ken cosgrove

  • Someone: Hey, Ken
  • Ken Cosgrove: It’s 👏🏻 my 👏🏻 JOB to take them to dinner🍝 at 80 ⏭⏭ miles an hour💨. It’s my job to stop ❌ a mile 🏃🏻 from the restaurant 🍴 so they can have five ✋🏻 💪🏻pounds of crab 🦀 legs and three bottles🍻 of beer 🍺apiece😪 and THEN 👉🏻 go get prime rib👅💦. It’s my job👊🏻 to go hunting 🔫 so they can fire💥💥 off their guns an inch👌🏻 from my ear👂🏼 and laugh 😂😱 when I get startled because It’s.😤 My. 😤 Job. 😤💪🏻💦