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Puppy Very Confused by Tickling Pillows

This confused puppy had no idea at first that the tickles he felt on his paws were coming from his owners. He was convinced that the devilish pillows were responsible, and attacked them ferociously. Credit: Ken Reid via Storyful

November 12-19, 1994

In this episode Ken and actor/comedian Kumail Nanjiani (Franklin & Bash, Silicon Valley, Portlandia) discuss Kevin Eastman’s Yard sales, Amazonian success stories, Pakistan, Picket Fences, PTV, Rentaghost, Nick Nolte’s racism, Baywatch, the lack of beer and cigarettes on Pakistani TV, the legend of Russian pornography, A-Team, Airwolf, Misfits of Science, the evils of rich people, the boner hour, House of Style, Billy Warlock, Carmen Electra, Ren & Stimpy, SNICK, Grace Under Fire, Brett Butler’s troubles, old people solving murders in the elderly pursuit of justice as family entertainment, The Adventures of Lois and Clark, Supernatural, super old movies about haunted lakes, Married….with Children and its foreign remakes, The George Carlin Show, new show hype, lack of consumer choices, It’s Like You Know, Bruce Timm and Paul Dini’s DC Animated Universe, Cricket on TV, Star Trek: The Next Generation, bootleg movies, early childhood memories of V and Smurfs, how Ken might be a teenage girl, hearing yourself in a foreign language, Mike Judge, Tales from the Darkside, why 30 minutes is an ideal length for horror, Beverly Hills 90210, Manimal, Robocop The Series, racial tensions ruining photoshoots, Death by Cover Up, Stephen Segal’s Above the Law, The Wizard, Hercules, My So-Called Life, X-Men Cartoons, Ken’s weird hobbies, TGIF, Family Matters, clip shows, and the X-Files.

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