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How about doodles... hmmm... let's see... the Uncles reaction to get our Touken baby about that?

Well… let see…

Tsukiyama : Come here little price… Awwhhh so cute! *in french like always*

Nishiki : Not even trying…

Ayato : NO ONE TOUCH HIS NEPHEW (except Hinami, Yomo, Ayato himself and the baby’s parents)


He really eager to join the club…

VIXX reaction - you touching youself(..) (+18)

Ok THIS ONE waited for like a month xD 

N: Watches you with this burning eyes. “ are driving me crazy”

Leo: Looks at you and you can see his eyes getting darker.

“Oh no, you cannot tease me like that.”

Ken: “What about me? Tss ok come here I’m sure we can do something about this “big” problem.”

Ravi: *watches you* “Maybe you need some help?”

Hongbin: “So…you called me…big?” He is flustered but he joins you.. ;)

Hyuk: “You need a hand there baby? Cause I have some, even two of them.”

This piece of text on TG :Re Chapter 126

The events of chapter 128 made me think about this, especially Kaneki caring so much about the future of the ghouls and Touka and her mysterious package lol.

We know this appears at the end of the chapter titled “Ring” right after Touka gives the titular object to Kaneki and he accepts it, but what if there’s a double meaning here and this “bond” is also referring to a child?

I really wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case tbh.

(Potential Touken baby! Sooo cute x333)

Vixx Reaction to you wanting your first time to be with them

N:  *Because this boy knows hes the shit…*

“Of course you’d want your first time to be with me Jagiya”

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Leo: *Here you can see my favorite Taekwoon…the cute adorable Taekwoon*

“Really!? Don’t worry i’ll make the night perfect!! I’ll take care of everything Jagi, I love you”

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 Ken: *Flirty bby*

“Oh really Jagiya? 

*Looks at you like this ↓↓↓ then Comes closer and grabs you by the waist*

“I love you”

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Ravi: *Already undressing you with his eyes*

“Hmmm really Jagi? I like the sound of that, you wont regret this one bit baby girl”

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Hongbin: *dimpled cutie*

“YES!! I mean…I love you Jagi!! I’ll make everything perfect, something you and I wont forget!!”

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Hyuk: *Adorable Maknae*

“Me?! Really?! Im going to be your first!? wow! Okay, we will make it perfect Jagi everything you ever imagined and more, you wont regret this! I love you so much!!”

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Guys im so sorry I’ve been a shitty co-owner life has just given me like no time to post…i will try to get some of these reactions out and to your eyes as quickly as possible because i love you guys!! ~ Becca 

VIXX React - Seeing You with Kids/Animals

Of course it’s possible, and so cute!




“Sweetie! You’re so precious!!! I don’t know what’s cuter, you or the puppy!!!”



“My Girl + small animals/babies = <3”


Ken: (see’s you playing with some little kids and feels left out)“Okay.. I’ll just play with my fish… BY MYSELF! OVER HERE! ALL ALOOOONE!!!!”



“My baby, with a baby… so cute, I can’t…”

External image


N: (Hears you singing the Pororo song to the photographer’s toddler) “Wahhh, look at her!!! She’s a keeper!”

External image

Ravi:  “Oh my Gosh! She looks so loveable!!”



Bonus- VIXX with babies: (I’ve been wanting to post this gifs somewhere) [in no particular order]



External image




Ken (with baby Hyuk… it’s the same thing! Don’t Judge Me!!!):

VixxReaction- When you tell them your pregnant


N: you’re what huh? what happened?

You: pregnant Hakyeon, I'm pregnant

N: Ok…. ok I got now

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Leo: I hope we have twins…… they’d be so cute….I would love that

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Ken: I’m sorry I’m getting all emotional here. my own baby that i can call my own that will be my own. this is too much 

Leo: ……….the fuck?

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Ravi: oh my goodness _____ don't joke like that

You: *chuckles* I’m serious babe

Ravi: *fanboy mode* on my goodness I’m a father

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Hongbin:*the same day he’s asking the members to help pick a name*

Ken: if it’s a girl Minsoo, if it’s a boy…..Myunsoo

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Hyuk:*gets all squishy squashy* hehehe really?

