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#VIXX 4TH MINI ALBUM #桃源境 (#도원경)
Release Scheduler #20170515_6PM

May 4th – Concept Photo 1
May 5th – Concept Photo 2
May 7th – Tracklist
May 8th – Highlight Medley
May 12th – MV Teaser Video
May 15th – Album and Music MV Release (6pm kst)


Top boy group VIXX teases “EDEN” comeback with group and individual teaser photos!

Are you excited for the return of the best concept idols?
Also who else is getting “Dream of the Red Chamber/Story of the Stone” vibes with the ‘Birth Flower and Stone’ dual concepts?


Concept Kings VIXX return with “Shangri-La” (also titled “EDEN”) MV!

Are you enjoying this comeback that borrows from themes of Tao Hua YuanShangri-La and The Story of the Stone? (Links to relevant wiki pages provided)

VIXX Group Order

Helloooooo ^^ me and my friends are doing a group order for the new vixx album….. Im bad at promotional stuff.. that’s their forte not mine sooooo here’s a link

oh yeah!!! It’s open to people outside of the US as well :D

Starlights remember to be respectful and also ignore the haters ok? fighting with other fandoms right now is not a good idea especially when vixx comeback is coming really soon; just fuck them haters, block them, don’t give a shit and don’t take it personally.

- also I feel so happy for other fandoms supporting VIXX! Thanks y'all! become a starlight quick! 🌟