ken osmond

Celebs and athletes sponsored by McDonalds

Al Lewis     Alfonso Ribeiro         Ashley Olsen      Larry Bird 
Beyonce Knowles     Britney Spears     Carl Lewis     Charles Barkley
Chris Burke    Chris O’Donnell    Christopher Meloni    Dennis Rodman
Dwight Yoakam    Erin Murphy    George Foreman    Hakeem Olajuwon
Heather O’Rourke    Heidi Klum    James Brown    Janet Jackson
Jason Alexander    Jennifer Lopez    Joey Fatone    Justin Timberlake
Kelly Ripa    Kelsey Grammar   Ken Osmond    Kobe Bryant
Lance Bass   Larry Bird    Lebron James     Michael Jordan
Mark Antony    Mary Lou Retton     Mary-Kate Olsen     Venus Williams         Yao Ming     Destiny’s Child      Michael Phelps     Usain Bolt     Ryan Lochte     Stephanie Brown Trafton    DeAngelo Williams

and now Jared Padalecki

And who knows, the McD’s ad may reach people that might not normally notice Jared on social media and make them take the time to see what he’s about and been up to lately.  It could be good for SPN and/or for AKF, too.