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this is so cute. i am also makinf a block-b version to this so wait on it 

here the Master List for more reactions 

and if you want to requset they will now be taking at This Blog

Bai For Now~~~

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Im here to tell you that the sexiest and hottest male manga character for 2017 is and have to be my baby haise/kaneki, yall he really is the most handsome manga character ive seen. He deserves to be not only the OEK but the king of the sexiest male characters .. Touka is damn lucky , i want me a husband who is hot like him and insane about me like him TT

Mod K:

I was not into Ken at first when TG started.I was like aww, he’s cute and now that the series has continued, I am literally like heart eyes whenever he shows up. Ishida’s art style has really improved but maturity also looks really good on Ken. 👀

If Bleach characters found a baby on their doorstep...

As requested by anon. :)

One of my all-time most popular lists involve Bleach characters finding a basket of puppies or kittens on their doorstep. Today it is time for Bleach characters to find another basket on their doorstep….only this time, a human bay is inside. How will they react?


Ichigo: Wow, so the stork thing is actually true?


Ukitake: IT’S BABY


Byakuya: …did somebody tell the babies that I like to adopt orphaned children?

Byakuya: Because that was more of a one-time thing.

Matsumoto: Alone and abandoned, huh? I can relate. Come here, kid.

Mashiro: Kensei! Look what I found! A baby!

Kensei: Don’t even think about crying, you hear? Just smile! Like this!

Hisagi: …I think the baby’s a little young to be smiling, captain.

Grimmjow: Ew. Tiny humans are so….tiny.

Nnoitra: Come back when you’re big enough to fight, human!

Kenpachi: Man. The new recruits get younger and younger every day.

Yachiru: Do you want to sit on my shoulder while I sit on Ken-chan’s, baby-chan??

Riruka: W-why would anyone leave a baby like this?!



Jackie: Don’t worry. I’ll keep you safe. 

Yukio: Nope.

Riruka: Yukio….

Yukio: Fine, fine. I’ll build an orphanage. 

Soi Fon: I have often said that it is never too early to begin ninja training.

Soi Fon: But this is actually too early. 

Aizen: No, see, I like to choose my own babies to watch over.

Ikkaku: That poor little child…

Ikkaku: I’ll get it a baby-sized sword immediately!

Yumichika: ….perhaps I will take the baby, Ikkaku.

Clearly word has spread that I am skilled at taking care of humans.

Ulquiorra: Prepare to receive a tiny espada uniform, baby.

I decided to not to write the Varia scenario because of time constraint and for the sake of the quality of the post. If you want the Varia side of this, I suggest resubmitting the request. I tried to vary the scenarios and tried not to make them too similar. I think I like Gokudera’s and Chrome’s the best


When he got the news you went into labor, his heart sank. He tried to convince you that he should be with you for the latter part of your pregnancy, but you wouldn’t have it. You know how busy he is, and you didn’t want him to fall behind from the paperwork; plus, Gokudera would prefer him being at the base, besides your circumstances of pregnancy.

He rushes to the hospital as fast as he can. The background becoming a blur. His legs were heavy as lead, and he feels he’s about to fall over. Even if he did, he would get up and start running again. He finally makes it to the nurse’s station barely able to breathe out your name. The nurse escorts him past the smell antiseptic and baby powder through the hallway.  

“(Name!” he yells, shushed by the nurse shortly afterwards. He hears a soft cry and your calming voice trying to quell it. A little tiny baby is in your arms, and he feels his cheeks light up with tears welling up in his eyes, “You’re okay! I’m so sorry I couldn’t be here for you.”

You reach your hand up caressing Tsuna’s cheek, “It’s okay. I know your busy. I’m just glad you’re hear now to see your new son.”


You felt off today, and you conveyed your feelings to Gokudera. He said you were probably fine, but you should take some rest. You didn’t have the energy to argue with Gokudera. Next thing you know, your water breaks, and intense pain, unlike any other pain you experience before in your life, shoots across your abdomen. Panic sets into your soul, becoming harder to breathe every second that passes by.

Luckily, your neighbor takes you to the hospital due to Gokudera’s absence.

