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How about doodles... hmmm... let's see... the Uncles reaction to get our Touken baby about that?

Well… let see…

Tsukiyama : Come here little price… Awwhhh so cute! *in french like always*

Nishiki : Not even trying…

Ayato : NO ONE TOUCH HIS NEPHEW (except Hinami, Yomo, Ayato himself and the baby’s parents)


He really eager to join the club…

This piece of text on TG :Re Chapter 126

The events of chapter 128 made me think about this, especially Kaneki caring so much about the future of the ghouls and Touka and her mysterious package lol.

We know this appears at the end of the chapter titled “Ring” right after Touka gives the titular object to Kaneki and he accepts it, but what if there’s a double meaning here and this “bond” is also referring to a child?

I really wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case tbh.

(Potential Touken baby! Sooo cute x333)

VIXX reaction - you touching youself(..) (+18)

Ok THIS ONE waited for like a month xD 

N: Watches you with this burning eyes. “ are driving me crazy”

Leo: Looks at you and you can see his eyes getting darker.

“Oh no, you cannot tease me like that.”

Ken: “What about me? Tss ok come here I’m sure we can do something about this “big” problem.”

Ravi: *watches you* “Maybe you need some help?”

Hongbin: “So…you called me…big?” He is flustered but he joins you.. ;)

Hyuk: “You need a hand there baby? Cause I have some, even two of them.”

VIXX React - Seeing You with Kids/Animals

Of course it’s possible, and so cute!




“Sweetie! You’re so precious!!! I don’t know what’s cuter, you or the puppy!!!”



“My Girl + small animals/babies = <3”


Ken: (see’s you playing with some little kids and feels left out)“Okay.. I’ll just play with my fish… BY MYSELF! OVER HERE! ALL ALOOOONE!!!!”



“My baby, with a baby… so cute, I can’t…”

External image


N: (Hears you singing the Pororo song to the photographer’s toddler) “Wahhh, look at her!!! She’s a keeper!”

External image

Ravi:  “Oh my Gosh! She looks so loveable!!”



Bonus- VIXX with babies: (I’ve been wanting to post this gifs somewhere) [in no particular order]



External image




Ken (with baby Hyuk… it’s the same thing! Don’t Judge Me!!!):

Vixx Reaction to you wanting your first time to be with them

N:  *Because this boy knows hes the shit…*

“Of course you’d want your first time to be with me Jagiya”

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Leo: *Here you can see my favorite Taekwoon…the cute adorable Taekwoon*

“Really!? Don’t worry i’ll make the night perfect!! I’ll take care of everything Jagi, I love you”

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 Ken: *Flirty bby*

“Oh really Jagiya? 

*Looks at you like this ↓↓↓ then Comes closer and grabs you by the waist*

“I love you”

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Ravi: *Already undressing you with his eyes*

“Hmmm really Jagi? I like the sound of that, you wont regret this one bit baby girl”

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Hongbin: *dimpled cutie*

“YES!! I mean…I love you Jagi!! I’ll make everything perfect, something you and I wont forget!!”

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Hyuk: *Adorable Maknae*

“Me?! Really?! Im going to be your first!? wow! Okay, we will make it perfect Jagi everything you ever imagined and more, you wont regret this! I love you so much!!”

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Guys im so sorry I’ve been a shitty co-owner life has just given me like no time to post…i will try to get some of these reactions out and to your eyes as quickly as possible because i love you guys!! ~ Becca 

VixxReaction- When you tell them your pregnant


N: you’re what huh? what happened?

You: pregnant Hakyeon, I'm pregnant

N: Ok…. ok I got now

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Leo: I hope we have twins…… they’d be so cute….I would love that

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Ken: I’m sorry I’m getting all emotional here. my own baby that i can call my own that will be my own. this is too much 

Leo: ……….the fuck?

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Ravi: oh my goodness _____ don't joke like that

You: *chuckles* I’m serious babe

Ravi: *fanboy mode* on my goodness I’m a father

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Hongbin:*the same day he’s asking the members to help pick a name*

Ken: if it’s a girl Minsoo, if it’s a boy…..Myunsoo

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Hyuk:*gets all squishy squashy* hehehe really?

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this is so cute. i am also makinf a block-b version to this so wait on it 

here the Master List for more reactions 

and if you want to requset they will now be taking at This Blog

Bai For Now~~~

If Bleach characters found a baby on their doorstep...

As requested by anon. :)

One of my all-time most popular lists involve Bleach characters finding a basket of puppies or kittens on their doorstep. Today it is time for Bleach characters to find another basket on their doorstep….only this time, a human bay is inside. How will they react?


Ichigo: Wow, so the stork thing is actually true?


Ukitake: IT’S BABY


Byakuya: …did somebody tell the babies that I like to adopt orphaned children?

Byakuya: Because that was more of a one-time thing.

Matsumoto: Alone and abandoned, huh? I can relate. Come here, kid.

Mashiro: Kensei! Look what I found! A baby!

Kensei: Don’t even think about crying, you hear? Just smile! Like this!

Hisagi: …I think the baby’s a little young to be smiling, captain.

