ken downing

What I like about Touken is that their feelings are mutual and they genuinely love each other.

When I first started shipping it, I remember thinking that only Touka felt so strongly toward Kaneki (mainly because he was the hero™ and Touka was the main girl™). I was afraid their romance would eventually happen but only given that Touka was created to fulfil the role of love interest.

Much mixed feelings. On one hand my otp would be canon but on the other hand, they’d only be an item for the sole purpose of being one.

Oh boy was I wrong.

I really appreciated how Ishida made us witness Touka’s growing love and Kaneki’s response. Granted, it is not a shonen so Kaneki is not an obvious dork who only wishes to save his comrades. However, his lack of reaction made me think he just wasn’t interested in romance generally speaking.

(That and I didn’t think Ishida would actually write romance!)

Then Haise happened. First reunion happened. I’ll see you later happened. Are you a virgin happened. Chapter 125 happened.

(The chair™ happened).

Ever since then, we have seen more of Kaneki and how he felt about Touka. At first, he just wanted to protect her but now he wants to be with her. He loves her and I’m pretty sure Ishida has been indulging himself with this. While we all were made aware of Touka’s feelings, Ishida decided not to dig this any further. Her feelings were made clear, why not focus on Kaneki instead? And Kaneki has never been more obvious. He has been longing for her (should I say craving?) and given each Kaneki did so, it wouldn’t be far stretched to assume he harboured those feelings for a very long time. Part of me believes him admitting his love for her means he’s finally being honest with himself.

In the end, Touka waited for him to come back and Kaneki did come back (and took her with him). Now let me just finish by saying that Ishida should write more romance because having the male protagonist cherishing so tenderly his significant other gives me life since our girls generally speaking definitely deserve this love and recognition (cough not that the fandom fails to provide it cough).

To put it simply I love that Kaneki loves Touka. Now if they could not die that would be great.

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