Eight hours of labor, and finally your beautiful baby girl is in your arms, crying as soon as she gets the chance. If only Gokudera was here to be with you…

“(NAME)!” he shouts, running into the room pushing a nurse out of the way. Before he could say a word, tears start flowing down your face.

“You weren’t here,” You choked out, “I was so scared. What if the birth didn’t go as planned? What if I needed you?” You pound your free hand on his chest, unable to contain your anger. Was it because of giving birth? Was it because you were actually angry? You couldn’t tell. Gokudera’s arms wrap around you, shaking at your touch.

“I’m so sorry I wasn’t here for you (Name),” he mumbles, “I’m here now, and I’m not going anywhere.”


Tsuna just got word. As soon as he knew, he told Yamamoto, “Your wife is giving birth!”

The first thought for Yamamoto is he’s finally going to be a dad. He pats Tsuna hard on the back, saying he’s really happy.
“I’m happy for you too Yamamoto, but don’t you think you should be by (Name)’s side?” Tsuna questions. Yamamoto quickly realizes he wasn’t at the hospital and starts panicking.

“I’ll see you later Tsuna! Go tell everyone I’m going to be a father!” Yamamoto yells, running off as fast as his legs could carry him into the direction of the women’s ward in the town. When he got there, he’s telling all the nurses about how excited he was to be a father. They didn’t have time to tell him you already gave birth.

When he walks into your room, he sees you holding a baby, wrapped up in a yellow blanket

“Takeshi, I’m so sorry,” you apologize. Yamamoto’s face contorts into confusion, and he sits on the edge of your bed, “I tried to give birth to your son, but something happened. I had to have a C-section. I know you’ll probably be upset, because you didn’t get to see me give birth.”

“What are you talking about?” Yamamoto says, kissing both your forehead and his child’s head, “I’ve been with you all this time. Even if I didn’t get to be with you, I know we are together in spirit, and I’ve supported you all the way. I’m so proud of you regardless, and you’re going to make an amazing mother.” You can only let tears of happiness consume you as Yamamoto gently pulls you into his embrace.

TwYL! Lambo

Lambo actually did a good job of going to work after you nagged him to go. He would rather just lounge around with you and sleep. You weren’t having any of it, saying you could handle yourself without him. He believes you. But the second he hears you went into labor about three hours ago, he regrets listening to you for once.

Someone drove him to the hospital you were at, rushing as fast as he can to the room the two of you had reserved.

“(NAME)! (NAME)!” The nurse hits him on the back of the head, making sure he stays quiet. To his surprise, you already had a baby with a pink blanket all around it, “I missed it!”

“You probably would faint if you saw it anyway,” you flatly say, “besides, our little girl wants to meet her father.” He rushes over to touch the baby’s soft skin. She was so pink and weird looking.

“I’m sorry that I missed you being born little one.” You just push him a little bit.

“Just be glad that you’re here now to be with her,” you say, “But guarantee, she will hear about this when she’s older.”
“WAH! You’re so mean (Name)!” Lambo cries, causing the baby to cry as well. You roll your eyes at both of the crying people in the room.


One second after someone mentioned your name and birth, Ryohei shouts at the top of his lungs, excited that he’s going to be a father. The person had to clarify: you weren’t in labor, but you’re giving birth at this current moment. The information finally sinks in, and he’s gone, running past all the other Vongola members, spilling coffee, and generally creating a mess.


“Oh my,” you exclaim, causing the tiny baby in your arms to start screaming. You quickly try to calm the child down, “Ryohei! You caused your son to start crying. Can you be a little quieter?”

“B-but, I missed you giving birth to him.” He quickly says, rushing to your side. Ryohei tries to assist in trying to calm the boy down. Eventually, the room becomes quieter as the child stops screaming.

“I don’t care about that,” you comment, “Sure, it would have been nice if you were here, but it only matters now if you’re here now. Also, if you would be here with the two of us for the rest of our lives.”

He chuckles, kissing your forehead, “It’s okay. I’ll be here forever and always. Nothing is going to get rid of me unless you want me to.”

You scoff gently smacking him in the stomach. He takes the baby from your arms, gently rocking him. As you lay back down on the bed, slowly falling asleep.