Grimmjow: Ew. Tiny humans are so….tiny.

Nnoitra: Come back when you’re big enough to fight, human!

Kenpachi: Man. The new recruits get younger and younger every day.

Yachiru: Do you want to sit on my shoulder while I sit on Ken-chan’s, baby-chan??

Riruka: W-why would anyone leave a baby like this?!



Jackie: Don’t worry. I’ll keep you safe. 

Yukio: Nope.

Riruka: Yukio….

Yukio: Fine, fine. I’ll build an orphanage. 

Soi Fon: I have often said that it is never too early to begin ninja training.

Soi Fon: But this is actually too early. 

Aizen: No, see, I like to choose my own babies to watch over.

Ikkaku: That poor little child…

Ikkaku: I’ll get it a baby-sized sword immediately!

Yumichika: ….perhaps I will take the baby, Ikkaku.

Clearly word has spread that I am skilled at taking care of humans.

Ulquiorra: Prepare to receive a tiny espada uniform, baby.

Part 1

N: Proud daddy N will smile so hard when he holds his newborn baby for the first time. And since N is an uncle, he most likely already knows how to properly handle a newborn. While holding his new baby, Proud daddy N will become Bragging daddy N and start naming the baby’s features that most resemble his; and if it’s a baby boy then he’ll probably say that the baby will grow up to be just as good looking as him. After joking for a bit, N will become more serious and gently speak to the baby promising that he will always watch over and protect them, and that he will always support his/her dreams no matter what. Oh, how precious. “That’s definitely my nose, and my ears, and my neck…but I’m glad you got your mother’s forehead. And even if grows to be like mine, you’ll still be handsome/pretty.”

Leo: Within the first minute of holding his newborn baby, Leo will have an adrenaline rush of emotions going through his body. He will first be Gentle daddy Leo, then he’ll eventually become Overjoyed daddy Leo, and then you might end up getting Waterworks daddy Leo. We all know Leo loves kids and babies, so he probably already knows how to properly hold a newborn. While sniffling from crying, Leo will gently rock his baby and speak to him/her introducing himself as their father and promising that he will forever protect and love them. There will be so much love radiating from Leo during that moment. Geez, I’m about to start crying. “Hi, little one. I’m really happy that you finally came into this world and I promise to always love you know matter what.”
*if it’s a girl* “I also promise to protect you from knuckleheaded boys that remind me of N, Ken, Ravi, HongBin, and Hyuk.”

Ken: For once in his life he might be calm. When Calm daddy Ken holds his newborn baby for the first time, it’ll be a beautiful sight to see. He would just sit there without talking, admiring his new baby and letting it sink in that he’s now a father and trying to figure out how something so small can be so beautiful. He wouldn’t let you see, but he will most likely have tears in the corner of his eyes. He would also promise his newborn that he will be the best father he can be and that he loves them; but the minute that newborn makes the slightest cute face, he will freak the heck out and become 4D daddy Ken causing the baby to cry! But don’t worry, Ken will start making noises or something and eventually the little one will calm down. “…AH! THAT WAS THE BBUING BBUING FACE! I’m sure of it! Wait! Don’t cry!…Ottokaji?!!! *makes a soothing noise* Ahh…that’s better. Well, I know where this little one got their lungs from.”

Part 2 here!

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Reasons I Love VIXX

•Each member is an idividual. Their personalities contrast so much but they all work together well •I really haven’t heard a song from them that I haven’t liked •DARK CONCEPTS •Ravi’s composing = constantly blown away. Seriously, Beautiful Liar slayed. •They’re trees. You think N is short, but he’s 5'11, and everyone else is even taller than that. Other idol groups seem so shocked by that. •The abs. Thanks •N is totally confident with his skin tone •The group’s lack of drama •Who else cried about Error? •Reaction cams to them are so cute. Have you seen V? EXO even… They get blown away. •When they’re allowed to do their own concepts. Who else didn’t know they needed chokers and shirtless suits until Chained Up happened? •HYUK’S CHEEKBONES AND JAWLINE SERIOUSLY WHAT HAPPENED? •Lee Hongbin. That is all. •Leo is mischievous •Ravi stands out as a rapper. He was slightly hated on for soundng more ‘aggressive’ when he raps during MyDol, but it works so well. His raps are his raps and stick out during songs instead of just passing by as another part •Bubbly Ken. He is a cute cheese ball. Plus his nose. •Leo and Ken’s high/ power notes. Bless •Leo is dad goals. Don’t let him near puppies or babies. It’s too cute •Hongbin’s raps in Chained Up •Each member looks super different and stand out in their own way. •Hyuk and N’s vocals. Yes •The title songs’ choruses •They are concept kings. Cyborgs? Vampires? Love Slaves? Superheroes? Cuties? Jekyll/ Hyde? Torn lovers? Voodoo dolls? Video game characters? All right here •Biasing all of them at one point •Their dances require all six members •Acting!!!!!!!!!! •Mama N •thirst for every member at some point. •Ravi’s aesthetic instagram •just when you think they’ve gone silent, they will do something •Their stages •VIXX tv Lastly, •The wonderful Starlights that support these wonderful boys