway I recommend you check out this series if you liked the old ones. It might be a bit too modern for fans of the original series but I find it quite compelling. So bow to that.