You knew he was on a mission, and he had no choice. Even though he didn’t want to go, you knew he had to go. You thought you would be fine; but low and behold, your water breaks earlier than you thought it would. The baby’s coming whether you like it or not. Luckily, Ken and Chikusa took you to the hospital quickly.

The baby was a little bit premature but healthy as any other baby. You just wish your husband could be here to bask in the cuteness of your baby girl, but you know he probably wouldn’t be back for another week or so. You sigh, petting some dark hair of the cute infant.

“I’m here to check both of your vitals.” A nurse walks into your room. You nod your head, knowing that these health checks will probably happen every hour from now on.
“Go ahead. I’m used to it by now.”

“Oh, I know. You’re so cute cause I know you hate getting them done.” The tone of the person’s voice sounds familiar. It couldn’t be, “Kufufufufu.”

Tears well up in your eyes, you see the red eye of the nurse, and you knew right away who it is.

“You’re here. I can’t believe it.”

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” Mukuro says. You hug the nurse’s body.

“But you are going to have to let the nurse do her job now.” You comment, “Plus, you had to scratch the nurse to possess her. When did you-“

“During one of your checkups, and don’t worry. I’ll give the nurse her body back soon.”


She’s been waiting for this day since the announcement of your pregnancy. The two of you have wanted children since your marriage and went through the process of getting a sperm donation.

When she heard you were giving birth, she couldn’t believe it. You weren’t due for another three weeks. Concern for the health of you and the child, she rushes out of the Vongola mansion and to the hospital that was closest to your apartment.

She talks to the nurses, wondering where you were since you weren’t in the normal maternity ward. They direct her to the NICU, and her heart drops. She sees you reaching into the isolette, holding your baby’s hand.

“(Name)?” she questions, putting her hand on your shoulder. You sniffle turning to your wife and looking her in the eyes.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” you comment, “I’m so sorry I couldn’t take care of her. I feel like a failure, not being able to carry her full term.”

Chrome wraps her arms around your body, “She’ll be okay, (Name), but I think you should rest. The nurses will take care of her. She’s only in level one of the NICU.” You nod your head, but your heart breaks as Chrome wheels you away from your child. Exhaustion and anxiety consumes you, but Chrome is there to comfort you until you’re able to take the baby home.


You decided to give birth at home, knowing that it would be more comfortable for you and your husband since he doesn’t like crowds. You knew he probably would be at work when you gave birth, probably out of choice. You didn’t want him to punch a doctor for doing something not to his liking. When the baby started coming, you had Kusakabe by your side, and the birth went pretty smoothly for the most part, besides you crushing Kusakabe’s hand.

“I’ll call Hibari right now.” Kusakabe says. Sure enough after the doctors cleared out, Hibari comes back home to see you with your child.

“Come Hibari, see your son. He looks just like you,” you beckon. Hibari stalks over to see the small infant in your hands. He touches the silky soft baby skin and gives a small smile.

“I’ll train him to be just like me and not to crowd around herbivores.”

You sigh, rolling your eyes, “Just wait until he’s older please before you do any of that. Besides, what if he wants to be more like me?”

“That’s fine, but he doesn’t need to be a herbivore.”

“What are you implying?” you gasp. He takes the child from you, making sure not to let the baby stir.

“I think you should rest. You’ve fought your battle.” You knew Hibari shows his love through his actions. This baby is going to grow up just fine.

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And just when I was a little emotional over Emma's release I see the baby omega talk 😭😭Give me all the baby omega headcanons !!!!

I’m so here for them! I actually felt like we hadn’t talked about baby omega for a while on the blog so I’m glad someone bought it up. So here for their cuteness and Dad Ken.




  • Mom: “Well husband, I think we found a possible son-in-law. Hakyeon is very articulate, he’s very well dressed, and he’s quite charismatic. But most importantly, I can see that he cares very deeply for our daughter, considering he practically bragged about her throughout the entire dinner. However, the only thing still puzzling me is why he constantly used the phrase was “Was it hot?” during dinner. I mean, the turkey was hot, and the macaroni was hot because they were fresh out the oven. But the iced tea and ice cream were not hot? I don’t understand…What about you dear?”
  • Dad:. “Humph. I did not like him at all. Showing up to my house in his fancy garments with roses for my wife and daughter. Well where are my roses?! And did you see how he kept applying chapstick to his lips after dinner? What did he think he was going to accomplish?! He for sure wasn’t going to kiss my daughter with those over moisturized things!!”


