ken colley


Ken Colley (Admiral Piett) interview from SWCE.

So F.A.C.T.S (the con I went to) was actually not that awesome..

It was FRICKIN’ AMAZING!!~ >.< <3
I had a great time!!~ Especially Saturday, though it was far too busy that day..
I saw Tom Felton from a distance!! He’s small… Makes you realize Daniel must be really short!!XD
Another guest-star almost bumped into me and said something along the line of “Goodmorning sweet girl”, while I was CROSSPLAYING! XD I died a little insideXD
Apparently it was Ken Colley..??
But when I texted my family about it everybody answered “Ken Who?”… XD

Uhm. Yeah. It was great. Especially when friends (and even people I have never seen in my life) said the scars and bruises looked really realistic/asked what the hell happened to me XD
side-note; I also had a crutch with me.. Not a prop |(
Butttttt; I had a great time with me awesome bros!!~ <3

Yeah it was one fun weekend:3
Now all I want is to sleep XD