ken marcelle

“The Jesse Strange X 5 Preview Experiment” - 2009

My song “Jesse Strange” was actually planned to come out sooner (than 2011, when it was finally released) I had been lucky enough to get a pretty great team together, and we planned this 4 day video shoot. I was living in DC at the time, but we were shooting in Charlotte, N.C (where most of the cast,crew and all of the locations were).

I had just read in GrungeCake Magazine, that the team at 5 Preview in Rome were fans of my music (I happened to be fans of their tshirts for almost a year prior to this). Long story short, I reached out to 5 Preview… and it happens Emile was coming to NY for the Summer 09. We (Ken Marcelle and I) pitched this idea for them to do shirts for my music video. I gave Emile a bunch of shapes, lyrics and drawings - and these are the shirts she came up with…//

(the video never went as planned, but everything happens for a greater reason…)

I still rock these shirts…and JUST got the Heart sweatshirt back from Ken’s ass!!!!!