ken looked so cute


kaneki + touka: then & now


HideKane redraw time!! Because there will be one month full of Jeanmarco next, I want to concentrate on all the other wonderful characters I love for this month ;) there are 6 Month between those two (and yeah, it is the same like the last time xD Ken looks so cute, Hide looks like… ha, I dont know -.- I don´t like him there, but it´s okay, I don´t like anything right now). And yeah, it was my interest to draw them with different hairstyles ;) ~



thanks to everyone who sent in requests!

i swear the idea that in a different world (or in a normal one actually), touka and yoriko can go on double dates with their husbands and just enjoy life as it is seriously keeps me up at night 


KenJin: adorbs public display of affection. 

Taehyung: staring at the abyss of jealousy.