  • Mom: “Our daughter told us beforehand that Taekwoon might be a little shy meeting us for the first time, so it was surprising when he offered to help me finish cooking dinner. But I’m glad he did because that new recipe I tried probably wouldn’t have come out so tasty the way it did without his help. But what’s even more surprising is that he was able to make me like him without him saying to many words. Yet, I could still sense that he was trying to impress us and show us that he really likes our daughter. He’s a mystery that one. What did you think dear?”
  • Dad: “Yeah, he’s a mystery alright. Which is why I don’t like him! I’m suspicious of him. He didn’t say much at dinner, but he had no problems playing with our cat Mr. Snugglesworth. And did you see how he pointed at the tv and said ‘Awww’ when the Huggies® diapers commercial came on?!…OH NO! OUR DAUGHTER IS DATING A CAT AND BABY WHISPERER!!!!!”


  • Mom“That Jaehwan! He was just the bees knees wasn’t he dear? He was polite, really cute, and very funny. And those animal impressions of his were spot on and simply hilarious. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard like I did tonight. I can see why our daughter is in love with him…he’s shameless and isn’t afraid to be himself. Wow. I’d say our daughter and Jaehwan are a match made in heaven! Plus he already started calling me mom. Did you like him, honey?”
  • Dad: ”Ha! Of course I didn’t. You know I can’t tolerate cuteness. Plus, that cuteness of his is all an act! One day that cuteness will turn off and he’ll wake up and say that ginkgo trees smell awful and then break up with my baby girl over a that small matter and then turn around and try to get back with her when he sees she’s with someone else! Humph. Exaggerating or not, I stand by it. AND THANKS TO THAT DAMN MOSQUITO IMPRESSION OF HIS MY GUCCI TIE IS ALL RUINED WITH PASTA SAUCE!!”

Part 2 Here

Thanks for asking!
-Admin Cheezy ^_^

Reasons I Love VIXX

•Each member is an idividual. Their personalities contrast so much but they all work together well •I really haven’t heard a song from them that I haven’t liked •DARK CONCEPTS •Ravi’s composing = constantly blown away. Seriously, Beautiful Liar slayed. •They’re trees. You think N is short, but he’s 5'11, and everyone else is even taller than that. Other idol groups seem so shocked by that. •The abs. Thanks •N is totally confident with his skin tone •The group’s lack of drama •Who else cried about Error? •Reaction cams to them are so cute. Have you seen V? EXO even… They get blown away. •When they’re allowed to do their own concepts. Who else didn’t know they needed chokers and shirtless suits until Chained Up happened? •HYUK’S CHEEKBONES AND JAWLINE SERIOUSLY WHAT HAPPENED? •Lee Hongbin. That is all. •Leo is mischievous •Ravi stands out as a rapper. He was slightly hated on for soundng more ‘aggressive’ when he raps during MyDol, but it works so well. His raps are his raps and stick out during songs instead of just passing by as another part •Bubbly Ken. He is a cute cheese ball. Plus his nose. •Leo and Ken’s high/ power notes. Bless •Leo is dad goals. Don’t let him near puppies or babies. It’s too cute •Hongbin’s raps in Chained Up •Each member looks super different and stand out in their own way. •Hyuk and N’s vocals. Yes •The title songs’ choruses •They are concept kings. Cyborgs? Vampires? Love Slaves? Superheroes? Cuties? Jekyll/ Hyde? Torn lovers? Voodoo dolls? Video game characters? All right here •Biasing all of them at one point •Their dances require all six members •Acting!!!!!!!!!! •Mama N •thirst for every member at some point. •Ravi’s aesthetic instagram •just when you think they’ve gone silent, they will do something •Their stages •VIXX tv Lastly, •The wonderful Starlights that support these wonderful boys