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Alright, so maybe I love doing analyses too much, but this one should have happened a long long time ago, so here goes. 

0:04 - Cole spends almost the entire video just trying to make KJ laugh, for whatever reason, that was the goal of everything he did at Wondercon. This is the first instance of that in this video.

0:15 - KJ says “We could get personal on this” and Cole responds with Nah, “let’s not” … WHAT? What on earth do you mean, KJ? It’s not something you say to a friend. Getting personal on something suggests a certain intimacy between you and that other person. They already end up revealing a lot about their relationship in this video, how much more personal might they have gotten????

0:26 - Cole starts talking in a voice. For no reason other than to make KJ laugh, which happens a second later. 

0:41 - Cole’s board says “miking a cow in under 10 sec” Unlike most of KJ’s laughing responses, this one seems more out of embarrassment than anything. Cole seems extremely smug at coming up with that response. KJ did grow up on a farm, but this doesn’t feel literal. I’d guess it has something to do with the top meaning on Urban Dictionary…

0:56 - KJ is so proud of his answer. He knows it’s not what Cole would say himself, but he put it anyways cause it’s the most accurate answer. Cole’s laugh is different this time, fake, almost, as if the answer isn’t funny at all. KJ knows Cole better than anyone, and this answer is right on the mark. 

1:09 - Okay, I don’t think I know the middle name of a single one of my friends, maybe the initial, but not their middle name. KJ’s name is long, and yet, Cole knows the whole thing. Also, it was after this that Cami told us their ship name was Coleneti…no one calls him that. It’s KJ or Kage. Unless maybe, Cole does. When you never use your full name, your name can become a nickname to those close to you. It’s probable Cole calls KJ Keneti sometimes, I mean, we know he calls him Ken.

1:34 - KJ’s little dance when he finishes drawing the laughing cat is the cutest fucking thing, not Coleneti related, just really important on a fundamental level

1:46 - Cole says “Might as well be just that monkey with the hands over his eyes.” As far as we know, KJ doesn’t use that emoji a hell of a lot, but Tessa, KJ’s mom does A LOT. 

Most notably…

That’s from Coachella, which is AFTER this video was recorded. So, that suggests Tessa texts Cole a lot. Enough that when he thinks about KJ and emoji’s, that’s the first thought that pops into his head. I don’t want to know what photos and messages he sends Tessa that she constantly responds with that. 

1:57 - So, as fans, we knew this too, 13 Reasons Why was in every single one of his stories for over three days, however, the likelihood that Cole knew this because of his stories is very very low. I think this shows how close they are. If he talked to his Instagram about it non-stop, imagine how much he talked to Cole about it. Yikes. 

2:11 - Another instance of Cole doing something dumb just to make KJ laugh. 

2:30 - Okay, so they both put Dylan, but neither expected the other to put Dylan. I’d love to know what they were expecting each other to put. Was Cole thinking KJ was going to put himself? Was KJ thinking Cole was going to as well? Who knows. 

2:35 - Canon Jarchie means romantic Jarchie. Not friendship, that’s canon. So after an entire video calling it a bromance, Netflix decides to do a 180 last minute? Hoping Cole is right on this one, also, can we just take a moment to appreciate the way KJ looks at Cole here?

Alright, that’s all I got. Hope you enjoyed!

Heteronormativity’s Nightmare signing off. 


Today’s selfie. My 14s in uber thin socks that soak up my musk quickly in my well seasoned black ken Coles.
I Wish someone’s nose was vacuuming them so i could feel the cool air rush past my steamy toes, hot out of my shoes.


I got to photograph J. Cole’s sold out show at The Theater At Madison Square Garden and it was a fucking amazing show. It was Cole’s birthday and you could tell that he was overwhelmed by the awesomeness taking place in front of him.

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